Meant To Be: Episode Thirty Two cont.


She looked at him while trying to catch her breath,
“Now what was that for?” she asked, at least she had explained why she slapped him.

“That was for…” he stopped, “don’t worry about it. Please lets go somewhere and talk.” he begged.
“Why don’t you complete your statement first?”

“I came back, truth is I really never left. When my friends insulted me and asked me to come fight for you, I discovered you were with another man. It broke my heart.” he gulped.

Sandra looked at him, she had no idea what to say to him. Was he expecting her not to move on after he left without an explanation?

“The reason I kissed you now is because I felt jealous anytime I saw you kiss him in public.” he explained while still holding her hands.

“So you were stalking me the whole time?” she asked.
“Yes.” he replied.
She withdrew her hands from his and said, “I never expected you to be such a chicken. I’m disappointed.”

And with that she walked out of his office, regretting that she had come there in the first place.

The only thing she had no regrets whatsoever for was the kiss they shared.


They were holding hands and discussing in low tones when Femi barged into the room.
Dami had been scared that he was angry at her, she however managed to ask,

“Brother Femi, what is wrong?”
“I’m going to Ilorin tomorrow, when I get back we’ll finalise this discussion.” he replied while wearing a disturbed look.

“Ilorin?” Ore asked, “do you stay in Ilorin?”
Dami jumped out of the bed and approached her brother.
“Aunty Titi? What’s wrong with her?” she asked ignoring Ore’s question, that was the only member of the family based in Ilorin and she was worried that something was wrong.

“Don’t get worried, I believe all is fine. I just have to be there.”
“But I’m worried, you went out few minutes ago looking fine and now you’re looking distressed.” she countered.

“Remember the doctor asked you to rest, you’d be doing everyone a favour if you stay safe. You don’t want maami getting worried, do you?” he asked.

She nodded in defeat, “please greet aunty Titi for me.”
“I will, you just stay safe and concentrate on your studies. The doctor is discharging you today.”

“Ore, please take care of her and you both should not try anything nasty.” he instructed.
“Yes sir,” Ore replied with a mock salute.

He hugged Dami, “Bye. I’ll call you.”

While driving back to his house his mind was filled with worry about Titi, maami had not dived into details but had simple given him a clue that terrified him.

As soon as he got home, he would pack few shirts and trousers and head for the bus park. There was no point using his car on such a trip as he was not familiar with the landmarks.

The statement maami had made kept on ringing in his head as he was stuck in traffic. ‘She’s been in surgery since 4am.” It was almost 11am and he was dying out of worry.

As soon as the traffic light turned green, he drove with great speed that he had never tried ever since he started driving.

He was approaching his apartment when he decided to call maami and inform her of his journey.

He made the call and parked his car while locking it hurriedly.
He was about to unlock the door to his flat when he got the shocker of his life.

The door had been unlocked, how on earth could it be? Had someone broken into his apartment? Or did he forget to unlock it himself?


“How was it?” she questioned with much eagerness that he was tempted to laugh.
He gave her a peck on her cheeks and sat on a chair in her shop.

He had come to her shop rather than going home since she had informed him she was going to work.

“You did not even welcome me but just jumped into questioning.” he joked and laughed.
“I’m sorry but I’m simply worried. Welcome, what did my father say to you? What did you discuss?” she asked again.

“Ah! Omo!” he exclaimed, “come here,” she came close to him and he allowed her sit on his laps.
“Your father loves you and he is only worried about your well-being.” he explained.

She leaned her head on his shoulder and said, “I know but I want you both to become friends, thats all.”
“Time will take care of that, he actually called me to know when I would come to ask for your hand in marriage.”

She raised her head and looked at him, “we don’t have money for that now. What did you tell him?”
“I told him I have it in mind and he won’t have to wait any longer.” He replied while hugging her, “I’m thinking of calling Sandra and asking for her forgiveness but I don’t know how to go about it.”

“You’ve been postponing this matter for too long. Why don’t you call her now?” Omoye suggested while looking at him in the face.

“What? Now?” he asked, calling her was not as easy as it sounded.

“Yes, call her now.”


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