Meant To Be: Episode Thirty Three


“Gbenga? How did you get in?” he asked, he was definitely sure he had locked the door.
“I got in through the door now, see question oh.” Gbenga replied while using the remote to change the television station.

Femi took a deep breath, he had so many things to do and picking up an unnecessary argument with Gbenga would result in a complete waste of time.

He ignored him and walked into his room packing three shirts, two trousers and a sweat shirt into his briefcase.
He returned to the parlour and tapped Gbenga, “You have to leave now!”

“Leave ke?” Gbenga stood and turned to face him, he noticed the briefcase in his hands and asked, “Where are you off to anyways?”

“Ilorin, just come outside please and give me the spare key. I thought the agreement was that you’ll return all the spare keys to me.” Femi was angry, what if he left for Ilorin and Gbenga just used his apartment for his rendezvous.

“Oya no vex, I actually found this key yesterday, and I wanted to pay you a visit today so as to thank you and your neighbours for the advise you gave me the last time,” he kept on rambling on and on.

Femi however was not listening to him but came out of the apartment.
“Femi ni suru now,” (Femi be patient now), Gbenga said obviously noticing the distant look on Femi’s face, “Where are you going to?”

“I told you Ilorin,” Femi replied while locking the door.
“Why? Is there something I’m missing?” Gbenga asked while placing the spare key in Femi’s stretched hands.

“Titi is in surgery.”


“Hey Chuks, good morning,” she greeted while combing out her hair.
“Good morning,” he replied while admiring her. She was beautiful and seeing her hair being combed out made him see her like the lady she once was, not these days when she packed her hair into a simple bun or made them in cornrows.

“How was gym?” she asked while tieing her hair into a knot at the back.
“Fine.” he replied, “You’ve been acting strange since yesterday. Dad asked me to give you this.” he gave her an envelope.

She collected it and jumped in joy, her father had promised her some money asides from her allowance, she had even forgotten about the promise. She opened the envelope and counted fifteen one thousand naira notes.

“Sha don’t forget me when you are spending it oh,”
She laughed, “like you don’t get your own allowance.”

Chuks smiled, “look at how you’re jumping after you’ve been keeping quiet since yesterday. What happened to you? Is it your period?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied, she was actually seeing her period but Kenny had been the major reason for her emotional withdrawal.
“Eyah! Sorry, I pity you ladies oh! Rest well then. Shey you know I won’t be around next week?” he asked.

“No, what’s happening?”
“I have a seminar next week.”
“So you’ll leave me alone at home for one whole week.” she asked and pouted.

He laughed, “I’ll see you in the morning and at night now.”
“Yeah right!” she left him in the balcony and went inside.

Chuks thought about the seminar, he had been lucky to get an invitation from a close friend.
The speakers coming for the program were people he held in high regard and he would not miss the program for anything in the world.

If only he knew the seminar would begin another phase of his life.


She regretted why she had decided to come without her car, what kind of adrenaline rush had pushed her to go see him in his office?

Sitting on the bike she had called, she directed the driver to head towards her area.
The vibrating of her phone in her bag disrupted her thoughts.

She did not bother to get the phone from her bag, Muyiwa was probably calling her. She found it strange that she still felt this way after all this time, she had initially assumed she had fallen in love with Fola but now she doubted if her heart knew the definition of love.

She alighted in front of her house, paid the man and entered her room.
She assumed her father was still home since his favourite jeep was still parked outside.

The sound of her phone ringing began again and she cursed out loudly, why could he not let her be?

She went to the bathroom and came back to look at the phone, four missed calls and one new message.

The message was from her uncle
*Sandra, you’ve been absent from work for days now. When did you return from your trip? Your father told me you are at home.
Do see me before the week runs out.

She sighed, how could she have travelled when Fola had disappointed her? She was sad at the way men had turned her heart to a playground, Mr A leaves and B shows up. Mr B leaves and A shows up again.

She checked the missed calls and saw that Muyiwa had called her twice and Fola had equally called her twice.

The only question that popped up in her head was ‘why is he calling after all this time?’

She had a severe headache already and the only way to get relief would be to switch off her phone and take a good nap.

Something she did almost immediately.

*to be continued*


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