Meant To Be: Episode Thirty Three cont.



He lay on his bed, he had just returned from the gym with Chuks and Princess, last week had been a trying one for him.

Placing his phone by his pillow, he stood and walked to the bathroom. He had just spoken to Titi’s husband on the phone, he really felt his sister’s loss. The doctors had informed the family that she was carrying twins but they had lost one of the babies.

It had been heartbreaking initially even for Titi but later on the entire family had been grateful that she and the other baby survived.

The three days he spent in Ilorin had reminded him that life was just a phase, he had kept on asking himself what would have happened had Titi died?

Even Dami had kept calling him to know the situation of things.

The only weird occurence was the fact that his mind had been occupied with thoughts about Princess the whole time, images of her encounter with the strange lady kept replaying in his head.

Seeing her in a good mood today was the only thing that made him feel better.

But the one thing he wanted earnestly was to unravel the puzzle she posed to be.

The puzzle that engulfed his mind repeatedly.


She placed her blue pen in between her textbook and came out of the library.
Coming out of the library she saw Ore coming out of AKT, they had decided to read at different locations so as to minimise interactions between them.

“Hey,” she called out while waving to him.
He smiled and walked up to her, she tapped him playfully on his arms.

“You want to read the whole textbook ni?” he teased.
“See who is talking?” she laughed, “I came out before but your head was totally buried in that text.”

“Exams are coming up now, so don’t blame me.”
“Where you able to solve that question eventually?” she asked, the question had been given to them by a lecturer that afternoon and he had informed them that he would repeat it in the upcoming exams.

“That question is mad!” Ore exclaimed, “do you know how many sheets of paper I exhausted while trying to solve it?”
“It’s okay oh,” she interrupted him, “You did not solve it abi?” she asked.

“I’m still trying it,” he replied.
“You owe me then,” she said with a mischievous glint in her eyes.
“Aha!” Ore exclaimed, “you got it right, shey?” he asked as understanding dawned on him.

“Yes,” she smiled.
“Come and explain to me,” he said and directed her to a pavement where they both sat.
She explained the process of solving the question to him after which she demanded for her phone, she had kept it with him before entering the library.

“Did it ring?” she asked Ore who was fibbling with his pockets.
“No,” he replied while standing to access the pockets easily.
“Where did you keep the phone now?” she asked.

“Oh! It’s in my bag” he laughed and unzipped his bag to get the phone.
He was about to get it from the bag when it began to ring.

“It’s ringing now though,” he said while searching for the phone in the bag.
“Have you seen it? Please check who the caller is.” she instructed.

“I can feel it now,” he replied while passing her the phone, “The caller ID shows Tinu.” he informed.
“Tinu?” she asked while collecting the phone with her tone laced with fear.

“Is it the same Tinu you told me about?” he asked.
She nodded.
“Just pick it and listen to whatever she has got to say.”

She let out a deep breath before pressing the receive button.



“Christy, I don’t think I’d be needing those documents now. Just send them to me in the next one hour.” she instructed her secretary over the phone before ending the call.

She had resumed work after seeing her uncle two days before, the files she had on her desk were giving her a hard time already.

She had no idea if it was the workload that was stressing her or if the event that had occured to her in the past few days had made her brain to shut down.

Her phone was still switched off ever since, she had no friends per se and as such was not really bothered.

Muyiwa had been at her house so many times that she had lost count but she had refused to grant him audience. She feared that she would run into his arms and then lose her thinking ability as she had done the last time in his office.

Fola on the other hand got her confused, his mother died and he refused to send her the address so she could offer her condolences. A strange woman picked his call in the early hours of the morning and he did not bother to call her back till few days had gone by.

Her father on the other hand had been apologising to her consistently asking her to forgive him and accept Muyiwa, she had forgiven her father without doubt but she was not ready to see Muyiwa just yet.

She took out her phone from her bag and switched it on.

As if it was a pre-planned event, the phone began to ring almost immediately after it finished booting.


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