Meant To Be: Episode Thirty Four


“I dey come oh,” he announced to the men sitting on the bench while walking out of their midst.
“Where you dey go?” one of the men, an albino asked.

“Toilet.” he replied.
“Do fast oh, manager go soon come.”
He walked towards the gate and entered the tiny compartment reserved as a toilet for the workers.

The bad stench that greeted his nostrils discouraged him from easing himself, he had not eaten anything that morning and here he was feeding his eyes with the gruesome sight.

He spat on the floor and exited the toilet, his friend had helped him to get a job as a truck driver with the factory.

He had accepted it since the working hours and the salary had appealed to him, but the only trip he had taken that day had made him begin to doubt his decision.

If earning thirty five thousand naira monthly and working between 6am and 2pm was what he needed to do before he got back on his feet, he would gladly do it so he could take care of Omoye and his son.

He saw the other drivers being addressed by the manager, he hastened up to hear what the message being passed across was.

“Oga will be coming here before this week runs out, so my advise is do your work well.” the manager said while wearing his glasses.

“If you dey plan to thief market here, shine your eye oh. Oga na big man for politics, if you try am your own don done.” he continued and pointed towards Osagie, “You just join us today so Oga never know your face, just behave well when him come. You dey hear me so,” he emphasised.

“Yes sir,” Osagie replied, he really was eager to meet this Oga. He had heard about how much of a philanthropist the man was.

Who knew where help could come from?


“What?” she uttered to no one in particular.
“Is she mad or something?” she stood from the pavement where they had been sitting, “What’s the meaning of this game they are playing now?”

Ore stood and hugged her while whispering to her, “why don’t you calm down and explain to me? You are creating a scene.”
She leaned into his arms, “but why?” she asked, “why are they bent on torturing me?”

“Can we sit?” he requested.
She nodded and he led her back to the pavement where they had been sitting before.
“Do you want to talk about your conversation with her here or would you prefer if we talked about it on the way to the hostel?” he asked.

“Let’s go to the hostel, I’ll tell you.” she replied while picking her textbook from the floor.
He carried his bag and was waiting for her when she told him she needed to use the toilet.

They both walked to the toilet that was close to the lagoon front and he waited for her outside.
She was not really pressed, she only wanted to come into a solitary place and think things through.

Why would Evelyn’s mother want to see her? She had no regards for the woman whatsoever ever since she saw her in a compromising position with another lady years ago.

And to think of the fact that the woman was the one who had probably led Evelyn into such acts.
Why did Tinu have to relay the message?

Was Tinu also involved with Evelyn’s mother? She opened the tap and washed her face with water, she had no intention of seeing the woman. Her daughter had put her through enough trouble already.

She had no tissue paper or face towel to dab her face, she simply brushed her eyebrows with her fingers. She would explain to Ore and listen to his suggestion, thank God she had a friend she could bank on this time.

She came out of the toilet and the sight she beheld was one that elicited a reponse from her.

A girl was hugging Ore so tightly that she feared he would choke but that was not all.

The girl equally planted a kiss on Ore’s lips, at that point she could not describe how she felt but she knew it was far from being excited.


“You’re quite lucky, I’m in the office.”
“Alright, don’t be long.”

She ended the call and leaned her back against her office chair.
She was expecting her younger sister anytime soon, Patricia was three years younger but they hardly communicated.

Their father had once called them to ask if they were fighting but they had laughed it off, she could not describe their relationship, all she knew was she had a sister. Why Patricia was coming to see her now was what she found hard to fathom?

She heard the voices of people arguing outside her door, she leaned up and tried to listen closely.

Her door suddenly flung open with her secretary giving her an apologetic look.

A look that said she had tried to stop the uninvited guest.


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