Meant To Be: Episode Thirty Four cont.


“You can go Christy,” Sandra ordered her secretary who was looking like a chicken that had just escaped drowning.

“Yes ma,” she replied and made to brush her hair with her fingers while exiting the office.

Sandra smiled and sat back on her seat,
“You don’t have to be a drama queen, you know.” she said, Patricia could have just told her she was already in the premises instead of acting like she was still far from her office.

“I tried to talk sense into her but the yeye girl refused to co-operate.” Patricia replied while placing her bag on a seat and seating on the adjacent one.

Sandra laughed, “and what on earth did you do to your hair?” she asked Patricia whose hair was weaved into braids with various colours that one would lose count.

“You like it,” she grinned, “this,” she said while pointing to her hair, “is for the bold and daring sis.”

Sandra laughed, her sister was a runway model but she had always been crazy and it had not come as a surprise why they were not close.
The girl had even left home at the age of eighteen and had left their father a three-page long letter explaining her actions.

“I’m still surprised you came to see me oh,” Sandra spoke to her sister who was using her eyes to access the office.

“I’ll explain to you soon, meanwhile how do you enjoy being trapped in a building all in the name of work?” she questioned.

“Only if you can tell me how you enjoy wearing weird stuff and parading before people who clap and take pictures.” Sandra replied, she had always found runway shows boring, she was only happy that her sister was not crazy enough to have abandoned schooling.

“Na you know oh, your phone has been switched off since God knows when, I really want to talk to you.” Patricia replied in a sober tone.

Sandra gave her a suspicious look, what was with the change in tone?
“I’m all ears,” she replied.

“Well I know I’m your younger sister and I’m not really much of a role model, and we are not really close, and we equally don’t talk much, and we…”

“Just get straight to the point,” Sandra interrupted, her sister was really acting creepy.

“Okay if you insist. Actually I brought someone to see you but before then I want us to talk.” she took a pause before continuing,

“What’s up with you Sandra?”


They both laughed again, they had been laughing together ever since they had been sitting on that bench, the beach was quiet except with few people sitting here and there.

Femi had no idea how they got there, but one thing he knew was that he was having fun hanging out with her.
“Thank you,” she said while still laughing.

“No, I should be saying that, Thank you.” he countered.
Princess smiled at him, “You just totally helped me just now. I’ve dreamt of seeing that look on her face for years and you helped me pull it through.” she continued.

“You should not have given her the chance to keep on hurting you, you deserve way better than that.” he explained while holding her hands.

“I like you,” he found himself saying the words he had been wanting to say a long while, “You don’t have to reply me now, but I really hope you’d give me the chance to prove what I feel for you.”

He took her hands and brushed his lips against them.

She smiled at him and was about to say something when the door bell rang.

How come there was a bell at the beach? he looked around to find the source of the bell when it rang again.

The beach had suddenly vanished and there he was lying on his bed.

It had been a dream.


She coughed to get their attention, the girl let go of Ore’s face and spoke loud, “See you later boo.”
With that she scampered off in her mini skirt away from them.

Ore however looked flushed, Dami tried to encourage herself to get a grip of herself.
But who on earth was that girl? she turned towards the direction the girl took and saw the girl swaying her hips in the provocative skirt she wore.

She noticed Ore was looking at the girl too,
“You might as well decide to run after her,” she blurted. What? Why on earth did she just make that statement?

She hurriedly began to walk away from Ore who was chasing her.
“Dami stop,” he called after her while pulling her by the arm with strong force.

“What’s the meaning of that now?” he asked, why was she getting angry with him without asking him for an explanation?
“It’s nothing, let’s just go.” she replied and tried to release her arms from his grip.

He let go of his grip on her and began to walk by her side, he wanted to say something but he had no idea how to start the conversation.

Why did the female species have to be created in such a complicated manner?

And why was Dami acting as if he had just committed an offense? He hoped she was still going to tell him about Tinu’s call.

“So what did Tinu say?” he managed to ask while walking faster to catch up with her.

“I’m not in the mood to talk about anything now.” she uttered while still increasing her pace.

A reply that told him there was fire on the mountain.


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