Meant To Be: Episode Thirty Five


Was she doing the right thing? She had gotten down from her bed twice now but had found herself sitting back on the same spot. There was no motivation to carry out the idea forming in her head.

She flipped through the pamphlets and hissed, Chuks had suceeded in spoiling her plan to surprise him.

A nurse at her mother’s hospital had given her the pamphlets and forms the previous week, she had initially been excited that she would enjoy a week staying outdoor rather than being locked up in the comfort of their flat.

Only for Chuks to spoil the fun by informing her about his seminar, she stood up from the bed. The idea had been popping in her head ever since and she had been too scared to carry it out.

She picked the pamphlets and the forms, she would have to just give this crazy idea a trial.


“I like you?” he muttered to himself, had he really said that to her in the dream?

He really wish there was a way of transforming dreams into reality, he would gladly do so. She had felt so at ease with him, no restrictions, he gave a healthy laugh as he remembered her smile.

The sound of the bell ringing again made him jolt from his imaginations, who could be disturbing his siesta all of a sudden? He stood from his bed and exited his room while heading towards his sitting room.

He unlocked the door and was surprised to see his guest.


“Nothing is up, caring sis,” Sandra replied while faking a smile.
“Nah, nah,” Patricia replied while moving her fingers in disapproval.

“I know something is wrong and that smile confirms my suspicion, just tell me.”
“I don’t know,” Sandra sniffed, “it’s complicated.”

“Yeah! I know that word, I’m a lady and we use it when we don’t want to talk.” Patricia replied in a sarcastic tone, “Sandra,” she continued, “please help me to help you.”

“Meaning?” Sandra asked, what was the girl driving at? She really had no idea, besides the last time she checked her sister was not this nice.

“Which one is meaning?” Patricia snapped, “see I’m working on character building and I’m trying to be nice here, so you’d be helping me indirectly.” she continued and folded her arms, “so let’s hear it.”

Sandra could not help but smile, her sister was really being nice.
“Well,” she started, how would she explain the issue of her relationship to her younger sister who was crazy?

“Well what? Get on with it now.” Patricia blurted, it was obvious she was getting impatient.
“You know about Muyiwa?” Sandra asked.


“You also know about Fola?” she asked again.

“Yes,” Patricia replied and used her arms to support her head in a typical listening fashion.

“Muyiwa left me without any notice, and I just got to discover that dad was behind it.” she explained without making eye contact, when she raised her head to look at Patricia; she found it hard to fathom her facial expression but Pat certainly did not appear surprised at what she just said, Sandra however continued.

“And then during the same period Fola who travelled to Benin has obviously abandoned me did not contact me until yesterday.” she continued.

“So what did he say?” Patricia who had been quiet the whole time asked.
“I did not pick his call,” Sandra replied, “Why would he decide to call me after delaying all this while?” she cursed silently and continued, “What do they even take me for?”

“But wouldn’t it have been better if you at least heard what he had to say?” Patricia tried to sound convincing.

“I’m not sure I’m ready to hear him yet, I just have this inclination that whatever he is going to say isn’t going to be good.”

Patricia sighed and leaned back against her chair, “and what about Muyiwa?”

“I don’t know, I’m still angry that he just left without a fight.” Sandra replied, trying to fight back the tears was beginning to seem impossible.

“Please don’t cry, you’re in a dilemma and it’s quite understandable.” Patrica spoke, Sandra could not fight the laughter that erupted from her lips, was her sister playing psychiatrist?

“What’s funny?” Patricia asked, obviously not getting the joke.
“I’m sorry, continue.” Sandra replied while using her hands to cover mouth, “it’s just that this isn’t the usual you.”

Patricia hissed, “so that why you’re laughing? When I said I was working on character building, did you think I was joking?”

“I’m sorry,”

“I’m not angry joor, I’m really concerned here. It would be easier if we know what Fola has to say but it seems you’ve already given up on him,” Patricia concluded.

“No oh, I never said that. I’m just not ready to listen to him yet,” Sandra opposed.

“Okay, I hear you, I really want us to achieve something today, shey you know my guest is still sitting outside?” she asked and continued almost immediately, “Meanwhile I have just one question for you.”

“Spill it,”

“If you were standing in between Fola and Muyiwa and you had to hug just one person within five seconds. Who would you hug?” she asked.


*to be continued*


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