“Yes!” she screamed and stood while almost dropping her phone in the process. The sound of the door opening alerted her that her roommates were back.

“Wetin dey do this one?” Trish asked while sniffing, “Who cooked jollof rice?” she queried.

Amudat ignored her, she had no time to engage her in a heated discussion, the girl was just too inquisitive for her own good, she stood in front of the bunk which she shared with Rhemz who had pulled off her gown and was changing into a towel.

“Bunkie mi to sure,” she hailed which earned her a smile from Rhemz, “I bless the day I met you. I swear down!” Amudat continued with her hands raised to her head.

Rhemz smiled and gave her a sign that said they would discuss later, she took her bucket and headed out of the room, she was almost approaching the bathroom she heard someone call her name from the back. She turned to see two ladies smiling at her, she could not remember their faces but one look at them and she could tell they were freshers.

“Hi,” she replied.

“We just wanted to thank you for the other day for the LV you gave us.” The shorter lady replied.

“Don’t mention,” she replied while the two girls giggled and scampered off. The truth however was that she could not remember how she met them but she loved the fact that eighty percent of the bad girls on campus idolised her. Most people believed she was the leader of a cult but she ignored the rumour mongers, the only thing she enjoyed doing was coaching her fellow ladies on how to be better runs girls.

She carried her bucket to the tap and waited for it to get full before she began to do the necessary, she hummed P-square’s chop my money while taking her bath, years back she had been an innocent girl but her mathematics teacher in secondary school had changed that when he pressurised her to sleep with him.

She had been terrified at the request initially and had gone to her friend Rita for help, Rita had encouraged her to sleep with the man and simply ask him to increase her exam scores. After much pressure, she had finally succumbed to Mr. Akinloye’s demand, now that she thought of it she laughed at her naivety back then. She could have used that medium to collect extra money from the man instead of sticking to just exam favours.

Ever since she lost her virginity, she had slept with different men but had always gotten to collect something in exchange ranging from favours to money and gifts. What was the point being a good girl when the men would still end up coming to disturb her? She recalled when she had just gained admission into the university and her mother had sat her down advising her to stay away from guys particularly lecturers and cultists. As much as she adored her mum, she had laughed at the conversation mentally, if only her mum knew the kind of life her beloved daughter led secretly.

She had slept with any lecturer that bothered to ask, she tried to satisfy them while they made up by giving her good grades, she hated when she saw girls complaining about a lecturer threatening them or a cultist being on their neck. And that was why she coached them on how to make the men bow before women. She had even taking her escapades outside school sleeping with senators, high profile men, governors, business moguls and the likes. She wrapped her towel around her as she finished having her bath, was it not popularly said to help someone in need? She mentally applauded herself at the thought that she was helping so many girls by teaching them to follow in her footsteps. At a point, she had decided to upgrade her tactics and that was when the LV initiative had come knocking, now she did not bother to waste time sleeping with men she simply gave them LV while she got what she needed from them. She had equally introduced the girls to using LV and it had become a major step forward in their activities.

The girls always came to her for advice and she would gladly give them tips on how to make their prey remain a prey, she knew Amudat was excited because one of her clients had eventually fallen for the trap. She opened the door to her room and saw Trish and Amudat consoling a sobbing Toluene.

“What happened here?” she asked while dropping her bucket by the entrance.

The girls looked up at her while Toluene sniffed and made to quickly dry her tears, “I’m sorry for breaking the first rule but I just couldn’t help it.” She quickly replied while standing and still sobbing. The first rule she gave the girls was never to cry because of a man.

“I feel like rewarding you with a slap for that statement but you’re lucky I’m in a good mood. What happened? I’m asking again.” She thundered.

“Her client refused to complete her payment.” Trish who was standing already with Amudat replied on behalf of Toluene.

“Why wouldn’t he?” Rhemz questioned. “Take a good look at how you’re dressed, I’ve told you several times without number, let your dressing ooze class.” She hissed and sat by her bed while the three girls stood in front of her. Why would she choose to wear studs? Whatever happened to dangling earrings? And what was with the creepy knee length gown?

“So first he underpaid you after you were dressed like trash, and now you are crying.” She hated it when the girls came back acting like chickens while the men had the upper hand, “how many times did you sleep with him?” she asked.

The reply she got was a sniff from Toluene.

“How many times?” she shouted again.

“We did it thrice.” The girl replied in an almost inaudible tone.

Rhemz cursed silently, so she allowed the man to access her three times but she still got treated like dirt, “Why did you not use the lucky venom? I’ve told you it’s not necessary for you to sleep with these men; the best option is always LV.” She emphasised, she was really angry now.

“Has your LV supply finished?” she asked.

Toluene simply nodded her head, Rhemz hissed and took out her phone from her bag, why would the girl go out without the lucky venom? She scrolled through her contact list before dialling a number,

“Hello baba, good afternoon.”


“I’ve run out of supply,”


“Okay, I’ll come to pick it up, thank you baba” she ended the call and turned to face the girls standing in front of her, “Tolu, I really hope you’ve learnt your lesson, see Amudat got cool cash today because she followed instructions. I’ve told you just one drop of LV in their drink and they will sleep only to wake and think you really slept with them.” she adjusted her pillow, “I want to rest now. I’ll be getting a new supply from baba tomorrow and I’ll give you girls.”

“Thank you Rhemz.” The girls replied in unison.

She waved them off with her hand and was about to drift to sleep when her phone rang, it was her mother. She loved her mother so much, how the woman had managed to train her as a single parent still baffled her and was one of the reasons she held her mum in high regard. She cut the call and called her mother back,

“Hello mum,”

“Remilekun, why did you cut the call? Is it the small allowance I give you weekly that you want to exhaust on credit?”

“Mummy, I have free credit from MTN.” she lied, her mother still believed she was a good Christian in school.

“How is school? There is something important I want to discuss with you but it’s not yet the time, I’ll give you full details when the time comes.” Her mother explained.

“So you want to give me half gist, ehn?” she whined.

“I’ll give you a hint, it’s about your father.”

“What?” she shouted drawing attention from her room mates.

“Yes, but I’ll give you details when I find out more. Take care of yourself and be a good girl, read your bible oh,” her mother instructed.

“Yes ma,” she replied and ended the call, she was excited at the prospects of meeting her father. Her mum had explained the circumstances surrounding her birth when she turned sixteen, her mum who had then worked in a bar had been seeing a soldier who frequented the bar: they had lost contact after one week and a month later her mum had discovered she was pregnant.

She had searched for the soldier but there had been no trace of him, her mother could not blame the man as he had no idea she had been pregnant. Her mum had eventually become a Christian and had remained single ever since claiming she was yet to see the man meant for her.

She drifted into sleep and all she could dream of was a man playing ludo games with her, she could not see his face but she had that strong feeling that she was going to see her father soon.


“Here, see this stuff. Just one drop, one drop oh,” Trish emphasised to the girls, Rhemz had informed her earlier to give the girls some LV and instruction on how to use it.

“One drop and the man would sleep and when he wakes, he will believe you guys actually did it, two or three drops and he would sleep longer than necessary. But if you make the mistake of adding more than three drops, then somebody is going to commit murder. I hope that is clear?” she asked the girls who had crowded the room.

“Yes,” they chorused.

She gave each girl her portion and collected the money Rhemz charged for the LV, she was running late for a party already and she could not wait to get out of campus.


“Thank you,” she greeted the lady. She had come to complain about not getting a credit alert from her bank, after spending about fifteen minutes in the bank, she was pleased with the manner in which the lady attended to her.

She came out of the bank and greeted some girls that waved at her, she was thinking about what to take for lunch when the sound of her ringtone disrupted her thoughts. Why was her mother calling all of a sudden? Was she ready to feed her on the full gist yet?

She cut the call and redialled her mum’s number,


“Oluwaremilekun, there is trouble.”

“What?” she asked. What was the trouble?

“I got your father’s number yesterday, we even got to speak on the phone. He was eager to meet you only for me to call him today and find out that he is dead.”

“What?” she screamed.


She cried as the priest continued his eulogy on her late father, he mentioned how her father had been dedicated during the civil war, how he had been a philanthropist to his community, his good example as a husband and father. He went on to describe how her father had helped to curb armed robbery in the locality, the scholarships he offered to many homeless children.

But her mind was far away, she had felt that strong conviction that she would meet her father soon when she dreamt some time ago but she had no idea she was going to meet his corpse.

She listened as the priest continued to talk about the legacy he had left behind, all what the priest said was true, the only part that had been excluded was that her father had been poisoned by a prostitute in a hotel.

The night before she heard about his death, she had received a call from a private number. The caller had explained while trembling that she had poured excessive amount of LV in a client’s drink, she had initially yelled at the girl but had then gotten over it, she had even gone to console herself that the man was the unlucky one.

If only she had known that unlucky one was her father, the tears flowed more from her eyes as she saw her mother wailing across her with the wife of her late father, she allowed the tears flow more.

She had made a mistake, a mistake she wished she could reverse if only time would give her the chance to make things right.

She had aided in the murder of her own father with her own poison.



7 thoughts on “HER OWN POISON: A Short Story

  1. Thanks Elizabeth for taking time to read, ‘what goes around’ would have been lovely too, but I used ‘her own poison’ because it’s catchy and I like it.

    Thanks for the suggestion, it is appreciated


  2. Wel, I got to knw abt ur blog yesterday and eva since I’v bin glue wif ma phone reading dis amazing story. Tankz for such a beautiful piece lyk dis. May God continue to be ur source of inspiration. Expecting more frm ur stable


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