Meant To Be: Episode Thirty Five continued


Femi was shocked to see Princess standing in front of his door, was the dream suddenly about to turn to reality?

He asked her to come in but she had politely refused and had gone on to explain the reason for her visit.

She wanted to know if he was interested in participating in a reachout event organised by the government to give out free mosquito nets, toys and clothes to children in different local government.

She had showed him the pamphlet and form, and he knew he was interested. Working as a volunteer was not a bad idea, he would be meeting new people; it would give him a shot to try something new and relieve him from boredom.

But most importantly it would give him the opportunity to be closer to the lady that had refused to leave his imagination.

“No long stories,” Patricia interrupted.

“I’m actually thinking,” Sandra replied.
“You don’t need to stress your thinking faculty, what was the very first name that popped into your head as soon as I asked that question? Whose arms did you picture yourself in?” Patricia asked.

Sandra kept quiet and folded her lips, Patricia was right. There was just one name that had hit her before she began weighing other options but now that she thought of it, it was darn obvious where her heart was.

“Thanks Pat,” she replied and smiled.
“What for?” Patricia asked feigning ignorance.

“For opening my eyes,”
Patricia smiled, “thanks for helping me too, character building ish.” both sisters smiled before Sandra spoke up,

“I really need to make a call,” she replied.
“And who do you want to call?” Patricia asked.

“The first name that popped in my head,” she replied while laughing.
“You are yet to tell me the name oh,”
“Is it necessary?”

“Of course,” Patricia retorted, “so you won’t gist your psychiatrist bah,”
Sandra laughed, “Why don’t you allow me make that call? Then you’ll get to know who the person is,”

Patricia took a deep breath and sighed, “so you are making me sit on the hot seat? Remember my visitor is still outside, might have even lost patience.”

“Who is this visitor sef?” Sandra asked while unlocking her phone.
“Why don’t we ask your secretary to let them in?”

“Them?” Sandra asked while dropping her phone on the table, “how come it’s them, I thought it was just one person.” she was obviously shocked to hear that news.

Patricia simply mouthed, ‘surprise’ and winked at her sister while leaning to rest on the chair.

Sandra dialled her secretary and asked her to allow the visitors.

The door opened and she was shocked as three men approached her and her sister.

She mentally slapped herself, was she hallucinating? Or was this really happening?

Sadly there was no quick answer as she looked at the men who wore different facial expressions.

He laughed as he approached his room, Dami was jealous? He kept screaming in his head, why he found that information fascinating was still a mystery to him? But the trace of jealousy he saw in her face and voice made him happy.

He had eventually persuaded her to talk about Tinu after much begging and had suggested she go see Evelyn’s mother, he would not mind following her if it was necessary but she really needed to stand and fight for once.

He touched his lips and laughed again as he remembered the kiss from the other lady, he saw Uzor on the corridor and waved at him earning him a weird look from Uzor, the guy probably had no idea why his roommate was grinning so much.

He entered the room and greeted his roommates who were working on some graph work, they probably had an assignment for them to be acting so serious.

He smiled again, “she was jealous,” he muttered silently to himself while taking off his boots.

“Wetin dey make you laugh?” Coded who was drinking garri instead of working on his own assignment asked.

“Na bad tin to laugh?” Ore questioned.

The other guys paused their work and looked up at the duo probably expecting a little drama.

“No offence, but you’re grinning like someone who just got laid,” Coded replied and scooped two spoonfuls of the garri.

“Na you know oh, well I got kissed.” Ore replied and smiled.

The guys hissed and continued their work, Ore ignored them and continued humming ‘she is jealous’ to himself.

“So you’re excited because a girl kissed you,” Uzor who returned to the room scoffed, “I no believe say that Dami go ever kiss you sha oh, so I understand why you are happy.”

“It wasn’t Dami oh,” Ore replied, and the guys turned to look at him, they obviously were not anticipating that reply.

“Dami didn’t kiss you?” Coded spoke up, “then who did?” he asked.

Ore paused, he had only been excited about the fact that Dami was jealous.

His mind had not bothered about who the girl was, now that he thought of it; he realised he had never seen her before and had no clue who she was.

“Who is she now?” the guys cheered, happy that their roommate had achieved a feat in becoming a player.

Ore was dumbstruck by the realisation that he had been kissed by a stranger.


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