Meant To Be: Episode Thirty Six


“Yea man,” He gave him a manly hug and waved his new friend good bye.

The seminar had kicked off with participants registering, the highlight of the opening ceremony was when guest speakers who had participated in the seminar in previous years came to share their testimonies, they had been inspiring and motivational.

A particular couple had even come to share their story on how they had met at the seminar two years back and how their love story had begun leading to their marriage.

The host had even gone on to make a joke informing the participants that he was expecting to hear about a marriage or love story from their set.

Later on all the participants who were unemployed had been given the opportunity to submit their CVs to different organisations sponsoring the seminar, they had equally been interviewed on the spot. Chuks had submitted his documents to six different organisations but had only gotten interviewed by two.

The other four companies had promised to carry out the interviews later on in their respective companies.

On his way home, he blessed his friend that had helped him to participate in this seminar.

As he boarded a bus back to his abode, he kept his hope alive that something different would come out of the seminar.


“Wait,” Uzor stood and laughed along with the other guys, “so you don’t know who even kissed you?”

Ore stood and kept on staring at them, he was trying to process the image of the girl in his head, maybe he would be able to remember if he had seen her somewhere before.

As much as he racked his brain he was unable to even remember her facial features, all he knew was that he had been standing there and she had quickly enveloped herself on him before giving him a kiss and walking away, all he could really remember was her movements away from him in her mini-skirt.

He felt a tap on his shoulder, he turned to see Coded grinning at him.

“You don dey turn to bad boy small small oh,” Coded said while dropping his almost empty cup on the centre table.

“Just say something now,” one of the guys shouted, “you just pause since.” The guys had closed their books and were eager to hear the gist Ore would give them and had gotten impatient with the delay tactics he was playing.

He sat on his bed and scratched his head, who was the mystery girl? He wished he had gotten to see her face better, what if this was a serious issue and he had been here excited that Dami had been jealous all the while?

He remembered Tinu and Evelyn, could they have anything to do with this? Where they trying to get him into trouble or something? What if the girl had just come to play the roles they had asked her to play? He kept on thinking about many possibilities, but he knew he was still happy about the look he had seen on Dami’s face, he was however worried about the mysterious dame.

He noticed that his room was suddenly quiet and realised his eyes had been close the entire time, he opened his eyes and almost shouted out of fear as five different pairs of eyes were staring at him.

“Wetin now?” he shouted, ” una wan give person heart attack? Abeg make una shift,”

“Ore, we really want to help you,” Uzor who was sitting on the centre table with two others spoke, “you don talk am say you no sabi this girl, what if this is really trouble?”

“And what if it is not,” Coded countered, “maybe it was just a lucky kiss.”

“From a mystery girl?” Uzor replied refusing to give up on his stand, “a mystery girl walks up to you and kisses you and just leaves like that.” he emphasised, “that’s so not believable dude.”

“Did she give you her phone number, any flirty tone?” Uzor asked Ore.

“No, I never even got to hear her voice because she simply hugged me before kissing me.” Ore replied, he was really worried now.

“You see,” Uzor directed at Coded, “tell me how a girl will just walk up to a guy without even saying something,”

“E don do,” Coded snapped.

“What was the girl like? As in her physique, her features, just describe her.” One of the guys who had been quiet the entire time asked.

“I didn’t really see her face but she was quite hot, her perfume was bam! She was wearing skimpy exposing dresses,” Ore replied.

“You’re in soup man,” Uzor uttered.


“Dad?” she stood up on impulse from her desk and gave Patricia a look that asked ‘what are you up to?’

Patricia however shrugged and smiled before standing to welcome the guest.

“Welcome sirs,” she greeted and carried her bag.

“Sandra, I guess my work here is done. I’ll see you later.” she directed to Sandra who still looked perplexed.

What? Sandra pondered as she watched Patricia walk out of the office. What sort of trap had the girl set up for her?

She had three vacant seats in front of her desk, she was about to tell them to have their seats so she could seat as well and know what was going on when one of the men asked,

“Can we sit miss?” she turned to face the man who just spoke.

She would definitely kill Patricia.

*to be continued*


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