Meant To Be: Episode Thirty Seven


She was dressed for class but was waiting for a coursemate who had asked her to give her some minutes.

She grimaced as all what happened yesterday came refreshing in her memory. First it had been Tinu’s call, then later on Ore had annoyed her.

She had no idea why she felt bad that Ore had been kissed by a girl, but she just did not like the idea, it was even more annoying because she had not been able to mask her attitude. Ore would probably have laughed her to scorn when he got back to his room.

She had finally made up her mind to see Evelyn’s mother since Ore had advised her to do so, she took out her phone and sent a message to Tinu telling her that she had accepted to see the woman.

She looked at her wristwatch, why was her coursemate keeping her waiting for so long? She stood with arms akimbo and checked the time again.

Just then someone walked past her with some other girls, she was able to notice the girl because of the look she had gotten from her.

She scoffed and was wondering if she had offended the girl in the past for her to give her such a look before she remembered who she was.

There was no doubt, it was Ore’s mystery girlfriend.


They had gotten to the field where they would be separated into different categories, earlier when they had left home he had offered to use his car but she had politely refused while insisting they take public transport.

Why she was scared of him was something he did not grasp? When Chuks was around, she was still open but with him she acted like she was shielding herself from intruders.

He had eventually gone with her suggestion but the bus had broken down on the way and had caused them to arrive late.

He would try to tread carefully with her so as to earn her trust, they were orientated on what to do and things to avoid.

Five buses had been made available and the buses were heading towards different destinations.

He was standing close to Princess and was praying they would end up going to the same place.

The t-shirts for the outreach were distributed, he was given a blue coloured t-shirt while Princess had gotten a white coloured tee.

The drivers had announced that they were ready and the volunteers had all dispersed to enter the buses of their choice, he had been happy that he had gotten to sit with Princess in the same bus and she was gradually becoming free with him when the supervisor came to pass an announcement that pissed him off.

Since each of the buses had different colours of banners placed on them, he had instructed the volunteers to follow the bus whose banner was similar to their tee-shirt.

Princess had ended up following the bus with the white banner and he had no choice than to follow the bus with the blue banner.

The supervisor who was also on a blue t-shirt had joined them in the bus and Femi had really wished he could request for a change in t-shirt so he could be on the other bus.

He however sat in the bus and was listening to music on his phone, the driver had begun to drive the bus.

Other members of his team were discussing and talking about things that did not catch his interest in the bus when someone tapped him by the hand.

He turned to see a man who signalled him to listen to what the supervisor was saying.

He unplugged his ear-piece and almost shouted when he heard what the supervisor was saying.

“I hope we know this grouping doesn’t change, so we all still remain a team because of your t-shirts.”

Femi was speechless, how on earth would he get close to Princess this way?


She had woken up that morning and her mind had been fully toubled by the events of yesterday.

Why did parents have to stand in the way of their children’s happiness? She had forgiven her father since he thought he was protecting her from Muyiwa but she had been offended with Muyiwa all the while.

Her father had discovered she was not paying attention and as such had asked Muyiwa to excuse them, she was glad for that; it had been a good riddance afterall.

Senator Funsho’s revelation was what had completely shocked her totally and now she knew she certainly bore no grudges against Muyiwa.

The senator had asked for her forgiveness and after much hesitation, she had told him he deserved it. If he could get off his high horses and agree to be in the same room with her father, he sure deserved her forgiveness.

Both men had left her office and had spoken to each other directly for the first time, the way they shook hands had made her laugh and she still laughed at the thought.

Muyiwa had agreed to take her out after work today so they could get to talk about their issues.

She was ready to give him a chance again especially after she had heard his father’s story, she tossed around her bed and clung to her pillow tightly.

Her phone started ringing, she picked it from her dressing table and smiled, excited that Muyiwa was probably calling her.

But was disappointed to discover that the caller was Fola.

*to be continued*


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