Meant To Be: Episode Thirty Six cont.


“Give me two hundred naira etisalat,” she requested from the guy sitting in the kiosk.

He handed the card while receiving the money from her, she hurriedly scratched the card and punched the numbers into her phone.

She wore a frown, “guy this thing no load now,” she informed the guy who was wearing glasses so small that she wondered if it was really fulfilling purpose.

“Bring am, make I help you.”
She handed him her phone and the card while she stood with her hands on her hips, she smiled as she recalled the event that had just happened.

Who would have thought she could pull it through? She had been nervous initially when she saw him standing alone outside the toilet but she had eventually taken a bold step and she was glad she had pulled it through excellently.

The man handed her the phone and she smiled seeing that he had successfully loaded the card, she dialled a number from her phone.


“Yes, it’s me.” She paused

“Guess what?” she asked while laughing heartily before replying.

“You be winch oooo, you guessed right jare.”

“I was able to kiss him, I told you I wasn’t going to disappoint.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll give you full gist when I see you.”

She ended the call and made a funny dance step which attracted the attention of people passing by.

She started moving from the kiosk before she stopped in her tracks, was going to her room a good idea now? Or would it be better if she hung outside his hostel? She smiled as an idea came knocking.

She would give anything to kiss those lips again, even though he had done a good job today by not returning the kiss as much as she would have loved, she would make sure that their next kiss would be way passionate than the one they had shared today, she would kill any resistance that would stand in her way.

She swore to herself that she would definitely kiss him again, no matter what happened.

She would definitely win this.


She fiddled with the envelope before placing it securely in her bag.

“So she doesn’t want to see me?” she asked Tinu who was sitting majestically on a cushion chair with her legs placed on a stool.

“I think so,” Tinu replied nonchalantly, she really had no idea why Evelyn’s mother was bent on seeing Dami; despite the fact that her daughter had been a pain in the poor girl’s neck all this while.

“Do you mind taking me to see her in school?”

What? Tinu dropped her legs on the floor, what was this witch up to? There was no way she would take her to see Dami, except if Dami decided to see her voluntarily.

“I’m sorry but I can’t do that.” Tinu replied while trying to sound as polite as possible, the only reason she tolerated this woman was because of her mother.

“What makes you say no, you have no idea what I want to say to her,” Evelyn’s mother replied while standing from the chair elegantly, “I might just have to talk to your mum, you’re simply a waste of time.”

Tinu scoffed, “I expected something new,”


“When would you stop threatening me with my mother? This time it is not going to work. It’s either you wait for Dami’s agreement or you forget it.” Tinu blurted, she was standing already and was really mad at the woman’s guts.

“Really?” Evelyn’s mother asked without fidgeting.

“Yes really.”


Senator Funsho sat adjacent to his son while her father sat at the other end leaving Muyiwa seated in between the elderly men.

The tension in the room was strong enough to crush her desk, with the way the men were staring at each other, she feared that they could end up committing murder.

She coughed slightly and mouthed a silent welcome to get their attention, when she realised it did nothing to save the situation, she coughed a little louder and welcomed them before taking her seat.

Her father was the first person to talk and he went on to describe the things he had basically informed her before, she was constantly distracted by the pair of eyes focused on her.

Senator Funsho was the next to begin his speech as soon as her father rounded off his. She tried to pay keen attention to what he had to say but could not keep up as she found her eyes and mind focused on just one person who was equally reciprocating the action.

She had totally lost track of what was being said as it appeared that her ears had lost their listening function.

There was only one person who had her attention in the room, Muyiwa.


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