Meant To Be: Episode Thirty Seven cont


He had scanned the class earlier to discover she was seated far across from where they usually sat, after the lecture ended he walked up to her and sat directly in front of her.

“Are we fighting?” he asked, he was yet to comprehend why she came to class without him and still chose to sit far from him.

“Do I look like John Cena?” she snapped.
“What is wrong with you then?” Ore retorted, “I was waiting for you the whole time and as if that was not enough you refused to pick your calls.”

Dami kept quiet, she pondered if she was not acting unreasonable. Why was she acting childish?
“I’m sorry,” she apologised, “I wasn’t in the right frame of mind.”

“It’s okay, so have you called Tinu?” he asked.
“I sent her a text, I’ve decided to see Evelyn’s mum. If I don’t they probably won’t let me be.”

“And what about your brother?” Ore queried.
“No, I don’t plan to tell him yet. I’d like to find out what the meeting is all about.”
“I don’t mind going with you, but you have to make sure you pick the meeting point. No isolated area,” he emphasised.

“Thanks, I didn’t even think about that, what’s wrong with you by the way? You look worried,” she asked.

“That’s because I’m worried,” he stood and settled beside her.
“Uhn? Why?”

“Do you remember the girl who kissed me yesterday?” he asked while Dami’s face was quick to crease into a frown, he noticed it and smiled inwardly.

“What about her? She’s your girlfriend and you never mentioned it.” Dami replied.
“That’s why I’m worried, I’ve never met her.” he replied, “I don’t even remember what she looks like.”

Dami was surprised, so Ore had no idea who the biatch was and it was pretty obvious the girl knew her judging from the look she had given her earlier that morning.

“I saw her this morning,” Dami replied.



“Hello,” there was no reply from the other end.
“Hello,” she repeated again, why would he call her and then keep quiet?

“Fola, are you there?” she asked, even though she was still angry with him; she was bothered that his mother’s death had traumatised him.

“Won’t you say something?” she asked, when she still got no reply from his end, she ended the call.
Even though she felt pity for him because of his mother, she still had it in mind that he was owing her an apology.


The beep of the phone made Osagie realise she had ended the call, what was wrong with him? He had promised Omoye that he was going to speak to Sandra.

After taking a trip to deliver some wares to a factory that morning he had decided to call her.

To his surprise she had picked the call and he had suddenly lost the courage to speak to her.

How would he tell her he never loved her? That she had simply been a part of his scheme to make money, and that he was very much in love with another woman.

He had expected her to yell at him over the phone but the calm manner with which she spoke to him and the concern he sensed in her tone troubled him.

How on earth would he get out of this mess?


“Ore, oga wait joor.”
He turned to see someone approaching him, alas it was their class governor.

“How far?” he greeted.
“I dey jawe, I been dey find you since now.” the guy replied while unzipping his backpack.

“Ehen? Wetin happen?” Ore asked.
“That question PST221 lecturer gave us, I heard you and your wife know the solution.”

Ore laughed, the whole class believed he and Dami were an item. He never bothered to oppose them since he would not mind if it came to be.

“Yeah, we do,” he replied.
“Okay, I need your help, there are some people I would like you to explain to, more like a tutorial. When would you be chanced?” the class governor asked.

“I’m free this evening,” he informed.
“Okay, let’s make it five pm.”
“No problem,” they shook hands and Ore made to ascend the staircase when he heard his name again.

“No vex, I just remebered something.” the class rep replied while bringing out an envelope from his bag, “someone asked me to give you.”

Ore collected the brown envelope before asking, “Who?”
“I don’t know the name. When you guys have turned me to a mobile post office,” he nudged him before adding, “I’ll see you in the evening, don’t forget oh.”

Ore entered his room, strangely his room mates were all out. He suspected that they had gone to see the football match between Liverpool and Barcelona, he would have gone to see the game on a normal day.

But his mind was pre-occupied with numerous thoughts.

He tore the envelope and saw an unfamiliar handwriting on the sheet of paper.

He unfolded the sheet and read through the content of the letter.
He read it again the second time and dropped it nervously on the bed before picking his phone to make a call.

He ended the call and dialled another number, but there was no response from either of the recipients.

He picked the letter, he had seen this in movies but had never anticipated experiencing it.

He had received a letter, not just any letter but an anonymous love letter.


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