Meant To Be: Episode Thirty Eight


Dami took out her phone from her bag and saw two missed calls, one from Ore and the other from Tinu.
Tinu was probably calling to reply her text, Ore’s suggestion about picking the venue herself was a wise one. She would definitely make sure that the location for the meeting would be in school.

She called Ore’s number and he picked almost immediately,
“Dami,” she could sense the panic in his voice.

“What’s up?” she asked.

“I’m, I’m, I really don’t know if I’m safe,”

“What do you mean?”

“I just got a letter, an anonymous one.”

A letter? She shivered, had Evelyn and her cohorts decided to threaten Ore just as she had threatened Emeka in school?

“What kind of letter?” she asked.

“I don’t know how to say this, but it’s a love letter.”

Love letter? Anonymous? Mystery girl? Surprise kiss? All these kept popping in Dami’s head, what was the girl upto? She recalled she had seen the girl entering a particular room few minutes ago, she heard Ore’s voice asking if she was still there.

“Yes I am.”

“I suspect that girl but I don’t know who she is working for.” Ore replied.

“I guess I’d just have to find out,”


“I’ll call you back Ore, I have some scores to settle”

She ended the call and left her room, if this was the only thing she would do with courage.

Then she would just have to take that risk.

She laughed at his narration, they were just heading back home and he was telling her about his experience at the outreach.

She had enjoyed the programme and was glad that she participated, she was even glad that Femi had decided to join her.

She could not imagine the kind of boredom she would have felt had she gone alone, other volunteers had kept on looking at her like she was some weird-do because of her outlook.

Her hair had been weaved into cornrows and she had worn skinny jeans with white-coloured sneakers. She particularly did not like wearing the skinny jeans but had decided to wear them that day, she had worn a shirt and had tucked it in with a belt.

They had kept on looking at her that she had almost felt like disappearing, one lady had then approached her claiming she liked her dressing.

She did not like the fact that she and Femi had been separated, at least if she was with someone she knew, she would still feel a whole lot better.

Femi said something but she did not get to hear him as she was lost in thoughts.

“What did you say?” she asked as they got ready to cross the road.

He waited for them to cross to the other end before replying her,

“I said I like your outfit, of all the beautiful women I’ve seen today, you top the chart.”

She blinked and replied an inaudible “thanks”

However it seemed he heard her as he replied,

“You are welcome and I’m not flattering you.”

“I never said you were,” she defended.

“Most women take every compliment as flattery, you really look amazing. Have you noticed the way guys have been ogling?” he asked.


“Okay, just check out this guy approaching us. Observe him discreetly,” he explained.

She did as he instructed and almost laughed at the realisation.

“You are beautiful Princess and your smile is too,” Femi continued.

She wanted to smile again before her subconscious brought up random thoughts.

Femi noticed the sudden withdrawal, had he said something wrong?


“Sandra I’m glad you are giving me another chance,” he replied while tapping his hands on the table, it was obvious he wanted to touch her hands but was deciding against it.

She kept quiet, she had noticed the confused movements of his hands on the table, she wanted to hold his hands and tell him sweet things but she found her hands frozen on the spot too.

“See, after your dad warned me to stay from you. I admit I was a coward but when I came back and realised you had moved on, it really hurt me.” he paused and took a deep breath, “I was still thinking of a way to make things right when my dad came with his own scheme and that was why I never showed up.”

She looked up at him and pressed her lips, as much as she wanted to interrupt him and just tell him he still had her heart, she decided to allow him finish. She had equally been shocked by the senator’s confession.

Her hands moved and enveloped his on the table, a gesture that surprised them both.

“Sandra forgive me and give me another chance,” he begged while going down on his knees.

The waitress who passed by their table gave Sandra a wink and smiled at her, people who were sitting on adjacent tables were equally watching them.

She felt embarrassed but in a way it felt good.

“I promise to never leave you, I’ve been a coward, I admit it. A fool, yes I was one but staying away from you for three years has made me realise how important you are. Stay with me sweet and I promise to never leave you or our kids.” he continued while still holding her hands.

Her head did a quick backflip, kids? What was he saying? Her expression showed that she was confused from his last statement.

“Marry me Sandra, please.”


5 thoughts on “Meant To Be: Episode Thirty Eight

  1. Keep it up sis, buh am vry curious to knw where the whole story is going to. One more thing are you a christian writer or an inspirational writer?


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