Meant To Be: Episode Thirty Eight cont.


“Please ensure you join different groups, the ushers are at the extreme end of the hall. Write down your names and in the next thirty minutes we shall proceed to listen to our guest speaker Barrister Tony Iloguanya.” the voice roared through the microphone.

The participants dispersed towards different directions while forming a queue in front of the cubicles set up at the back.

Chuks stood on a particular queue and wrote his name,
“Please can I use your pen?” the guy behind him asked, he gave him the pen and waited for him to write.

As soon as he collected the pen he started walking towards his seat when he heard someone call him, he did not need to turn back to find out who the person was.

He knew who it was already, that was one voice he would never forget as long as he was alive.

He turned back and replied, “Ada?”


She stole a glance at the many eyes that were watching the mini drama, Muyiwa was still on his knees; she sighted the waitress gossiping with another waiter and realised they were looking towards their direction.

She returned her focus to Muyiwa who still held her hands, she knew she was delaying her response and she had to say something.

“Sandra,” he called, “What’s your reply?”

“I’m sorry Muyiwa, I have to go.”


Dami could hear the sound of her heartbeats as she approached the wing, she had seen the girl enter the room by the far end of that wing earlier.

She stood directly in front of the door and was about to knock when she suddenly thought against it, the courage had suddenly vanished into thin air.

She was about to move away from the door when she bumped into someone,
“Sorry,” Dami quickly apologised and increased her pace.

“Please wait,” she turned to see a light skinned girl almost an albino.

“Yes,” she replied, she prayed the girl was not going to embarass her or ask her what she wanted from their room.

“Erm, please I want to see your room mate Kemi,” the girl spoke up while demonstrating with her hands to describe the so called Kemi.

Dami heaved a sigh of relief, if the girl was asking her that question, it meant she thought Dami was staying in the room.

“That’s not my room, I’m sorry.” Dami replied, “you can go in and ask sha,”

“Oh! Thanks,” the girl replied and proceeded to knock on the door while Dami walked away.

She mentally awarded herself a slap, what would she tell Ore if he called back? She had even implicated herself by telling him she had unfinished business and here she was acting like a chicken.

She went back to her room and sat, she tried to picture all the events that had ever happened to her.

Why was she always acting weak?
Evelyn had always had the upper hand, she wanted to have the chance to challenge her but she had always lost courage when the need arises.

She remembered the last time Ore had stayed with her at the hospital, seeing him sleep beside her bed when she awoke and remembering all the good times they shared together made her begin to see him in a whole new light.

She cried as she recalled the image of Ore being kissed by the strange girl, now an anonymous love letter had arrived too.

What would become of the daydreams she was beginning to have recently? She had initially thought of challenging the girl but now she had no idea how to do that.

The door to her room opened and Chinasa entered while cursing at noone in particular, the girl had probably involved herself in some crazy deal.

She waved at her and was surprised when Chinasa stood in front of her and asked what the matter was. Dami had totally forgotten she had been crying, she cleaned her face and told Chinasa everything.

“Are you for real?” Chinasa asked while clapping her hands together.

Dami looked up at her and sniffed, was that the best way to console a friend?

“Dami you too dey slack, go to the babe’s room and tell her to stay away from your man.” Chinasa blurted out while tying her hair in a pony tail.

“What if she attacks me?” Dami questioned.

“You attack back na, see question oh,” Chinasa retorted.

What was the girl saying? How would she fight the girl just like that?

“Dami just walk there and talk some sense to the girl, better still find out what she’s upto,” Chinasa persisted while trying to sound reasonable.

“Will you go with me?” Dami asked.

“Ah! It’s not my battle na, but I’ll stay by the corner in case anything happens.”

“So I’m on my own,”

“You are the one who likes the guy na,”

She sighed and stood up while Chinasa followed closely behind, they were almost about to approach the other end when Dami saw a clique of girls approaching her.

They were all wearing black tanktops on jean trousers and wearing red flat shoes, she had been scared by the manner they dressed but had been relieved when she saw one of the girls carrying a cake.

Thank God! If they were cultists she would simply stay away.

She released a breath she did not she was holding, right in the midst of them was the girl she had been looking for.


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