Meant To Be: Episode Thirty Nine


“Chuks,” she replied while wearing the trademark smile that had always fascinated him.

He could not believe it, was Ada really standing right in front of him? He wanted to hug her but he knew he had no right.

He felt arms envelope him, how could she hug him after all this time? She had gained weight and was no longer the skinny girl he had known years back.

“I’ve missed you Chuks,” she said while still hugging him.

He had missed her too, but how could he dare say that to her?

She smiled at him and nudged him playfully, “What’s with the muscles?” she asked.

He smiled and said, “I can’t believe you hugged me Ada.”

“Why not?” she asked, “Is it a taboo to hug you?”

“No,” he replied, if she hugged him that meant she had probably forgiven him, “how can you forgive me so quickly?” he asked.

“You’re funny Chuks, why can’t I forgive you?”

“After all I did to you.”

“I was forgiven so I can forgive Chuks,” she replied and smiled again before the host announced and informed the participants to be seated, the guest speaker was present and the program was about to commence.

As Chuks sat on his seat, Ada’s last statement kept on repeating in his head, ‘I was forgiven so I can forgive.’


Dami noticed the girls approaching her, if it was just one girl it could have been an easier task.

A voice in her head reminded her of the stunts the girl had pulled with Ore the other day, she was not ready for such to repeat itself.

She walked towards them and waved at them, about three of the girls replied her greeting while the others gave her an attitude that made her begin to question her decision.

“Please can I see you for a minute.” she said while stammering to the girl who had been her source of worry for the past few days.

The girl stood with hands akimbo and gave her a thorough scrutiny with her eyes before informing her friends to proceed to the room
without her.

They moved towards the staircase before the girl spoke,

“I’ve been expecting you to approach me since, what was with the delay?”


He had closed from work and had returned to spend some time with Omoye before returning home with Victor.

Omoye had been displeased when he informed her that he was yet to speak to Sandra.

He had been thinking about it and had decided not to call her again, the first time he had called she had not picked his call. And when she had picked the call he had not been bold enough to speak with her.

This time he was going to simply send her a text, he opened his message folder and began to compose:

Sandra, it’s really sad and cowardly for me to do this via text.
I’m in love with someone else Sandra and I’m sorry I toyed with your emotions. Please forgive me, I love my woman and my son, I’ve been trying to reach you but I feel so ashamed that I couldn’t.
My mum died a long time ago, I lied to you and I’m really sorry.
I know my apologies may do little or nothing to mend your heart but I know you’ll find a man that deserves a queen like you.
You are special Sandra and I’m sorry for treating you like trash.
Please send me your account number so I can refund the 500k back.
Even if you delay your response, I’ll be expecting that but believe me when I say I regret ever doing this to you.

Forgive me please,

He read through it again, he hoped the message would deliver and she would reply him soon. He felt stupid doing this through a text but there was no other option and delaying it was killing him with guilt and would only get to hurt her further.

He sent the message and lay on his bed, he sighed and prayed he would be able to survive whatever consequences he had to face.


She took a third swill of the whisky and dropped the almost empty bottle carelessly on the floor.

As she licked her lips to wipe off a drop of the drink, she tasted a salty fluid instead.

She laughed at the idea, was she that drunk that her eyes was beginning to secrete whisky? She touched the fluid flowing down her eyes and laughed again while tasting it.

“He popped the question,” she said to no one in particular. She repeated it severally before laughing and crying at the same time.

She picked the bottle and gulped the remaining contents while spilling some on the rug, she saw the image of Muyiwa bent on his knees repeating the question that had terrified her again.

The waitress, the wink, the eyes all around. Smiling eyes all feasted on her and her hands held by Muyiwa’s, the images displayed in front of her.

She saw his image asking her for a reply, she wailed loudly and started hitting the bottle, how come it was suddenly empty?

“Why?” she shouted, “Why would he ask me at such point? What ever happened to us taking it slowly,” she sobbed and made a futile attempt to pull out her hair, “Why? Why couldn’t you wait for us to fix everything?” she said and pointed to the image of Muyiwa who was equally looking sad.

“Why?” she repeated again.

“I’ll wait Sandra,” the voice replied in a calm tone.

*to be continued*


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