Meant To Be: Episode Forty


What was he doing in her sitting room by this time of the day? She walked towards him and was about to wake him up when he stood simultaneously.

She quickly moved back and asked, “What are you doing here?”

“Good morning,” was all he said to her.

She replied his greeting unceremoniously and repeated her question again.

“I told you I was going to wait, didn’t I? How are you feeling now?” he asked while struggling to suppress a yawn.

“I wasn’t sick.” she replied and folded her arms, “can you leave now?”

“Please Sandra I’m sorry. I agree I should have taken it slowly but I’m losing it. Please don’t make it any worse.” he pleaded.

She sighed and dropped her arms, “Muyiwa I’ve forgiven you but did you not consider that we had to start again, was a proposal the ideal next step? After what our fathers did?” she snapped.

“I’m sorry, but I wasn’t really thinking,” he stood up to face her.

She looked at his face, how come he had developed worry lines and wrinkles over the past few days? She had felt she was the only one that was hurt, how could she not be hurt? After her father had threatened her man to stay away from her and when he had decided to come back; his father had encouraged him to date her and hurt her, the reason why he had eventually stayed away.

She had not even considered the pain he had gone through but seeing the wrinkles on his face made her realise he was also in pain.

“Why does love have to be complicated?” she blurted out.

He held her hands, “it becomes more complicated when we try to fight it. I love you Sandra and nothing will change that.”

She closed her eyes and mouthed, “I love you too,”

“Oh Sandra,” he replied while enveloping her in a hug, “you don’t know how happy I am to hear you say that.”

He let go of her and held her hands tightly, “I want to start afresh in the right way, would you do me the honour of courting you properly?” he asked.

She smiled and hugged him again while replying,

“Yes! Yes Muyiwa. I will.”


He hurriedly collected the shirt and ran out of the building, the lady and the guy had left in a car before he got downstairs.

He noticed Princess was struggling to open the car, he helped her open it and was quick to see the tears forming in her eyes.

He kept his clothes in the back seat before settling beside Princess on the driver’s seat.

He smiled inwardly as he noticed the successful attempt she had made to hide her pain, anyone who saw her now would not believe she was just about to cry.

She turned towards him, “why aren’t you starting the car?”

“What did they say to you?” he inquired.

“Who?” she asked feigning innocence.

“Princess, something happened just now and I’m sure about that, besides I remember seeing that lady address you the other day at the store. Please talk to me Princess,”

“You saw that?” she asked, her voice was beginning to lose the false confidence it had.

“Yes, does she stay on this street?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied while looking down, he sighed; so that was the reason she had withdrawn as soon as he entered the street.

What power did the lady have over her that made her always act this way?

“Do you mind talking about it?” he asked, “I don’t like the way you make her feel superior over you.”

“I’m fine,” she replied, was telling him going to be a wise decision? She had never really told Chuks the entire story, how would she then tell Femi?

“Princess, a problem shared is half solved, please I’m concerned.”

She looked at him, “I don’t know,” she really found it weird telling him about her history with Kenny and Princewill.

“I…” she sighed.

Femi interrupted her, “I’m not going to force you to talk about it but just know that the people who don’t deserve your trust also don’t deserve to be the reason you no longer trust.” he started the ignition and began to drive.

Princess kept quiet, Kenny was one person that didn’t deserve her trust, was she also the reason why she couldn’t trust anyone again?

Was she always going to remain in this position? Having to bow before the crazy, selfish and manipulative Kenny? Would she continue to destroy the opportunity of building new friendships because she had once experienced a sour friendship?

They were home already,
“I’ll see you later then,” Femi informed while bringing out his shirts from the car.

“Sure, Thanks,” she replied and left for her flat.

Femi however proceeded to his apartment, after hanging the clothes in his wardrobe; he sat on his bed. He could not help but wonder what was going on, he was yet to find out who that lady was and Princess was not willing to confide in him.

The ding of his doorbell disrupted his thoughts, he stood to go get the door.

Unlocking the door, he was suprised to see Princess looking nervous than ever.

“Can I come in?”

“Sure,” he made way for her to come in before she spoke,

“I want to learn to trust again.”

*to be continued*


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