Meant To Be: Episode Thirty Nine cont.


He checked the time and cursed silently, what was with the buses charging exorbitant prices this morning?

He had less than forty five minutes to go and he was yet to board a bus, a white bus came along and the commuters struggled to enter. He was able to secure a seat before the conductor announced, “Hold your ₦250 change oh,”

“Say Wetin happen?”
“Na ₦150 oh,” different voices began to argue with the conductor, why would the transport fare increase from ₦100 to ₦250?

“If you no get, abeg do quick come down. I no want story,” the conducter replied non-chalantly while opening the door, about five persons got down and were replaced almost immediately by others who had been standing at the bus-stop.

Chuks sat and brought out his money from his wallet, the government seriously needed to caution these hungry thieves that exploited innocent citizens like himself, he however payed reluctantly to the conductor.

As the bus began to move he smiled as he recalled his dream earlier that morning, instead of the nightmares he had gotten used to over the years; what he had seen in his dream was a smiling Ada telling him that she was forgiven so she could forgive.

The Ada who had always cried had been replaced by this smiling gorgeous Ada.


She rose from her bed and held her head while wincing in pain, why was her head pounding this way? And how did she get to her bed from the sitting room?

She discovered she was still dressed, confusion was an understatement to describe how she felt. She checked the wall clock in her room, 7:40am.

She remembered being at the restaurant with Muyiwa, leaving out of anger and fear. The glass! Yes! She had taken a glass, or was it more than one? She wondered.
Had she really taken care of her misery by getting drunk? She touched her head and murmured again before standing to go get a pain reliever from the cabinet.

She took the pill and began to search frantically for her phone and her handbag, it was nowhere to be found.

She suddenly remembered dropping it in the sitting room, she exited her room and headed towards the parlour.

Lo and behold, right before her eyes was a man sprawled on her couch.


The lab session had ended and she was yet to complete her report despite the fact that the lecturer had given the students a thirty minute grace. Ore came close to her seat and put her through on the remaining solution.

They headed back to class when he asked her about yesterday, he was yet to understand what she meant by settling some scores.

He had later changed the topic when he realised her hesitant attitude to talk about it.

She kept quiet and pressed her lips together, how would she tell him that she was scared and jealous? The girl had admitted that she had a crush on Ore ever since they matriculated, she had even gone on to promise that she would stop at nothing till Ore became hers.

Dami sighed as she recalled telling the girl that she was Ore’s girlfriend, the problem however was the girl had still refused to back down.

The girl was bold and daring unlike her timid self. What would she do if the girl approached Ore later on?

“Uhn?” she blinked as she felt a slight tap on her shoulder.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked, “you’re seeing Evelyn’s mother this evening right?”


“So a penny for your thoughts, you’re still owing me gist oh,”

She coughed slightly and cleared her throat in the process, “Ore, erm,” she sighed again, “I don’t know how to say this, but,” she cleared her throat again, “what would you do if you found out I uhn,” she played with her fingers, “found out I said you were my boyfriend?”


He had been able to finally convince her to get in his car, there had been no reason to struggle for a bus earlier that morning when they went for the outreach.

He had to get some of his clothes from the dry cleaner,
“Princess, please I have to get some shirts from a dry cleaner on the other street.”

“Okay, we are almost home anyway.” she replied.

He swerved right and parked in front of a building, he noticed the change in demeanour when he asked Princess to go with him. He was not surprised when she declined later on, he was used to the mood swings and was treading carefully.

He ascended the staircase and went into the office, after speaking with the receptionist, he signed some documents before he was asked to wait for some minutes.

From the window he saw Princess come out of the car and stretch her body, he smiled; the outreach today had really been exhausting.

He turned to receive his clothes from the receptionist,
“What about the white shirt?” he asked.
“Oh, I’m sorry. Let me go check.”

He turned towards the window again and saw Princess being addressed by a lady and a guy.

He wished he could hear their discussion, the alarm bells rang in his head as he saw Princess wearing that terrified look again.

He had no doubt that the lady in question was the same lady that he had seen at the store before.

Who was she?


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