Meant To Be: Episode Forty cont.


Ore kept staring at Dami, why was she acting nervous like she had said something bad? Why would he even be angry that she had claimed to be his girlfriend? Something that he had desired all this while.

“You really want to know what I’d do?” he questioned while getting a nod from her.

“I’d be happy now, who wouldn’t be? So tell me what happened between you and that person.”

“Nothing,” she replied, “Do you like somebody Ore?” she asked before she could stop the question.

“I do, do you like someone?” he asked back.

“I asked first,”

“I replied already,”

“I do,”

Their class governor interrupted them, “I do?” he laughed, “Dami, Is Ore proposing to you ni?”

He laughed again before facing Ore, “Ore please can I see you for a minute?” he requested.

They both stood and exited to a corner whereas Dami was still seated, she could not help but wonder who the girl Ore liked was? She was terrified about telling him of her feelings but the idea of Ore dating the other girl was not appealing.

Ore sat back with her, “the class governor is complaining oh,”

“What for?” she questioned.

“This,” he replied while showing her a brown envelope.


He had seen Ada again and she had engaged him in a conversation, she was employed and was single. He was happy she was still a devout christian as she had been in the past.

He still felt miserable as he recalled all he had put her through, they had been best friends during their teenage years; their mothers had worked in the same hospital and frequenting the hospital had enhanced their friendship.

He was a year older than she was and when he turned eighteen, he had met some guys who began to coach him on another form of lifestyle.

He had made the mistake of kissing Ada once, she had been naive like he was and he had felt bad taking advantage of her.

He knew he had feelings for her and she did too, but when his friends had informed him that sex was the major factor to step up the game; he had accepted and continually cajoled Ada into sleeping with him.

They ended up having unprotected sex in one of the hospital ward when she turned eighteen and he was already nineteen, an event that had traumatised their friendship.

She had regretted the decision and had told him God was angry with them, he felt bad seeing her cry but the silly male ego he had and the peer pressure had blocked all logical reasoning.

It had gone from bad to worse when she became pregnant, her mum had warned his mum telling her to caution Chuks. His mum had been confused and she had never really gotten to know what happened.

He had complicated issues by denying the pregnancy, following the advice of his new found friends, he still found it strange that Ada and her mum never mentioned the details to his mum.

Ada’s mum had eventually given her a drug unconsciously which had caused the flushing of the foetus, she had become frail and he had felt terrible.

The last time he saw her, she had been crying and had simply kept on repeating, “I lost the baby Chuks, our baby.”

He had tried to prove tough by claiming it was her baby and not his. She stopped coming to the hospital and he stopped going there after sometime.

For the past six years in his dreams, he had always seen her in that dress telling him she had lost their baby, the nightmares had never stopped even for one night.
Peace of mind had eloped him and it had been worse because he did not have her contact, her mum had eventually stopped working at the hospital. Even his mum had kept on probing him over the years, she was yet to understand why Ada’s mum had given her the cold shoulder before eventually quitting her job.

And now this beautiful lady was admitting that she had forgiven him, that she was forgiven, he personally would not forgive anyone that did such to Princess and here he had been wicked to an innocent soul all this time.

“Can I also be forgiven like you were Ada?” he asked, “I mean the bad things I did to you and the way I live my life generally,”

“Of course, God is ever ready to forgive us, he loves you Chuks,” she replied.

Chuks sighed, “you don’t understand. I was mean.”

“He understands all and he still loves you, let’s pray Chuks,” she held his hands and led him to Christ Jesus.


“Yes, your daughter said the bust is tight,” she paused.

“I go loosen the adjustment,”

“Okay now, just make she come tomorrow,”

“Bye bye,” she ended the call and continued with the gown she had been sewing for the past one hour.

She was happy that Osagie had finally gotten a job, her parents were always in touch. Gone were the days when she had been full of depression, now she was a joyful woman who would later on graduate to become a wife.

She smiled as she imagined being decked with beads as a typical edo traditional bride, she continued with the gown, Victor would be back soon and she was yet to prepare his lunch.

Her phone beeped, a new message; she opened the text and could not help it when her brain cells froze.


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