Meant To Be: Episode Forty One cont.


Ore tore the envelope and read the content of the letter, was this a season of letters or something?

Dami sat across him and kept on watching him, it was the anonymous person again, he had no doubt it was the mystery girl.

In the letter she wrote how she knew about he and Dami being a couple, claiming Dami had said so herself. He smiled as he read that part, having realised the reason Dami was acting funny.

His face contorted in disgust when he read the part where the girl stated that nothing would stop her from getting what she wanted, she wrote in shouty capitals: IF I CAN’T HAVE YOU ORE, TRUST ME NO ONE WILL.

“Dami,” he spoke with panic.

“What does the letter say?” she asked.

“See for yourself,”

He gave her the letter, she was about to read it when her phone rang, she picked the call and hissed after hanging up, “Evelyn’s mother is in school,”

“So early?”

“Yes, follow me. Let’s get this over with,”

“And the letter?” Ore asked.

“I’ll read it later now,” she folded the paper and threw it in her purse.

They got to GT Bank and she called the woman to inform her of their arrival.

She directed them to come to the Kia sportage car parked across them, they got there and Dami could not help but admit that everything about the woman standing in front of her oozed class.

From her dress to her shoes, her make-up and hair, to the way she held her bag elegantly. When she even spoke Dami felt intimidated, why a fine woman like that would be involved in lesbianism baffled her?

She however promised herself not to get carried away by the show of wealth.

“Good afternoon, you asked to see me,” Dami replied her greeting, it would do them good if she cut to the chase.

Evelyn’s mother however kept quiet and accessed Ore before continuing,
“Is he your boyfriend?” she questioned Dami.

Dami wondered what the question was all about, what was her business with her personal life? Was she sent by her daughter to come and totally break her down? She really wished she could spit right in her face and tell her that her elegance still made her want to puke but she tried to maintain her cool.

She was about to reply ‘what has that got to do with you?’ but found it weird when her mouth produced the words, “Yes,”

A reply which earned her a hiss from Evelyn’s mother and a shocked expression from Ore.


While she ate her lunch with her son, Omoye’s mind was pre-occupied with so many other thoughts, why would he text her after all this time? She thought they had both stuck to an agreement, why was he on her neck again?

She hurriedly ate up her lunch, she would have to pack up and head home, there was no way she could trust him. He could decide to show up and pay her a surprise visit in the shop if his crazy brain asked him to.

She assisted Victor with his homework but found herself zoning out intermittently, she tried to caution herself. If her son could figure out she was worried, that meant she would have a lot of explaining to give Osagie.

She rounded off with the little work she had to do in the shop before taking her son home, would it be wise if she told Osagie about this? She knew he would feel terrible just like she had felt when she discovered about Sandra but she was scared that he would find out eventually, she had kept it as a secret in the archives of her heart, buried and forgotten but alas it seemed fate was determined to prove her wrong.

She got home in less than an hour, undressed her son and got him to sleep, the quietness of the room terrified her.

“Breathe Omoye, breathe,” she tried to calm herself, it was not that serious right? She tried to convince herself, she would call him and beg him to stay away from her, she knew she ought to warn him and not beg but the power and wealth he commanded would make her threat of none effect.

She lay on the bed and tossed around while hitting her fists continously on the bed. What sort of life was she living? Just when she was beginning to think life was beginning to get sweet for her, her past mistake had chosen the perfect time to come and haunt her.

She opened the text message and read it again:
*Sweet Omo, I know you’ve missed me, I missed you too. I’m back and I’d want us to catch up on old times, we never really got to enjoy each other that much if you recall. I know I agreed to let you be but I just can’t get you out of my mind. Expect me soon, my dearest.

She flinged her phone and continued tossing disturbingly on the bed, anyone that saw her would believe she was aiming to make a Guiness world record of the highest number of tosses in a minute.

They would not know that she was simply a frustrated woman going through her own share of agony.


3 thoughts on “Meant To Be: Episode Forty One cont.

  1. 2nd time commenting on dis blog…all dis mystery is mysterising me oh (if such words exist)nice work stef more power 2ur elbow…


  2. New things are been unfolded…. Nice one Stefikal. Just recently stumbled on this story on Nairaland. Wow…and it’s been 5years u even wrote this story. God bless ur hands.. Interesting story. I’m so loving this story…


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