Meant To Be: Episode Forty One


She picked her bag and was still smiling at Muyiwa who sat across her, now where was her phone when she needed it? She was late for work already and had quickly rushed to have her bath; Muyiwa had however promised to drive her to work before he would head back to his abode, he was his own Boss and could choose to skip work if he chose.

“Let’s just get going, I don’t know why I can’t find the phone,”

They both entered the car, he started the ignition whereas she continued in her search, she sighed when her hands felt the metallic casing of her phone.

“Finally!” she muttered.

“You found it?”


She unlocked her phone and was engrossed in it before shouting,

“What the hell?”


“I want to learn to trust again,”

He smiled inwardly, finally! She was really going to let him in on her pasts, it was a big suprise, she was not just willing to talk but she was equally entering his flat for the first time.

“Sit,” she sat on the love seat while he sat on the table directly opposite her.

She took a deep breath before saying, “I’ve never told anyone this story before, Chuks doesn’t know the full details too.”

“Okay, trust me this stays between us,” Femi interrupted.

“Thanks, the name of that lady you saw is Kenny, we used to be best of friends in secondary school. I was very skinny and she was quite hot, her twin brother was the best student in our school then; he is out of the country at the moment,” she let out a deep breath again and closed her eyes while mumbling incoherent things to herself before continuing.

“He had a friend by the name Princewill, I had a crush on him, it was really serious. She knew about it and was always supportive of me, at least that was what I thought.”

“When we resumed SS3, Princewill approached me for the very first time,” she smiled faintly and scoffed while Femi kept quiet, “I thought it was the most beautiful thing ever, months later he asked me out and we started dating. I slept with him when ever he asked and Kenny encouraged me, he gained admission into UNILAG while I gained admission into the University of Ibadan, Kenny also got into UNILAG.”

Femi adjusted himself on the table, he was yet to really get where the story was going but he was ready to be patient.

“We kept on seeing each other despite the distance, two years ago something happened in school and we had a lecture free week, I came to Lagos to suprise my boyfriend and my friend.”

Femi sighed, he could swear he knew what had happened but Princess laughed, “Femi, I know you’re guessing they betrayed me and all but that was not all, that day was the worst day of my life.”

“I was actually thinking that, please continue.” Femi said.

“I wore the new gown I had just bought, it was a little above my knee. I went to UNILAG that evening and I called Kenny, my plan was to suprise her before finally suprising Princewill, she did not pick up. After waiting for long at random places, I called Princewill but his phone was switched off, it was almost 6pm. I went to a friend’s room to relax and when it was 7pm and I was still unable to reach either of them I decided to leave.” she sniffed and suddenly started crying.

Femi held her hands, “It’s okay Princess, don’t cry about it. Don’t give them that chance to keep hurting you.”

“I came out and saw Kenny sitting on his laps by a corner in New hall, my best friend was making out with my boyfriend,” she sobbed again, “I still hate the fact that I did not approach them on the spot, I just ran away and on my way home it was almost late. I ran into thugs by Yaba rail line, I could have been ra.ped that night, they tore my gown and made my hair a mess. I was screaming when I heard gunshots, luckily the vigilante group had come to my rescue. They helped me get home, mum was still at the clinic and dad wasn’t back; Chuks was in school so I was on my own.”

Femi was dumbstruck, he used his hands to clean her face, first she had been betrayed and almost Molested on the same day, he found it almost unbelievable.

“That day I switched to my tom-boy lifestyle, probably if I had been wearing jeans or something more masculine those hoodlums would not have hurt me that much.”

She was crying seriously now and Femi knew more than ever he wanted to hug and tell her it was not her fault, he settled on the arm of the love seat and held her hands while giving her a light massage on her palms.

“You know what pissed me off more,”

“What?” he questioned.

“Princewill sent me a message later that night claiming to love and miss me. It was the height! I called him and told him what I saw. And he never apologised, he never did,” she cried and leaned her head on his shoulder.

“What about your friend, Kenny?” Femi asked.

“She called me later on, Princewill had obviously informed her, she simply told me that she was glad I had finally found out myself,” she sobbed again, “they had been seeing each other since SS3,”


*to be continued*


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