Meant To Be: Episode Forty Two


On their way to the outreach, his heart kept on reaching out to her, he had been worried about her the previous evening and was still worried. He had ensured he gave her a hug before seeing her off to her room.

He still found it complicated that she had allowed her friend have victory over her, what kind of friend was that anyways? A friend that betrayed you and yet was not apologetic.

As he thought of the guy he felt blood coursing through his veins, when Princess had claimed the guy had dated her just to get close to Kenny, he had thought it was a joke.

Why would a guy use a lady as a bait in getting another lady who he felt was a trophy? And the supposed trophy was supposed to be a best friend to the supposed bait?

Ridiculous was all he could mutter.

Howbeit he was happy that she had not been molested that night, it could have scarred her for life.

He stole a glance at her as she sat, the hoodie she wore covered her face and he could only see the bridge of her nose. He had already asked her how she was feeling that morning and still felt like asking again.

What he just did not appreciate was the fact that she chose to dress like a man to scare the guys off? He laughed at the thought, her dressing had actually fascinated him but he did not like the idea that she had adopted it to mask her fears.

If there was one thing he wanted, it was to make this beautiful tomboy seated in his car his lady.


She ended the call and clapped her hands together in a typical market woman fashion. Wonders would truly never cease, she had expected Patricia to support her but was disappointed at the advice she had gotten from her sister.

She was mad at Fola, how could she have been a fool all this while? She was pissed that she had not be able to see the handwriting on the wall, she scoffed as she read the text message again probably for the one thousand and oneth time.

She sighed recalling the exact words Muyiwa had told her in the car the previous day, ‘Sandra, what he did was wrong. But forgive my statement, if he was still in your life, I don’t think I’d have gotten a second choice,’

A statement she had been trying to prove wrong but had failed at each attempt. She had loved and lost with Fola, but Muyiwa had made her feel like a teenager in love for the first time.

What Patricia has said had equally struck a cord in her heart, ‘if you keep holding on to the past, you might lose the future. Let it go, no matter how hard it hurts.’

But she doubted if she could let go as easily as it sounded, it just did not sound plausible.


Dami took the pen out of the envelope, could Evelyn truly had finally let go of her? After Evelyn’s mother had given her the parcel, she had read the note in it and the black pen that had connected them had been included in the envelope.

Evelyn had claimed in the note to have returned to Ghana and had asked Dami for forgiveness while claiming that she was never going to trouble her, the black pen what was baffled her.

How Evelyn managed to keep the pen for that long was still a mystery? She took the pen and threw it into the bin, a pen was not her problem.

Her source of worry now was the mystery girl and the feelings she Dami had begun to develop for Ore.


Osagie smiled, the revered ‘Oga’ had showed up finally that morning. He was particularly excited because the man had suprisingly been so nice to him, he had made Osagie his personal driver throughout his stay at Benin.

He had spent almost all of his working hours driving the man around, he was about to change and head home as his shift had ended when someone came to call him.

“How far now?” he replied,

“Oga wan see you oh,” the man responded.

“Ehen! Him dey office?”


He buttoned up his shirt and walked towards the office, he knocked and entered into the office.

“Yes sir, you sent for me,”

“Yes, I know you’re supposed to leave for today but I need you to get me somewhere, I’ll pay you extra.”

“No problem sir,” he replied while beaming with smiles, “Let me just call my wife,”

“You’re married?” his boss asked with suprise.

“It’s complicated sir,”

“Okay, call her and let’s get on with it.”

-Twenty Minutes Later-

As Osagie drove his Boss, he noticed how disturbed the countenance of his boss was, he wondered where they were heading to. It was a route he was very familiar with anyways so he had no problem maneuvering the potholes that marred the streets.

“Osas,” his boss called.

“Sir,” he replied while trying to concentrate on driving.

“What do you when you like a woman and she avoids you? She is not even picking my call and we’ll soon get to her place.”

“Erm…sir it depends but most times it would be nice if you paid her a suprise visit. You know, just shock her and tell her how you feel,”

“But I’ve done that in the past,”

“You have to be persistent and fight for what you want,” he advised his boss with all assurance while getting a nod from the man at the back seat.

*to be continued*


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