Meant To Be: Episode Forty Two cont.


He wondered where she was, he had not set his eyes on her ever since he arrived that morning. He wanted to talk to her about a chapter in the bible he had read but was disappointed as she had not showed up.

He was mad at himself when he realised he did not have her contact, what if something was wrong with her? What if she was sick? As a good friend he ought to call and know what was wrong but here he was without a means of contact.

One of the companies had interviewed him that afternoon, he had not expected them again since they had informed him that the interview would hold at their company, the interview had been smooth until he was asked if he had any experience.

How on earth was he supposed to get experience if no one offered him a job? He had been pissed but had calmed down later on when he remembered what Ada had said to him the day before, something about God having thoughts of peace towards his children, he could not remember the exact quote but it gave him an assurance that the God who had made him attend the seminar would order all of his steps.

As he headed home, he made a mental list of the things he would discuss with Ada when they would meet the next day, he could not wait.


As he drove her home, she wanted him to thank him for his concern, she had felt better after confiding in him yesterday, he had been nice to her today as well.

She could not explain the feeling of trepidation that she felt as they almost approached home, she recalled she needed to buy sanitary pads at the store before they got home.

Would it not be weird if she asked him to wait? She remembered her last experience at the store, Kenny? When would that biatch learn to stay away from her? It seemed as if she was stalking her, she had no idea what the girl was always doing at home when her school was still in session.

“Femi, please could you give me some minutes, I want to get something, yeah! Just park here,” she spoke up finally after much deliberation.

He parked the car and turned off the ignition,

“Thanks, I’ll make it snappy,” she replied while taking off the seat belt.

“Can I come along?” he asked.

“No, thanks. I just need to get something,”

He nodded and watched her enter the store, he just hoped her evil friend would not show up, he found it strange that the girl always came around, anyone would believe she was actually stalking Princess.

He turned on his radio and was welcomed by Tiwa’s eminado greeting his ears, two minutes and Princess was not back, he laughed at his disposition on the matter, two minutes was not a long time, why was he worried about the delay?

He leaned back on his seat and tapped his fingers lightly while enjoying the music.


“Thank you,” she thanked the cashier and carried the shopping bag out, the trepidation she had felt had suddenly vanished, little did she know she was about to be proved wrong.

She was about to open the door and leave when she heard the devil herself call her,

“Not so fast madam,”

She turned to see her worst nightmare standing right in front of her.

No! She would not give her the chance to keep hurting her, she ignored her and made to walk out of the store when she felt a tug on her shirt.

What? Was Kenny really about to go all physical on her?

“Kenny, leave me alone,” she said while trying to sound confident.

“So you can talk back now,” Kenny sighed while accessing Princess like she was a prey about to be slaughtered, “Who’s coaching you?”

“Let go of her,” both ladies turned to see the recipient of the masculine voice that just spoke.

Kenny faked a smile and left Princess before speaking, “You can go into the store, we are sorry we blocked the entrance,” she continued while trying to sound corteous, Princess however was mute.

“I wasn’t going in,” he replied, “I’m here to warn you.”

“Ehn?” Kenny spoke, who the hell did this man think he was?

“Stay away from my girlfriend,”


“You came late today,” Omoye directed to Osagie who was taking off his boots.

“I had to work overtime for my boss, how was your day?” he asked while approaching her and giving her a peck on her forehead, she smiled back at him and continued with the yam she was peeling.

“Fine, yours?”

Osagie sat on the bed, “Splendid, Where is Victor?” he inquired.

“Playing with Bobo, how come you didn’t see him?”

“I don’t know,” he replied while sitting on the bed, he had been hoping to introduce her to his boss had they taken the street where her shop was but had been disappointed when hiss boss had instructed him to turn back and head to the factory.

He had later on discovered that his boss was single, the man was older than him but howbeit he was not that old, he wondered who the lady that had stolen his heart was, he really would like to play cupid by uniting his boss with the love of his life.

He mentally added that to the list of things he planned to do, on his list however was also wedding Omoye properly and getting a better life for his family.


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