Meant To Be: Episode Forty Three



He had not seen her ever since she snapped at him, now that he thought of it she had every right to be angry. Even though he had stood up for her to defend her from Kenny, he had not considered that she would withdraw back into her shell, a shell he had struggled to get her out from in the first instance.

The outreach had ended and he had not seen her, when he had crossed paths with her on saturday she had simply greeted him like a stranger before walking out on him.

She was angry that he had just claimed to be her boyfriend, she had emphatically stressed that she needed no male interference in her life while claiming that she regretted sharing her story with him.

He had not even seen Chuks, he would have asked him for advice on how to tackle the matter, now he wondered how he was going to reach out to her.


She smiled into the phone and ended the call, Muyiwa had been sweet and she in a way wished she could thank Fola for leaving, if Fola had not left, it would have been herculean for Muyiwa and her to re-unite.

But on the other hand, thinking about Fola made her feel like trash, why would he choose to hurt her for another woman? Did she really appear pathetic, he had sent another message apologising and requesting for her account details but she had ignored it.

She knew Patricia was right but all she wanted to do was yell at Fola and wish him the pain he had made her go through.

She doubted if she would forgive and forget what he had done to her.


“Hello,” she replied annoyingly, did he have to call her? She had ignored his calls but it was becoming annoying.

“Baby, why are you not picking my calls?” the voice asked.

“I’m not your baby, please my husband must not find out about you. Let me be.” Omoye begged.

“Oh please, your husband? You are not married to him Omo, I love you and I want to marry you. Is that too much to ask?”

She sighed, “I don’t want to be rude sir, but please I’m assuming we never met. Do not bother calling me again.” she pleaded.

“Omoye, don’t do this, you break
my heart whenever you call me sir, please,” she could feel the sorrow in his voice.

“I’m sorry you feel bad but that’s all you’ll ever be to me. A sir,” she spoke firmly, why did she ever have to meet him in her past? She wondered.

“Omo, please let’s see, even if it’s just once. Please I want to see your face again, to…” he paused.

She spoke quickly, “Sir what I had with you was a mistake that happened just once. I have a son and a man whom I love, I can’t make that mistake again,” she explained, she wished she could end the call but she was scared he would decide to hurt her, he was powerful afterall.

“Omo, just once. Please let’s see,” he begged again, “save a dying man Omo, I know I promised not to disturb again but I can’t get you out of my mind, please I…”

“Please end the call or I’ll do it myself,” she interrupted before ending the call.


The events he dreamt about replayed in his head as he saw her approaching him, she was smiling and it convinced him this was definitely dejavu. He had smiled back at her and she had told him the words he had been dying to hear, “I love you Ore,”.

He bounced back to reality when she nudged him and asked, “Why are you smiling like, erm something I don’t know.”

“What?” he asked obviously diappointed that he was daydreaming like a confused teenager, “smiling like a what?”

“Don’t worry,” Dami replied, “I’ve submitted the manuals oh,”

He smiled at her and nodded while giving himself a mental slap at the same time, ever since she told Evelyn’s mother that they were dating, he had not been able to summon courage to follow up on the issue. What if she claimed that she only said it to piss the woman off?

They both sat on a bench by the corner while Dami waved to some girls that walked past them, Ore however was still lost in thought.

He had been dreaming and calculating on how to ask her out, his room-mates had been providing him with tips and he had not seen or heard from the mystery girl ever since.

But he could feel that tension between himself and Dami, the tension was so taut that it screamed that there were matters to be discussed but sadly these matters were being ignored.

He had decided to draft it in a letter or text message but his room-mates had warned him not to try it, claiming that he was a man and men stood for what they want.

How on earth was he supposed to approach his bestfriend and say,
“Hey Dami, I know this is weird but I need you to know I really like you. Would you be my girlfriend?”

He felt Dami pause and stiffen before holding him rather quickly, an action that broke into his thoughts.

He stared at her and was wondering why she held him in that manner, obviously realising what she did, she let go of his hands.

He gave her a look that asked, ‘What’s wrong?’

“Do you mean what you just said?” she asked with panic.

A reply that made him realise he had spoken his thoughts out loud.

*to be continued*


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