Meant To Be: Episode Forty Three cont.


He closed the book and paced around his room, he had been indoors all morning. It was as if a market had been created in his head, he could not describe the confusion he was experiencing at that point.

First, it had been Ada, he had not seen her and the seminar had ended. How on earth would he get to reach her, no phone number, no office address, no house address, no email, he had even searched for her on facebook to no avail.

He knew he was dying out of worry, he had been hoping to see her before the seminar came to an end but had been disappointed on all corners.

Then there was Princess, she had been so moody and weird for the past few days that it made him wonder what her problem was, he had not really gotten the chance to speak with Femi as he had been too tired to go to the gym for the past few days, Princess had equally been enclosed in her room.

He shrieked as a thought came knocking on the metallic doors in his head, could it be that Femi had hurt his sister? What else could be the explanation to the strange behaviour he noticed in Princess and what could be the cause of Femi’s distance.

He was angry and was about to wear his sweatshirt before going to confront Femi or convince Princess to talk to him, when he felt that leading to pray.

He knelt down and asked God to forgive him for being angry, he prayed for Ada’s well-being and asked for her safety, he prayed for his sister and Femi and asked God to have his way. He really had no idea what went wrong between them, but he dropped all at the saviour’s feet.

His unemployment was another matter he presented, after spending minutes of pouring his heart out, he stood and could feel that deep assurance in his soul that someone had been listening.

It was a peace that told him his time had not been a waste.

He stood and scratched his hair while awarding himself numerous slaps mentally at the same time.

How could he have said that out loud that way? Why did he have to spoil the joy he would have truly gotten by asking her out properly?

He sat back and scratched his hair again while looking at the bewildered Dami, he knew he had two options now- tell her it was all a joke and pretend he never said it or continue and tell her how he truly felt.

He weighed the two options and knew that the former would be an expensive joke that would scar both of them for a long time.

He cleared his throat and held her hands, the thundering in his heart was on grounds to discourage him. It made him wonder how the men who were players managed to be sweet talkers.

Dami was quiet all through, he could tell she was nervous to hear what he had to say, he was equally anxious to know how she would react finally, what would be her response?

He heard the small voice in his head that snapped at him, ‘Oh Ore, be a man already. You like her, she likes you, what’s there to lose?’

He closed his eyes and smiled before opening them already,

“You are really being melodramatic, you know?” Dami spoke while still allowing him hold her.

“Ehn? I’m sorry, you think it’s easy” he finally spoke up, there was no point hiding it, she knew what he was about to say.

“Just say it Ore, I’ve been dying to see this day.” she replied.

And the reply cured all of the pounding in his heart that had been discouraging,

“Dami, I know I may lack skills or the right words to really express my feelings. I’m sorry I might not be able to tell you things that would make you flush, but it’s something I know you probably have noticed. I like you Dami, and I want you to do me the honour of being your man,” he said, and to his surprise the words came freely, where were they coming from?

“I do,” Dami replied with a mischievious glint in her eyes.

“I do?” Ore queried, was that a perfect response.

“Yes I do Ore, that’s a positive reply because my reply is positive. I like you too Ore,” she replied and smiled.

He held her and hugged her while placing her head on his shoulders, he had finally done this, someone could have described it as cheesy or dry but it didn’t matter, all that mattered was he was in love.


He continued to watch her from where he sat as her legs moved in synchrony with the foot pedal.

“This one you’re staring at me like this?” she asked and smiled at him while continuing with the sewing.

“I’m just wondering how one woman can be so beautiful, industrious, elegant, wonderful, amazing, I could go and on,” he complimented.

She stopped and smiled, “so why did you stop?” she teased, “Thanks, I’m glad you are the man for me.”

“Just continue with your work, we’ll continue at home,” he laughed and gave her a wink that spoke volumes.

He picked an old newspaper and scanned through it when he felt someone enter the shop.

He stood on impulse, how did his Boss know he was here?

What he should have been bothered about was why Omoye stood almost at the same time he did?

He however kept smiling at his Boss.
It was a perfect coincidence to introduce his family to his oga.


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