Principle For The Week: When do you use your inner earplugs?

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Hello amazing people,

How was your weekend? šŸ™‚

Today there is no ‘story for the week’ šŸ˜€ Let’s just call it a discussion.

Wait! A discussion is supposed to involve several parties passing their points across but it seems I’m the only one doing the talking.

Well it’s still a discussion, the comment box is for you to air your opinion. So please do not hesitate to use it. I’d be waiting šŸ˜€

What inspired this topic? A lot of my personal experiences, we all know what ear plugs are (or refer to the pictures above). Or better still, we know earphones.

Can you make one? Did I hear you say no?

Oh please! You can, we all can create our inner earplugs and use them when the situation demands.

This isn’t a write-up to encourage any arrogant attitude per se, but you’d still get my point.

We all have people in our lives that are filled with so much negativity that we dread hearing the words they use to haunt us.

True right! šŸ™‚

Have you ever met someone who goes far and wide simply to convince you that you are ugly as he or she thinks.

Or someone who stops at nothing at bugging you about your facial appearance or your looks or your capabilities or even your intellect.

Or someone who is quick to pick out your faults, capitalise on them and get to you in the hardest way possible.

These things are normal, but it’s wrong when we give them that chance to plant those seeds in our hearts, words are seeds. Listening to them is simply encouraging the sower to plant those seeds, and I tell you what, when the seed transforms to a tree. It would be way harder to uproot it.

And that’s where your inner earplugs come in, when this derogatory, attitude-killing, confident-shattering comments are being transferred to your ears.

Stop them! :@

Don’t let them get in, plug in your ‘inner’ earplugs, and always remember that their opinion doesn’t count, what matters is what you believe.

What do you see yourself as? Do you see yourself as beautiful or ugly?

Strong or weak?

Brilliant or dumb?

Normal or abnormal?

A necessity or a burden?

It’s really up to you, I remember a guy who tried to make caricature of my picture on the internet, claiming that it was ugly. I could have insulted him, believed him and let it get to me.

But no! I told him he was entitled to his opinion, and made him realise my opinion was in Psalm139:14, ‘For I am fearfully and wonderfully made…’

That comment alone made him respect me, how do I know? Because his next comment screamed that…

Remember I said the topic was inspired by personal experience, there are several other cases like that. Someone trying to make me feel incompetent when I know I am not, do not let it get to you.

Fine! I know someone out there is saying, are we supposed to be dishonest?

Nope, I’ve had to correct friends who make mistakes but while doing that I don’t crash the little confidence they have in themselves.

You can correct a friend without making them feel like trash and when you are being corrected either in a harsh or soft manner, filter the words. Let your ear-plug block the derogatory words and try to work on your self confidence.

The less you reply to negative people, the more peaceful your life becomes.

You are you, you are amazing, you are special, you are unique, you are beautiful.

Use your inner earplugs. šŸ˜‰




18 thoughts on “Principle For The Week: When do you use your inner earplugs?

  1. Really nice write-up Steph. Its quite inspiring n ur principles r very correct. If pp would really apply it they’ll b able to overcome d effects of low self-esteem brought on by public opinion. Cos basically, ow u see urself is d way odas will view or respect u. Don’t wanna talk too much dear u’ve said it all. Keep it up. XOXO.


  2. hmmm…nice one dear.its as if u were talkin to me.i feel bad sumtimes abt pple’s can be annoyin bt nw i knw better. Pls can u write on hw to build self confidence?


  3. Yet another inspirational one!
    I was actually like that some years ago,until one of my mentors,noticed it and said,”There are three kinds of “YOU”
    1.)Who/What Your Creator Knows You Are

    2.)Who/What You Know You Are.

    3.)Who/What Others Think You Are.
    Take Note of The “Know” and “Think”.End of Quote.

    Exactly what you’ve said.

    Need I say I saw that riff-raff of a boy and that apart from the Bible Verse you pointed out ,—“That’s your opinion”,,”still your opinion”,those words you said also made me salute you!You practically commanded respect!

    Welldone Ma.


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