Meant To Be: Episode Forty Four


He had been discussing on random topics with Chuks for the past thirty minutes, the major reason he had come to Chuk’s flat was because he was hoping to see Princess.

He knew she was around but had no idea if she was deliberately staying away from him, Chuks had told him how the seminar had gone, how he was a changed man and how he met Ada again after so many years, Femi had equally briefed him on the outreach, the localities they had visited and other things that had happened at the outreach.

He was truly happy for Chuks but he knew he would never derive joy if he met Bimpe, the girl had practically destroyed the male ego he had in the past and had left him with a wounded heart.

He heard the sound of water splashing from a room adjacent to the sitting room, he seized that as a perfect moment to talk about Princess.

“Is Princess home?” he asked while feigning innocence.

“Yeah, she is.” Chuks replied, “she has been moody for something, is there something I’m missing?”

“I need to apologise to her, is she in the bathroom or kitchen?” Femi asked while standing almost immediately.

“Kitchen, why?” Chuks queried, but instead of an answer Femi dashed towards the room where he heard the splash of the water with Chuks following closely behind.

He almost bumped into Princess at the entrance of the kitchen.

“Hey!” he replied, “I’m sorry.”

“For bumping into me? It’s no problem, I forgive you,” she replied rather quickly and began to walk out of the kitchen.

“Princess please, I’m sorry about what I said to Kenny, I know you’re angry but I did it in your best interest, I don’t like the fact that you’ve been angry with me,” he said to her, she was standing with her back facing him and as such neither of them could see each other’s face, “please forgive me, I just could not watch her continue to treat you like that,”

“I heard you, it’s alright.” Princess replied without turning to face him, she made to move when he spoke,

“Last week was wonderful for me, and it’s all thanks to you. You are amazing Princess and the truth is I miss you. Please forgive me.”


She paced around the room, she had been practically restless ever since, she stole a glance at the wristwatch: 7:30pm. Osagie was not yet back, ever since he left the shop in anger about five hours ago, she had not set her eyes on him.

Karma was really a bitch! Osagie’s new boss? This was terrible than she had anticipated it to be, she suddenly wished she had told Osagie about this in the past but sadly she had chosen to handle it on her own.

She could not tell what would have happened had she told him, but one thing she knew was it was easier said than done.

Her phone rang and she rushed to the bed to pick the call only to be disappointed that it was him, he had been calling her so much that she had lost count.

She was pissed, was it not enough that he had destroyed her growing relationship by showing up? Why was he still bent on speaking to her?

She ignored the call and felt the liquid flow freely down her cheeks, she had been crying intermittently, she felt ashamed to even talk to Osagie even though a voice in her head kept telling her she had done nothing serious, had Osas not done worse with Sandra?

But she countered the voice by telling herself that Osagie had come out clean, he had been repentant but the voice had been quick to remind her that he never told her. She had found out herself, right? So that made it even, she had found out before Osagie confessed and turned a new leaf.

The point sounded appealing and as much as she knew she had hurt him, she still found the thought creeping into her heart telling her she was not totally at fault.

It had been a one time mistake not deliberate like Osagie’s, she had opted out after that one leap unlike Osagie who had continued with his escapade in Lagos.

She snapped at herself, “Shut the fvck up already, what’s with the comparism?” she shouted while sobbing at the same time, why was she comparing and trying to make herself just?

Poor Osagie! It was all her fault, she wondered. He would probably lose his job or quit, she was worried that he was not yet back but she knew he would come home that night. All she would need to do would be to explain her own side of the story, all she wanted was for him to hear her out.

She had made a mistake and she regretted it, she had called his mobile phone severally but he had refused to pick the call. She was thankful that he had not switched the phone off, she would have developed a heart attack out of worry.

She cleaned her eyes with her palms roughly as she recalled how she had felt at the shop, it had all seemed like a dream till Osagie greeted him and she had there and then realised he was his boss.
Her phone beeped, she had a new message; she hurriedly opened the text and read it while sniffing.

People said a woman had power, she cried as she realised she had used her power in breaking the hearts of two men at the same time.

*to be continued*


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