Meant To Be: Episode Forty Four cont.


Ore smiled as his room-mates continued hailing him, they were obviously excited that he had finally asked Dami out, he had however skipped out the details that he had almost flopped while at it, that detail was not all that necessary, was it?

So he now had a girlfriend, he smiled at the thought as he watched his room-mates still acting all frenzy and excited, he knew they were going to tease him all day but it did not matter anymore to him, their teasing would not change the fact that he was no longer single.

He felt Coded tap him, he winced in pain at the magnitude of the tap on his shoulders.

“Guy, how far you na? You no fit tap person small small ni?” Ore snapped.

“Abeg joor, he do you. Since wey I dey call you, you no answer person now you come dey para for me, abeg leave that side.” Coded countered.

Ore tried as much as possible to resist the temptation to hiss and he suceeded because Coded next statement interferred and interrupted the hiss.

“Did you kiss her? And when are you going to do the in thing?”

The other guys in the room focused their attention on Ore, everyone was ready to hear their friend’s plan and how he would get to achieve it.

What? Talk about being caught in the middle, why did Coded have to raise that question? He had been trying to avoid it ever since he knew he was not willing to sleep with her, that was not the reason he got into the relationship, besides how would he tell these guys that looked like they would devour him anytime soon from their gazes that he had no plans to sleep with his girlfriend.

He coughed and was about to speak when Uzor interrupted,

“Ore, you really don’t have to reply us you know, you can always come to us for help when the time comes,” Uzor laughed and continued, “I know you are still a learner.”

The other guys burst into laughter at that statement, Ore was pissed but tried not to show it, heck! he deserved an award for the high tolerance he had been exhibiting today, he had never told the guys he was a virgin but he knew they probably guessed since his actions had always confirmed it.

He made to lie on his bed when someone else spoke,

“Sleeping and trying to ignore us is not the best, because it’s the truth.”

He ignored them and lay on his bed while facing the wall when the boy continued,

“See Ore, my first girlfriend I did not sleep with her because I wanted it to be special but after one month I discovered she had been sleeping with my cousin. She had been begging him to even do it, if you don’t do your job as a man, your girl would seek solution outside and you’d regret ever ignoring us today.”

“Would you shut up already?” Ore stood and shouted, “What? So because your girlfriend cheated on you, does that mean every girl would cheat on their boyfriend? Ehn?” he queried, the guys simply kept quiet, “I’ve known Dami for a while and I know what she is capable of but if by chance she disappoints me in the near future, something I don’t pray for, it doesn’t mean I would generalise. I don’t plan to sleep with her till I marry her and with God’s help, Dami is the one, I don’t know how it would happen but it would,” he concluded and walked out of the room leaving the guys dazed and Coded hissing.

He sent the text and switched off his phone, he looked around the beer parlour, he wondered how many hours he had spent sitting there, a look at his wristwatch told him he had spent close to four hours reflecting on his life.

He saw the owner of the shop approaching him again for the third time and he mentally sighed, could she not see that he wanted to be left alone? Although he knew sitting on a chair in a beer parlour and ordering just a bottle of water was not something to boast about.

“Oga, no vex say I don come again oh but you don siddon here for long and na only water you buy. Pepper soup dey, drink wey cold sote he go kulele your body dey, I get girls sef, any size, any shape, any colour, any price, dem boku. Tell me wetin you want.”

Osagie stood, it would be better if he left the bar, he had no other place to go to but he had promised himself he would not touch alcohol. Alcohol had this way of making him lose control of his thinking ability, the reason why he had drank water was so he could really think things through, if he took a bottle of alcohol he wouldbe tempted to take more and he had no doubt that he would lose control thereafter.
“Oga no be say I dey pursue you oh,” the woman replied, he looked at her face that was clad with heavy makeup like an artist would design his canvas with bright colours and he could not even find the energy to laugh as much as he was tempted to.

He walked out of her shop and simple nodded at her, the woman would probably think he was a mentally disturbed patient. What man in his right senses would sit in a bar sizzling with the temptation of alcohol and scantily dressed bimbos for five hours and just order for a drink of water.

There was just one man he knew and that man was himself.


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