Principle For The Week: When life clogs you like a drain

Photo credits: google

We all have probably seen something similar to the above pictures in real life.

Sometimes it could be a layer of dirt, hair, nylon, sediments or what have you. But they all have the same effect: they clog the drainage.

And when the drainage is blocked, what happens? The water refuses to flow.

You are probably wondering where this is headed, patience. *winks*

The drainage (be it a pipe, sink or any form of a drainage system) is synonymous to our lives.

We are subjected to various conditions everyday of our life.

In a drain system, people empty clean water into it, some empty dirty coloured fluid into it, sometimes people even bless the drainage with their saliva *laughs*, do I have to mention urine?

That’s how our life is, there are periods where we experience beautiful things, atimes life presents us with the bad and there are periods where we experience the ugly.

If you pour clear liquid into the drainage system, the liquid flows through easily. But what happens when you empty dirty water, the particles tend to clog the drain pores (depending on how dirty the liquid is).

Often times, someone comes along and cleans the drain so as to stop the flooding.

When life presents us with bad and ugly situations, flooding is iminent.

We don’t have to just sit back and watch as the clogging destroys us, God has placed your wonderful family, friends and people to help you. When they come around, be humble and allow them.

Mind you not everyone that comes to the blocked drain helps in fixing it, some would still empty their liquid in the drain *gross*

So that’s your assignment, not everyone that is around you has bad intentions though, some are there to help you, pray to God to help you differentiate between these categories of people.

But most importantly it all falls back to you, your mindset is important. Life gives us choices, it doesn’t just play us.

Pick the right choice, the choice to not get clogged.

Personally I do not choose to be a clogged drainage, what do you choose to be?




4 thoughts on “Principle For The Week: When life clogs you like a drain

  1. Great as usual…………
    I believe anyone that knows who he/she is, where he/she is coming from and where he/she is heading to, should be able to stand the myriads of dirt he’ll find on his way…

    But the most important thing here is those that help you clean up the dirt-,there are some people that pretend to help you but in the real sense, add more dirt to the already existing ones.I’m so scared of those people. ..Care is the key here,one has to be very careful. God help us all.
    Thanks Aunty Stef.


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