Meant To Be: Episode Forty Five


She grumbled as she lost the game to Femi the third time, they had been playing Whot card game for hours now and she had lost five time to Chuks as well, she had only won the game once ever since they started.

She pouted angrily as the guys kept on laughing at her, she had to win just one more round, how come she had been the laughing stock ever since?

“Guys, let’s play one more.” she pleaded.

“Nope, I’m tired. Let’s just do something else. You’ve been begging for one more round ever since.” Chuks replied.

“That’s true Princess, we’ll continue the game later.” Femi contributed, the guys were obviously tired of the game.

Chuks phone rang and he picked the call, the network signal was poor and he left the backyard to get better reception.

“Princess,” Femi called,

“Yes,” she replied, she had been trying to keep calm ever since she forgave him yesterday, later on when she had thought about it, she had realised that Femi had actually helped her put Kenny in her place.

The reason for her anger which she directed towards him, she could not say, perhaps it was because she had always pictured Princewill coming to her rescue but had been hurt when he did nothing to save the situation.

Why she felt no resentment towards Princewill was equally a mystery, he had hurt her no doubt but she silently wished he would come ask for her forgiveness, something that had never happened and equally had zero possiblity.

“Princess,” Femi shouted to get her attention while laughing, “What are you thinking about?”

“Nothing,” she defended, she had been listening to him, had she not?

“Funny, I asked when you would resume back to school?”

“Oh! School resumes next week but I might travel this week or next.”

From the look on Femi’s face, she could tell he was not too excited about the information, she chose to ask him her own question to make it even.

“So when are you resuming work?” she asked.

“Me? Next week,” he smiled, “I’m actually going to miss you.”

She smiled back at him, she would miss his friendship but there was no way she was telling him that, she sighed as she remembered she had a wedding ceremony on saturday. Kenny would be there and would taunt her if Femi did not show up.

“Erm, Femi,”


“I don’t know how to say this but remember when you pretended to be my boyfriend, well could you keep up the pretence till I return to school?”

“Uhn? Why should I pretend?”

“I’m sorry, don’t bother.” she replied rather quickly and made to stand from the bench.

“Wait Princess, you are doing it again.” Femi’s statement halted her movements.

“Doing what?” she asked while staring at him.

“You are running from your problems again, and it’s wrong. Forgive me if I sound judgmental but that’s what you’re doing.” He stood to meet her gaze.

“I’m not running from anything,” she defended, “I simply asked you to forget it because I don’t want you thinking I like you because I don’t.”

Femi kept quiet and simply mouthed an “Okay,”

“Okay,” Princess replied and made to move.

“You amaze me Princess, what are you running from?”

She stopped in her tracks and stood with hands akimbo, “You are the one being judgmental afterall, I’m not running from anything.”

“No, you are, I never said you liked me, did I? I only asked why you wanted me to pretend,” he explained.

She kept quiet, would it be wise to tell him she needed him to fool Kenny and Princewill? Keeping quiet would mean extra humiliation for her come saturday.

She smiled as she recalled the terrified and embarrased look on Kenny’s face the last time they met at the store, she would do anything to see her wear that look again.

“You don’t want to tell? Or you’re going to keep on smiling at yourself?” Femi said breaking into her thoughts.

“I’m sorry, please sit.” she apologised while sitting beside him, she was officially begging a guy to pretend to be her lover. How weird could her life transit to?

Femi sat and crossed his arms over his chest, he raised his eyebrows in a way that suggested he was waiting for her speech.

“Erm, I have a wedding to attend this saturday. So many of my old school friends are going to be present including Kenny and Princewill. So I’m…”

“I’m sorry, I think I get what you’re saying, the last time I only did it to scare her off but now you have to stand up for yourself Princess,” Femi interrupted.

“Please Femi, I’m sure she has spread the gist already that I have a boyfriend, I want to see the look on Princewill’s face too to let him realise he could not mar me.”

Femi kept quiet, as much as he tried to reason with her, he had that feeling this was a childish and risky game, he liked her, she claimed not to like him but wanted him to play this dangerous game.

“So what do you say?” she asked with the best puppy face she could make.

“A pretend boyfriend for one day benefits you, why not for the entire week? At least it would make us relate more before the day,” Femi suggested.

The truth was he really wished he did not have to pretend.


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