Meant To Be: Episode Forty Five cont.


She had made it a habit of reading the text over and over again, she was yet to understand how Fola could have been so mean.

Muyiwa had been wonderful and loving ever since they reunited and she yet could not find that peace whenever she re-read the text from Fola.

Had she been that gullible? All she wanted to do was make him pay back in his own coin, Muyiwa and Patricia had tried to advise her several times, as much as she appreciated their concern she just could not let go.

How come people claimed they could forgive events and forget it, she was trying here but it was really hard, there was only one thing she wanted to do: teach Fola a lesson, but the problem was she had no idea how to do it.



“Stop there cow,”


“Yeye ugly mofo, stop your darn ass and listen to us.”

Dami increased the volume of the music playing on her phone, she had no idea who the girls behind her were cursing at but she found it annoying when she met people who cursed like they were gulping water from a free flowing tap.

She was heading towards Ore’s hostel, from where they would both head to class together, she had called Femi yesterday and had informed him that Evelyn had finally let her be, a news that had made him happy. He had however warned her to be careful with her boyfriend, she laughed at the irony.

Weeks ago she had been scared that Ore had lied to Femi about their relationship, she had equally been afraid that Femi would react angrily and report her to maami.

But with the turn out of things, it appeared Ore had made things easier, so she was now dating too? She laughed at the thought.

She felt an object hit her leg, she looked down to see a ruler on her path, it certainly was not hers, she hardly bought rulers though she used them a lot especially when she had laboratory sessions.

She was about to proceed when she felt someone tap her three times in a row on her shoulder, she turned around to see Miss ‘I can Kiss any guy I want’ standing with a fierce look and threee other girls standing beside her.

She removed her earpiece while calculatively thinking of how to handle the situation, she sized up the girls, just one of them would beat the living daylight out of her. So she had been the victim of the foul words and cursing the whole time? How could she have known? She had been too excited thinking about the sweet turn of events that she had experienced the past few days only for them to come spoil her thoughts.

How on earth was she supposed to get out of this mess with mystery girl?


She jumped up from the bed with much speed, the knock on her door could be a miracle finally.

She opened the door and was disappointed to discover Iya Bobo was the uninvited guest. She greeted her and could not help but wonder what the woman came for.

“Iyawo, good morning, Victor no go school today?” Iya Bobo asked while smiling from ear to ear.

Omoye wished she had every reason to smile that way, but she was confused, was she supposed to be pissed that the woman was encroaching on her privacy or was she supposed to be happy that she was concerned?

“He no go school today,” she replied.

“Ehen, you nko? Wetin happen wey you no go work? Shey body tanda sha?”

“Yes, thank you. I just wan rest” Omoye replied, why could her ‘caring’ neighbour not get a hint that she wanted to be left alone?

“Okay now,” Iya Bobo replied while still beaming with smiles, she turned to leave the door entrance with Omoye letting out a sigh, she was about to lock the door when Iya Bobo turned back and almost bumped into her.

“Easy oh,” Omoye shouted, this woman was making her angry, she was here wasting time talking to someone who was not going to help her relationship in anyway.

“No vex,” Iya Bobo apologised, the intensity of her smile had reduced drastically, “I no want make he be like say I dey do amebo oh, but I be see Baba Victor yesterday.”

The wires in Omoye’s brain sparked, Osagie? Iya Bobo saw Osas? Where? When? How?

Why was she asking herself the questions? Was she not supposed to say them out? She tried moving her lips but the sound produced was incoherent.

Iya Bobo obviously noticing her distress came to her rescue, she held Omoye by the shoulder.

“No think am too much, he be come knock for my door yesterday night. He ask me how you and your pikin dey? I be dey think why he no enter the house but as you take behave now now, I don understand. But as he come yesterday night, he no tey wey him commot oh.” Iya Bobo continued.

Omoye felt her world crumble as her shoulders collapsed simultaneously, she was about to say something when Iya Bobo handed her a folded sheet of paper.

She hurriedly collected it and began to unfold it, she needed no prophet to tell her it was from Osagie.

Did it contain the missiles that would finally crash her world or did it contain assurances that would light up the candle flame that was about to quench in her heart?

Only the contents in the note would tell.


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