Meant To Be: Episode Forty Six cont.


She dialled his number but cried when she could not reach him, she had read the note he had sent through Iya Bobo for the umpteenth time.

She just wished she could turn back the hands of time, then she would have never made the simple mistake that was threatening to crumble her relationship.

If she could reverse the time, she would do so many things right, even if it had been a one time mistake, she would have summoned courage to tell him, she could picture the chaos that would have followed after such confession but she knew it would have been a better option.

At least she would not feel guilty as she felt at the moment, if only she could see him or talk to him, she would confess all there was to confess.

And she would simply hope he would forgive her and forget about it.

But it was all a wish, he was not there and they could not talk, she could not reach him on phone either.

It seemed her troubles were not determined to let her be just yet.

What? One week? How was she supposed to survive dating a guy on pretence for one whole week? But she had started it by suggesting they pretended to be an item for a day, if she protested he would probably refuse her offer.

And Kenny would taunt her, on the other hand Femi had been a good guy all the while she had gotten to know him, although she had never really admitted it to herself as she was always trying to convince herself that he was like the other men, but she knew there was something different about him.

“Erm, okay but I have my conditions,” she replied.

“Let me guess, no kissing, cuddling, hugging and the likes.” Femi chipped in while smiling.

“Erm, Yes,” she replied.

“Deal,” he affirmed and stretched his hand for a handshake.

“Deal,” she replied and returned the shake.

Chuks returned to the backyard and wondered what business agreement the two were embarking on.

“What did I miss?” he asked.

“Well, your sister just agreed to be my girlfriend.” Femi replied.

“Tell me that’s a joke right,” Chuks replied, “I’m leaving now, I’ll be back soon ehn. Femi the day I hear that Princess has a boyfriend, I will, I don’t know what I’ll do sha but I’m waiting to see the guy.” he replied and laughed.

“Where are you off to?” Princess asked.

“It’s a long story, I really don’t know the details too but I intend to find out.” Chuks replied while nudging her playfully, “I’ll see you soon.”

He tapped Femi who smiled and simply nodded.

Chuks left leaving the pretence couple standing adjacent to each other.

“So girlfriend,” Femi spoke up, “If your brother does not believe us, how do we get to convince others?” he asked.

“I don’t know, and please don’t call me girlfriend in public.” Princess pleaded.

“What about sweetheart?” he teased.



“No way! Princess will do just fine.” she retorted.

“Yes! How did I miss that? my super lovely amazing Princess, the only Princess that makes my heart beat in an irregular pattern.” he teased and smiled at her while earning a fierce look from her.

He did not mind if it was childish, all that mattered was he would cherish this.

Osagie kept quiet, the rate at which his heartbeat had increased made him realise he could do something really silly, like walk upto this man and throw some punches in his face.

Who the hell did he think he was? Why was he making it look as if Omoye had been the prize in a competition?

The problem was not the fact that another man was interested in his woman, heck no! He could deal with that, at least that meant his woman was attractive.

But what hurt was that this man who had probably slept with her several times had the guts to give him a speech like he was doing nothing wrong.

“It’s not a matter of you telling me, I’ll never hurt her, and she’ll always be my woman. She’s a good woman, I know, I don’t need you reminding me about that,” Osagie snapped.

“You are getting me wrong, I do not intend to remind you. I’m sorry if you took it that way but one thing is I don’t want you to quit working here because of this mere coincidence.”

What? Did he just describe it as mere? He stood from the chair and paced around the room, the anger was evident on his facial features.

“I beg your pardon,” he asked while hitting his hands angrily on the desk.

“Don’t tell me you were planning to quit your job?” his boss asked calmly, his eyes were still red as though they had been stained with blood.

“This is not about the goddamn job, how can you call this mere?” Osagie shouted while raising his hands in rage, “How many times did you touch her?” he asked, “How many times did you sleep with her?” he shouted.

His boss kept quiet and stood from his seat, from his looks one could tell he was visibly angry as well now.

“Won’t you reply? Did you lose count of how many times you made love to her?” Osagie queried while still shouting at the top of his voice.

And the simple statement his boss gave as a reply was all that made Osagie shut his mouth in shame.

“I never did.”


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