Meant To Be: Episode Forty Six


“She gave you my contact?” he asked the caller.

“How did she get my contact?” Chuks questioned, it sounded so strange that Ada had his phone number and had equally given it to a stranger.

“Okay. So where is she?” he asked.

He paused and made a zig-zag movement around the gate.

“Do not ask me to calm down, you are punishing me by hiding details from me. Don’t you get it?” he shouted and sighed, “you know what? Just send me your address, we need to talk.”

He ended the call after taking sometime to listen to what the caller had to say.

Ada? Ada? The name kept re-echoing in his head, he had no idea who the caller was but it was apparent he knew Ada so well.

It was still a shock that Ada had been able to get his contact, but it was strange as to why she had informed the guy to call him.

He stopped in his tracks as his phone beeped.

The guy had sent his office address.


He stood outside his hostel and checked the time, why was Dami taking so long to show up? They had agreed to meet twenty minutes ago and she was nowhere to be found.

He had dialled her phone number but she was not picking the call, he had been tempted to walk towards her hostel, maybe he would know the reason for her delay.

But on second thoughts, he had decided to give her ten more minutes. It would be annoying if he got to her hostel only to discover later that she had eventually showed up.

He replied the greeting of a guy that waltzed past him almost laughing in the process. He had no personal relationship with the guy but almost all the guys in his hostel knew him for his characteristic walking style.

He leaned on the wall and checked his wristwach, five minutes had gone by already and Dami was still not here.

He started to proceed towards her hostel while dialling her phone number, he ended the call as soon as he still did not get any reply from her end.

There was no doubt that they had missed the first period except if the lecturer did not make it to class. He wondered why Dami would chose to come late to class, for one he was confident that she was hale and hearty.

Had she forgotten him and gone to class alone? He shook his head at the thought, the Dami he knew would never do such. What on earth could be wrong? Dami was not one to intentionally miss classes either, he had no doubt that something was amiss.

He was almost approaching her hostel when he saw a notebook on the floor.

The book cover had attracted him, if there was one thing he could boast about at that point. It was the fact that he was sure that it was the same notebook he had given Dami at the beginning of the semester.

It had been a gift from his uncle but he had given it to her when she insisted she liked the design of the notebook.

He bent to pick the roughened notebook and the name he saw on it made his adrenaline level surge higher than he had anticipated.

The name on the notebook was Dami Oladele.


“Make yourself comfortable,”

The tension in the room was strong, ever since Osagie received that call the previous night, he had been anxious on what the outcome of their meeting would be like.

He sat opposite the desk and looked at his boss, the facial expression of the man looked like he had not slept the past night.

It was either that or he had drank copious amount of alcohol that it had made his eyeballs look sunken and red.

It was not like he had slept well either, sending the text to Omoye that he would not return home the previous night had taken a great deal of courage.

He had equally gone home later but had fought so hard to resist the temptation of knocking on his door, he had just felt that urge to knock, kiss her and tell her it was over, but sadly it was not as easy as it appeared.

He had eventually resorted to giving Iya Bobo his note, he knew he was acting cowardly by running away but a man had to think.

He focused his attention on his boss who sat across him with his palms on his head, he could tell that his boss had been deeply attracted to Omoye based on the discussions they had in the past.

But it hurt him to know that this man sitting in front of him had touched his wife in places meant for him alone.

But was Omoye really his wife? His sub-conscious queried him, he had not paid her bride-price in the traditional and legal way, why was he tagging her as his wife?

“Sir,” he spoke, the long silence alongside with the tension was doing nothing to help matters, “you sent for me, are you not going to say something?”

His boss removed his palms from his head and raised his head to look at Osagie.

Osagie was baffled, the man’s face was filled with tears. He had seen a man cry this much, what was this? Was this a game to entice him to let go of Omoye? As much as he felt pity for him,he doubted if he would ever let go.

“I’ve always been unlucky in the game of love, this is another case.” his boss started, “You have a good woman, make her happy. Never hurt her.” he replied and sniffed.

*to be continued*


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