Principle Of The Week: The Beauty Of Nature

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I was washing my clothes yesterday afternoon, while in the process I took a break.

You are probably wondering what my break was like: I simply stood with my hands on my waist and observed my environment.

I saw trees, birds, grasses, weeds, insects, water running from the full tank, I recall seeing the movements of a palm tree to the wind.

During those moments, I was dazed and I momentarily forgot about my clothes, my life, my family and everything.

All that mattered was the beauty of nature, God is super awesome. You probably have heard this before or you don’t believe God exists, but he is.

And these part of nature I actually took time to observe is a small fraction of what nature truly represents.

We see documentaries that teach us about life in the wild, different species leading their own lifes and engineered and configured in ways that leaves you awed.

Talk about man, you come across someone with well defined facial features, and it makes you wonder who made such a delicate design.

You meet someone who talks with so much wisdom and intellect and you marvel at the wonderful structure called the human brain.

Ever seen a pregnant woman? How can delicate life grow in another person? Science might have provided it’s own explanation but it still does not cancel out the fact that God is super duper awesome.

Everything he has created is beautiful in its own way including you, if you are yet to see the beauty, you need to ask him help you see the beauty. 🙂

Sometime ago I was in the laboratory and we had to synthesise aspirin, I recall the need to add the appropriate reagents, to heat when necessary, filtering the products and all.

After the experiment, my group did fairly well but it was not perfect, no one had perfect aspirin.

But then God created this wonderful world all by his word, there was no need to add any reagent, all he did was to speak the word. He did not have to use the waterbath for heating, his awesome power was more than enough.

Please I could go on and on, just take a moment, pause whatever you are doing. Look around you, who is the designer of it all?

Did you just say Ford because you saw a vehicle made by Ford? Who gave Ford the wisdom and brain for such?

It’s just God and it can only be God.

Even if you can’t see anything around, try to listen to your heartbeat, you think that’s not enough?

What about how you swallow saliva? You still think it’s not a big deal?

How you pass out urine and faeces?

Just use this moment to thank this awesome being for his love, care, peace upon humanity.

It might seem as if you have some issues, maybe health, finances, family, academics, marriage and all.

But just thank him for everything, he is able and he who knew photosynthesis, respiration, reproduction, and every biological system before man tagged a name to it will do the other things you desire of him.

All you need do is thank him for his awesomeness.

If you are not connected to him, remember he loves you and has created you as his own, draw near to him and accept his son Jesus as your Lord and saviour.

Being in God is such a beautiful thing to experience, if you are not yet in the kingdom, there is no better place to belong.

Make the right choice today.

I love you. 🙂

God loves you.

Jesus loves you.

Stay blessed.



4 thoughts on “Principle Of The Week: The Beauty Of Nature

  1. **singing**

    All things Bright and Beautiful..
    All Creatures Great and Small…
    All Things Wise and Wonderful

    Thank You Jesus..
    Nice one Ma’am Steph.
    God Bless You.


  2. Oh Lord my God, how majestic is Your name in all the earth.!….when I view and consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars which You have ordained and established, what is man that You are mindful of him and the son of man that You care for him. Psalm8.


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