Meant To Be: Episode Forty Seven


He kicked a stone on his path as he came out of the building, he had never been so shocked, he had been so embarassed when his boss claimed he had never slept with Omoye.

He had been speechless to say the least, the truth was he realised his mistake, he had never bothered to ask Omoye about it.

But was it really his fault? He had been hurt, he knew he had made mistakes with Sandra but discovering that Omoye had equally been unfaithful and had been acting innocent had gotten him really pissed.

He knew he ought to have talked to her about it, the reason he had simply assumed was because of her attitude when his boss arrived at her shop.

On the other hand, he found it impossible to believe that a man like his boss who had a strong attraction for Omoye never had any intimate relationship with her, he knew it was a possible scenario but it just did not sound plausible.

Why had Omoye acted so guilty on the spot at sighting him and why did she still feel bad? If she had done nothing wrong, he expected her to have opened up to him and stated such clearly.

But her attitude was one that generated much doubts and suspicions? Was it possible that she cheated on him?

He had clearly been disappointed by the woman he loved and his boss had equally embarrased him greatly.

He would simply have a tete-a-tete with Omoye, perhaps he would be able to unravel this puzzle just a little more.


“Hello, I’m outside the gate.” he paused, the traffic jam had not been hectic and he made it to the guy’s office in due time.

“Okay, I’m waiting.” he ended the call and placed his arms on his hips, anyone who saw him would realise he was really agitated.

The question that had refused to disappear from his mind all day was, ‘What is going on with Ada?’

He looked up as he saw an albino approaching him dressed in a white shirt and a red tie on black trousers. He heaved a sigh of relief, this was probably the guy that had called him earlier.

The albino was almost close when he saw the guy place his phone close to his ear.

“Yes, I don supply the materials. But them talk say them go forward the money to bank. No, I don do that one.” The guy walked past Chuks and that was when he realised that was the wrong guy.

He saw another man walking towards him beaming with smiles, he ignored him and took out his phone to dial the number again, he heard the phone ring and discovered the smiling man was actually the person he had come to see.

“Hi,” the man greeted with his hand stretched for a shake.

“Hi,” Chuks replied finally returning the smile.

“Let’s go in.” The man said while leading the way.

Chuks followed suit, the man looked like he was in his late thirties, making it impossible for him to guess what the relationship between him and Ada was.

For one he knew Ada was single, so this was definitely not her husband, was he her uncle? A friend? Colleague?

He shrieked in fear as a thought came knocking, what if the man did not actually know Ada? Had he fallen for a deadly trap?


She took out the comb and detangled her hair, the attempt she had made to mask her tears had proved futile. She felt the clump of sand in the left side of her hair.

She stood up and headed to the bathroom with her towel clad around her body which was equally decorated with beads of sand in different concentrations at various spots.

She stared in the mirror and cried when her reflection greeted her, was this her hair looking so unkempt and haggard? her eyes were red and heavy from crying.

Why was she always at the receiving end when it came to an encounter with biatches. First it had been Evelyn and just when she thought it was all over, she had greeted by Tiffany and her minions.

‘Miss I can kiss any guy I want’ had introduced herself as Tiffany and had warned Dami to stay away from Ore, the girls had then pushed her to the floor while making her dress and hair a mess.
It had taken the intervention of some guys passing by before the girls had let her be. Was it a crime that she had agreed to date Ore?
Ore? She shivered as she took some water from the sink to wash her hair that was clogged with mud. He had been waiting for her to show up before she had been attacked by Tiffany and Co.

She hanged her towel and had a shower while washing her hair rapidly in the process, she had laughed at stories that talked about divorces from marriages that did not last.

She had also heard about break-ups from relationships that were just starting.

She sniffed back a tear as she made up her mind on what to do, as soon as she left the bathroom, she would call Ore.

This would have to be her first and shortest relationship, she cried at the thought, she would personally breakup with him to save her head, she would end a relationship that had barely started, a relationship that was not even upto twenty four hours.

*to be continued*


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