Meant To Be: Episode Forty Eight cont.


Ore tossed the roughened notebook into his bag, what was he supposed to do at this point? He had tried calling her phone consecutively but had gotten no response from her end.

He watched as ladies left the hostel, he had been standing there hoping to see someone he knew, someone who he could beg to help him check up on Dami, but had not been lucky.

Why on earth did the school policy forbid males from entering female hostels? He would have just gone in and solve the mystery behind Dami’s disappearance.

He had no idea if standing in front of the hostel was the right thing. Heck he had no idea what the right thing was, why was Dami’s notebook on the floor?

Why was she not picking her call?

Why was she not here with him?

Why was he confused to rescue a damsel in distress?

He almost jumped in glee when his phone vibrated, alas Dami was calling, at last this confusion was about to be taken care of.

She sniffed back a tear as she zipped her gown, she had ended up packing her wet hair in a ponytail, attending classes was way out of the picture, emotionally she was not stable enough to watch a professor try to convince her on why some head splitting science theory was true.

She walked towards the table and viewed her reflection in the mirror, anyone who saw her at this point would be quick to notice that something was wrong.

She had been quick to have three personalities all in the space of an hour, she had been the excited girlfriend who was about to go meet her boyfriend and had suddenly been the frightened girl vitimised by bullies and now she was a girl about to walk upto her man and say ‘I’m sorry but I can’t do this anymore.’

She had been lucky to sight Ore standing downstairs through the window, her heart skipped a beat as she saw his eyes focused on the hostel entrance. How long had he been standing there for?

She went to her bag and took out her phone, the sorry glance she gave the bag explained that it was also a mess, she shrieked in fright as she saw twenty seven missed calls all from Ore, she had set the phone ringing volume as silent.

She called him back while coming out of the room,

“Hello Ore, please just wait for me there. I’m coming downstairs,” she spoke rather quickly ignoring his attempt to interrupt her statement.

She ended the call and exited the building, she had barely come out when Ore enveloped her in a hug.

“Dami, what happened?” he asked.

She kept quiet, what was she supposed to say? Being enveloped in his arms was all she wanted at this point not telling him she wanted out of the relationship.

Ore broke the hug and looked at her, “What happened? Have you been crying? Talk to me please.”

She pressed her lips hard together before letting out a sigh, she would just have to do this fast and quick, the easier the better.

“Ore, I’m not fine. I… I want us to end this relationship.”


He unlocked the door and paved way for Omoye to enter, ever since they left the shop she had been acting scared and had attempted to start up the discussion, an action he had consistently prevented.

They would have to talk about it when they got home, they were home now and this was the time.

He was about to sit when Omoye hurriedly knelt before him.

“I’m sorry Osas, forgive me and give me another chance.” she begged while making no effort to stop the tears cascading her cheeks.

“Omo, stand up and stop the drama already, will you? I asked you to come home because I want us to settle this by talking about it,” he replied and drew her up, “just tell me how you met him.”

“I’m sorry, I attended,” she sniffed, “attended a party with a friend who used to sew her clothes at my place, that was where I met him. He wanted me to sew for his mother and sister which I did and one thing led to the other, I swear I was carried away but after the first mistake I stayed away from him and never went back to him until he came back recently,” she said amidst tears, “I swear Osagie.”

“Okay, so it started off as business?” he asked, “But you don’t have to be bothered since you stayed away from him after the,” he tried to recall here exact words, “the erm first mistake, what was it?”

She looked away from him and shivered, he could see she was going through a lot of effort, “I kissed him,” she replied and kept quiet.

He was not too excited at that news but he did not feel bad that much, at least she had not slept with him, he had no idea if he could cope at the thought.

“Omo, I forgive you for that. I’m hurt but let’s forget this ever happened, okay?” he asked and held her hands while carressing her fingers.

She shook her head in protest, he gave her a frown that asked what was wrong, did she not want them to work on this and move on?

“Omo?” he started, “What’s it again?”

She stood and released her fingers from his grip, “Osas you don’t get, there was a second mistake. A mistake I’ve regretted ever since, I…I did, I,” she closed her eyes before continuing, “I slept with him.”


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