Meant To Be: Episode Fifty


“Hello babe,” she smiled into the phone.

“You’re at work already, right?” Muyiwa asked, they had made a bet that whoever got to work first would be pampered by the other.

“Yes,” Sandra laughed healthily, “so you owe me, where are you?”

“Still on the road, the traffic is deadly. So sugar, what do I owe you?” he asked.

“Pampering but to be specific, I’ll come over to your place and you’ll get to cook for me.”

“What?” Muyiwa shouted, “Sandra, you want me to burn down my kitchen? Please, something else.”

“No way! It’s upto me to choose now, isn’t it? Don’t worry I might play nice and we’d get to cook together but you’re entering that kitchen.” she insisted.

“Okay ma, your wish is my command.” he teased, “I should be at work in say eight minutes if this traffic clears up now but if it doesn’t probably fifteen minutes,” he laughed.

“Eyah, pele. Can we play this game tomorrow? I’m so much of a genius for suggesting it in the first instance,” Sandra spoke.

“No, so you’ll get to win again, maybe this time you’ll give me one task that would equate my death.”

“Not funny Muyiwa, ehen, did I tell about the text I sent to Fola?” she asked.

“No, you didn’t,”

“Well, I told him he has to see me. I want to punish him by personally handing him the invitation card for our wedding. That way he’ll see that his plans to frustrate me did not work.” she continued smiling, her eyes shone as she stared at her engagement ring beautifully balanced on her fingers.

“But Sandra is that necessary? Why don’t you just forgive him and forge ahead? Or are you unhappy with me?” Muyiwa asked.

She sensed the change in his voice, “I’m sorry babe, I’m happy of course, I love you. And I’ve forgi..given him.”

“No Sandra, I don’t think so, you have to let go. I’m at work now, I’ll call you soon.”

Why had she been playing revenge all this while? Was it worth it?

“Good morning,” he greeted, he had woken her up so he could get to talk to her before going to see his boss. The man had replied his text telling him he would be expecting his visit anytime soon.

“Good morning,” her voice was faint and weak, probably due to the fact that she had cried all night, he recalled Victor’s question and closed his eyes, he wanted to touch her, hug her, kiss her and tell her everything was alright but he just could not do it.

Was it for the fear that if he started he would find it hard to stop, or was it because he still imagined his boss’ hand on her bare skin. He let out a breath he had been suppressing since he woke her up.

“You know we are not done talking, right?” he asked, “I’m sorry I slept off yesterday.”

She nodded and folded her fingers in between her laps playing with them in the process.

“Omo, did you eat anything at all yesterday?” he asked, he did not like the way she appeared weak and vulnerable like she was in a prisonyard.

“I… I did,” she stuttered.

“What did you eat?” he persisted, he just had that feeling she did not eat anything.

She met his gaze before returning her attention to her fingers, “I drank garri,” she replied more of a whisper.

He sighed, “please eat something, I want us to be quick, just tell me what happened? I mean you claimed to have stopped after kissing him, how come you ended up sleeping with him? Did he pester you for sex? Or you did it by your will?”

She looked at him and he could see the anger radiating in her eyes, probably because of his last question, he quickly apologised and stopped for her to explain.

“Osas, I might have made a mistake but it wasn’t on purpose. That night at the party, after a few drinks, I made the mistake of kissing him on the couch, that I’m very sure of. But then I had a couple of drinks and the next morning I found myself in his apartment dressed in a nightie on his huge bed. I did not see him that day as his maid informed me he had left for a business meeting. I was even ashamed to go and see him again, but then a few days after he called me and insisted he wanted to see me again. I guess he thought I was a prostitute or something, he later claimed he likes me and all but I never believed him, I still believe it was a set-up to get me into his bed again. I’ve avoided him ever since Osas. I swear.” she sniffed and placed her finger in her tongue before raising it to the sky to convince him more.

Osagie kept quiet, he was fighting a hard battle of keeping the many ideas, suggestions and arguments his sub-conscious was raising, he was not in the mood to start deliberating on them, he simply wanted to hear his boss’ story on how they met and then he would draw out his inference.

He stood and planted a kiss on her forehead, “I’ll be back soon, make sure to eat something.”

She stood and watched him leave the room, even without turning back he could feel her eyes on him.

Mission one and two accomplished, he had tried to gain Victor’s love earlier and had listened to Omoye, on his check list he still had to see his boss, talk to Sandra and make his inference.



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