Meant To Be: Episode Forty Nine cont.


“Dami,” he shouted while struggling to reach her amidst the crowd of students that had gathered in front of the lecture hall, “Dami wait,” he shouted again, he was confident she heard him and was intentionally ignoring him.

He stepped on a girl as he tried to come out of the throng, “I’m sorry,” he apologised quickly and did not bother looking at the face of the girl he stepped on.

He caught up with Dami and drew her arms forcefully.

She slapped him before she could hold herself.

“What was that for?” he asked, what had he done that warranted all this pain coupled with the slap?

“Don’t you understand what it means to let me be,” she screamed, “and besides look at the way you pulled my arm. I still have an injury there all thanks to you.”

Injury? What was she talking about this time? “Dami, more than ever you are simply confusing me.” he started, “I’m sorry about your arm but how is it my fault?”

“You’re still acting like you don’t know, right?” Dami spoke.

“Wait! Honestly I’m more than confused, you are yet to give me a reason for our breakup, what did I do wrong? You’ve been avoiding me ever since and now you claim that I caused your injury. How Dami? How and why on earth would I do that?” Ore blurted.

Dami kept quiet and simply looked at him, at least that was he thought till he realised she was actually looking behind him, he turned back and tried to figure out who she was looking at, all he saw was simply the crowd where he just left.

“You knew Tiffany attacked me, didn’t you? And then you were calling me just now only for me to turn back and see you talking to her, what were you telling her? Ehn?” she yelled, “were you declaring your love to her and telling her you would come and make fun of me while she watches from a corner, Ore answer me. Am I supposed to be a joke to you?” she queried.

What? Tiffany? Who was Tiffany? He asked himself as Dami went on and on. The girl! His eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as he remembered the girl he had apologised to a couple of minutes ago, was that by chance mystery girl? When did she attack Dami? And why was Dami thinking he was an accomplice in the whole event?

“You can’t say anything right?” Dami continued, “I’m done Ore, please let me be. Tiff is still watching and waiting for you, go and meet…”

And Ore united their lips stopping Dami from completing her statement, if Tiff wanted a show, he would give her one.

“Where are you off to?” she asked him, why was he dressed looking all formal?

“I got a message yesterday evening, there is this company that happened to interview me sometimes back. I’m hoping for the best.” Chuks replied Princess who was grating the carrots.

“I wish you the best then, are you not going to eat?” she queried.

“No, I’m good. Mum forgot to take her umbrella, what if it rains?”

“She’ll be fine, are you going out with an umbrella?”

“No, why?” Chuks questioned, he did not need an umbrella, did he?

“But you are bothered about mum, be feeling like a good son there.” Princess teased and laughed.

“I’m a guy, and I’m a gentleman.” he stuck his tongue out at her, “Princess I’ll see you later, take care.”

He was about to leave when she called him back, “Chuks, what’s going on? You’ve been wearing a straight face for some days now.”

He smiled, “I’m fine, Just some issues I need to sort out with myself. Thanks.”

She watched him leave before continuing with the grating of the vegetables, her mind had been preoccupied with what Femi said, she in a dress?

She laughed at the thought, as much as it sounded weird, the pressure to do it was really high. If she was to wear a dress, she knew it would be lovely on her, she was not the skinny girl that her friends knew years back. She had developed curves but had been hiding them in the tomboy clothings she was always wearing.

She had been thinking about it throughout the night, was wearing a dress to the wedding ideal? She really wished she was that bold not to give a darn, if only she was, she would wear a dress that would smite any man blind, wear heels that would make her intimidate any male folk that tried to stand in her path, she would wear make-up and style her hair in a way that would make men drool and she would go to the wedding alone.

But she was not that girl, she was not that bold and fierce lady she pictured herself to be, she was just a lady who wanted to feel good even though it would not get to last.

She knew she had been claiming the reason she wanted to do this was to revenge on Kenny and Princewill but deep within her heart, she knew there was more.

There was one reason, she had kept on fighting and protesting that it was not the truth, but she knew it was.

Why else would she have suggested the idea? Why else was she considering dressing up to look good? Why was she looking for excuses to spend more time with him?

As the questions kept piling up, she knew one truth was certain. And try as much as she did, she could not fight it.


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