Never too old

Hey guys, I’ve been really busy with school and all.
I’m really sorry that I’ve not had time to update ‘Meant To Be’ or ‘Principle For The Week’.

Please do bear with me.

I decided to share this with you, I thought you might like it.

You can visit the link to see other stories by the writer Bryan Chima on his blog.

bryanchima's Blog

Ekomaru Queenette.

Powdered up and prettier than ever, Uju smiled at the camera like there was a price to be given for the smiles, deep down she knew that she did not wish to be present, if only she had agreed to pick the job offer at Owerri , she would not have made it to Ibiene’s white wedding , she would have had an excuse to stay out of this ceremony that keeps reminding her of her not forgotten past.

She faded into the grim painful past.

After a long waiting period, Uju decided to date Obinna, her long time friend of 8years. She has dated all kinds, short, tall, dark, light, catholic, anglican, Igbo, yoruba. And she did all that for love, uju convinced herself that she has seen it all, and if she wanted to settle down soon, she had to put love aside and settle…

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