The day I chose to forgive myself (Chronicles of “The Block”)

This kind of describes my situation, yeah exams are also a factor but the notorious block isn’t excluded.

Everyone should read this not just writers…

The Peregrine Reads


“Find what you love and let it kill you”!

We must have heard this phrase at some point or the other but how much meaning can we extract from it? What may probably come to mind first is “how can I let what I love kill me? Then it’s not good for me”. The truth about it however is; if it does not give you so much unrest when you don’t attend to it, if you don’t find yourself constantly being challenged by it, if it does not consume you so much that you crave it every minute, and if the dream it builds in your head does not scare you, then it’s probably not worth giving your attention to. You definitely haven’t found that which you truly love. This is the true definition of talent, and the killing is the thrill!

I’ve most often heard people say that they…

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