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Did I mention that I might expand this into a series sometime?


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“Yes!” she screamed and stood while almost dropping her phone in the process. The sound of the door opening alerted her that her roommates were back.

“Wetin dey do this one?” Trish asked while sniffing, “Who cooked jollof rice?” she queried.

Amudat ignored her, she had no time to engage her in a heated discussion, the girl was just too inquisitive for her own good, she stood in front of the bunk which she shared with Rhemz who had pulled off her gown and was changing into a towel.

“Bunkie mi to sure,” she hailed which earned her a smile from Rhemz, “I bless the day I met you. I swear down!” Amudat continued with her hands raised to her head.

Rhemz smiled and gave her a sign that said they would discuss later, she took her bucket and headed out of the room, she was almost approaching the…

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