Meant To Be: Episode Fifty One


“Hello,” he screamed, “I got the job.”

“Yes Mum,” a pause, “thanks mum for your support this whole time. I’ll see you at home.”

He hung up and did a quick dance before cautioning himself, he was on the street, what would people think if they noticed him acting that way? Not like he was bothered anyway, they really would not understand the excitement he felt.

Thank you Jesus, he prayed silently and smiled to himself again.

He had gone for the interview with little or no confidence that morning and had simply gone to fulfill all righteousness. Who would have thought he would have gotten a better offer than he even anticipated?

He laughed as he approached the bus park, he recalled how the receptionist had asked if he was okay when he had arrived at her desk. He wondered what his facial appearance must have looked like for her to have asked such a question. He had managed to produce a fake smile while assuring her he was fine.

He had not fully participated in the interview, honestly he knew this was his worst shot at any interview, his mind had continuously drifted as he thought of Ada several times. And he needed no seer to tell him that securing the job was indeed a miracle that God alone could have performed.

He felt the metallic casing of his phone and sighed, he really wished he could call Ada and relay the good news to her but here he was without a means to reach her.

He knew that wasn’t totally true, he still had a means to reach her even though he wished it was not that way. Ayo was there after all, but the issue he had with Ayo was the fact that it looked as if Ayo was hiding something.

He was yet to give him full details on Ada but he had to admit that Ayo had done a good job on checking up on him. He had begun to like his personality but he really wished Ayo would really tell him all he was dying to know.

He had been asked to start work the following week that meant he had to start making plans, his life was about to take a new shape now.

He dialled Ayo’s number and informed him that he had gotten a job, at least Ayo would probably inform Ada.
He hung up and pocketed his phone, even though he wished he was the one who would personally tell Ada the good news.


He greeted the other drivers that sat on the bench while sitting on the adjacent stool.
The past few days had been surprising, who would have thought he would still work here? He had seen his boss and after a tΓͺte-a-tete with him, he had been pleased that his boss had actually not slept with Omoye.

He had no idea what he would have done had the man revealed that he slept with her, there had been a misunderstanding. Omoye had gotten tipsy from the alcohol she drank and after he left the party, he had returned later to see her sleeping on the couch, he had then ordered for her to be taken to his apartment where the maids had attended to her.

Even though Osagie was not present, somehow he believed what his boss had said, and while comparing it to Omoye’s side of the story he had no doubts that Omoye had not slept with his boss.

She had only thought she did due to the alcohol she took, his boss had gone on to tell him not to resign and had increased his pay. He had however cautioned him to take care of Omoye as he was still very much interested but had promised to back off because she was faithful to Osagie.

“Osagie, Osagie” one of the drivers gave him a pat while hailing him, he had become a mini celebrity ever since the others noticed there was a link between him and their boss.

He smiled at the driver while replying his greeting with a nod, if only they knew what had actually transpired between him and his boss but there was no way they were going to find out.

He was to contact Sandra and he was a bit shocked that she had not made any form of contact after the text message she sent to him earlier. He had been confused as to how to settle their discrepancy once and for all.

He could not even discuss it with Omoye, she was still keeping to herself after the saga with his boss but he had continuously reminded her that he bore no grudge, he had forgiven her totally and he hoped she would realise it soon.

He had even taken the whole incident as a punishment for his own behaviour in the past. He had gotten a taste of his own medicine and he knew he deserved it.

But what was Sandra up to? He just could not get that question off his mind, if only he could read minds he probably would have an answer to the question.

Why would she send a text that sounded like a threat and then keep quiet afterwards.
Was she doing this because she had finally decided to collect her money? He wondered, he was not worried if that was the case as he had disciplined himself not to touch the money. But what if this was not about the money? She had not bothered replying him when he asked to refund the money sometime ago, why would she now threaten him simply because of the money?

He sighed and stood from the bench, what kind of mental torture and punishment was Sandra giving him? Why was she making him rack his brains just to guess what the problem could be? He had so many things to worry about and here he was deliberating on a matter which he had no answer to, he had been making plans with his family on how they would go see Omoye’s family. He was yet to tell her but he would tell her as soon as he had finalised his plans.

All he should be bothered about was his family, Omoye and Victor not Sandra but try hard as he did he was just still worried about what Sandra had up her sleeves.

Somehow he hoped things would not get out of her hand such as she handing him over to the police, if he spent at least a day in jail, how on earth would Omoye’s father react?

The man would take offense as he had never really liked him.

He took his phone and dialed Sandra’s number, if she wanted to trouble him by taunting his imagination then he would be doing himself a favour if he called and found out what the problem was.

He was startled that she picked on the second ring, he had not expected her to pick the call that fast. His surprise increased when the hello response he got was that of a male, the hello was not the hello he knew Sandra with, this belonged to a male and something about the voice screamed power. He lost his voice for a few seconds before the voice came again this time asking.

“Hello, you’re there?”

“Yes,” he replied, how come his voice sounded so timid in comparison to the other voice? He smelt trouble, had Sandra involved her father?


She looked at the lilac dress which she hung on the wall and smiled inwardly, the truth was she was nervous. She had not worn a dress in years and she still found it hard to believe that she had decided to wear the dress tomorrow.

She smiled as she remembered the expression on her mother’s face when she had told her that she needed help in picking a dress. The woman had jumped in ecstasy and for a moment Princess had been scared that her mum would hurt herself out of so much excitement. But then she had smiled as she saw the joy that radiated from her mother.

If her mother had been excited when she had simply requested for help in picking a dress, she wondered what would happen when she actually wore a dress.

Her mother had not even enquired if she was picking the dress for a friend but had quickly jumped into conclusions.

She would wear this dress, the only reason had initially been Femi but now she would wear it to see that look on her mother’s face again. She recalled when they had ransacked through the box while looking at her old dresses, the black dress that her mum had suggested was still in the box but she had decided not to wear it.

She found it hard to believe she ever wore the dress, it was not only above her knees but it was also a bit exposing at the back, although the sleeves were long and the length was a little above the knee but she did not have the courage to wear it.

The black dress was fine and she recalled she had once worn it to a party where she and Kenny had been the cynosure of all eyes, they had bought the same dress and had worn it to the same party.

She sniffed and returned her focus to the lilac dress, this was a much simple dress and even though her mum had initially disagreed, the woman had later supported her. She had worn the dress twice already just to see how it looked like and she was pleased.

It was just a simple full length dress with no sleeves but she was going to wear it with a jacket, her mum had frowned in disapproval when she heard that but Princess had remained adamant.

Her only problem now were shoes, luckily her heels which her mum had stored in her closet were still her size but the issue was she was unable to walk confidently with them.

She had been practicing walking with it and Femi had been nice enough to practice with her the day before, he had not laughed when she kept on falling and embarassing herself and she had been impressed until she caught him laughing silently. They had laughed over it and subsequently he had laughed openly with her when she lost her balance on the heels.

She took out the black pumps and wore them, it was better if she fell in her room than for her to go fall at the party. She walked and paced around the room for some minutes while entering the sitting room occasionally. She tripped and nearly hurt her ankle but was quick to stand, this was not the time to feel sorry for herself.

After continuing the parade for about fifteen minutes, she decided to rehearse with the dress, she changed into the dress and wore the black pumps while struggling to maintain her steps in the dress. She realised the trousers she had worn had made it a bit easier for her to move with the shoes but now the dress made it seem like a bigger deal, she kept on walking while taking her time to make careful and calculated steps.

It would be a disaster if she broke her teeth or developed an injury while doing this, she was about to move her right leg when she lost her balance, she fell before she could control herself. But that was not her worry, her worry was the sound that accompanied the fall.

She screamed as she realised the sound was as a result of the dress which she wore, was that the sound of a tear?

“Shit,” she cursed, she gasped as she saw the tear on the dress.

She screamed out of anger, why the heck did the dress have to tear at this time?


He dialed her number for the umpteenth time, what was wrong with her? Ever since he had kissed her in front of the students that thronged in front of the lecture theatre, she had refused to speak with him. He had no regrets but now that he thought of it she was probably embarrassed. But did that warrant her not speaking to him?

He had heard the rumours on campus and his roommates had even gone on to hail him congratulating him that he was now a man. He had no need for the show his roommates were putting up, some of the rumours were however disturbing. He had heard about the gist from his roommates, one of the rumours claimed that he Ore was madly in love with Dami but the love was one-sided.

He had no denial that he was crazily in love with her but what he found disturbing was the fact that they claimed it was one-sided.

What if Dami really felt nothing towards him? He had tried convincing himself that it was not true, but then he still found it hard as to why she was not willing to make an effort.

He wanted this to work, he wanted to look back some day and smile that he did not allow the chance to make Dami his woman slip from his fingers. If there was anything he desired, all he wanted was to have Dami by his side till they grew old and even had grandchildren to cherish their memories with.

He would tell his sons and grandsons how he had initially been friendzoned by their grandmother, how he had gotten out of the zone with much difficulty, how he had fought for he wanted.

He would look at her face then and cherish every opportunity he had to kiss the creases on her wrinkled face, he smiled as kept imagining what the future held.

But that was not the problem now, the problem was Tiffany, he was angry and needed a way to contact her but he had no means of contact. The periods she had sent him her disgusting love messages, she had not dropped a means of contact and he had no idea how he could reach her.

He smiled as he thought of something, he knew it was albeit silly but it was better than nothing. He would use this period to try and settle scores with Tiffany before Dami finally decided to speak to him. He wore his T-shirt and left the room, he hoped for luck and he just had a feeling something big was on the way.

But he had no idea what it was. However he prayed it would be something good and not a bad occurence.


16 thoughts on “Meant To Be: Episode Fifty One

  1. Woooow…nice stef rili enjoyed it,can’t wait for d next update,dis is rily worth d long wait…
    Princess rily made me laff…Fola abeg Be a man joor…Femi nice1…Ore hmmmmmn dis one wey sef put us for suspense(I’m tinking wen e goes to confront tiffany dat one go kiss am and dami wud see dem @dat same time mehn dat one na real GOBE looool @my imagination,stef abeg make dis kind tin no happen oh,else dami go just faint!!!)


      1. Oooooh!!! Steph. is back…
        Wonderful update..
        I couldn’t help but laugh at Princess…
        Waiting impatiently for tomorrow..


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