Meant To Be: Story So Far

A Recap

So finally I’ve decided to get this over and done with, several times I considered continuing Meant To Be but there was always some reason that stood in the background opposing my mission.

I’m really sorry about the delays so far. Trust me, I really am, I just rounded off with the compilation of the recap and I intend to start off by writing subsequent chapters soon, please still be patient.

So the recap will be in such a way that I’d write a brief summary of things that are happening to the various characters at the moment, I hope I do justice to that.

Ore and Dami

Dami disappears while Ore waits for her, confusing Ore about her whereabouts.
Dami suggests breaking up with Ore after crying and hurting from the attacks by Tiffany(mystery girl) and her minions. (We remember them, right?)

We get to see Ore’s confrontation with Dami, his realisation of the fact that mystery girl goes by the name Tiffany and his public show of affection with Dami all in an attempt to get back at Tiffany.


She had been quick to have three personalities all in the space of an hour, she had been the excited girlfriend who was about to go meet her boyfriend and had suddenly been the frightened girl victimised by bullies and now she was a girl about to walk upto her man and say ‘I’m sorry but I can’t do this anymore.’

She had been lucky to sight Ore standing downstairs through the window, her heart skipped a beat as she saw his eyes focused on the hostel entrance. How long had he been standing there for?

She went to her bag and took out her phone, the sorry glance she gave the bag explained that it was also a mess, she shrieked in fright as she saw twenty seven missed calls all from Ore, she had set the phone ringing volume as silent.

She called him back while coming out of the room,

“Hello Ore, please just wait for me there. I’m coming downstairs,” she spoke rather quickly ignoring his attempt to interrupt her statement.

She ended the call and exited the building, she had barely come out when Ore enveloped her in a hug.

“Dami, what happened?” he asked.

She kept quiet, what was she supposed to say? Being enveloped in his arms was all she wanted at this point not telling him she wanted out of the relationship.

Ore broke the hug and looked at her, “What happened? Have you been crying? Talk to me please.”

She pressed her lips hard together before letting out a sigh, she would just have to do this fast and quick, the easier the better.

“Ore, I’m not fine. I… I want us to end this relationship.”


Chuks attends interviews while still trying to get in touch with Ada his long time friend, he however gets to meet a man Ayo who apparently was able to reach him through Ada.
But Chuks is yet to find out what the problem really is with Ada and he is pissed that Ayo is the only means he’d get to find out.


He sat and scanned the man’s office, the calendars hanged in different corners in the room, the documents piled in the cabinet across the room, the folders stacked on the adjacent side of the table.

“I’m yet to introduce myself, my name is Ayo. I’m a friend of Ada, we’ve been friends for years and we worship in the same church.”

Chuks kept quiet and focused his mind on what Ayo was saying.

“She called me three days ago and asked me to reach you, she is not around and I know you are probably worried as to why she did not call personally. She is fi..fine.” Ayo concluded.

Chuks stood up, was it just him or did Ayo just stutter when he mentioned ‘fine’?

“Chuks, please sit down. She asked me to encourage you by reminding you to read the bible daily, she equally asked me to inform you that she is praying for you.”

Chuks kept quiet all the same, he looked down on his toes before directing his gaze to Ayo who was smiling at him from his seat, he was worried about Ada and as much as he tried to fight the fact that he was not, he found it hard.

“I would not just want us to exist as mutual friends of Ada, I want us to be close too,” Ayo continued, “so how have you been? How is your family, work and everything?”

Chuks did not hear a word of what Ayo said, all that kept ringing in his head was the ‘fi…fine’ that Ayo had previously stuttered. Where was Ada? What was wrong with her? Why was she trying to link him with another person?

He did not realise someone was calling him, neither did he notice his phone was ringing in his pocket, he had no idea he had even left Ayo’s office and was already outside the company.

The blaring of car horns around him was not even strong enough to break the cord between him and his thoughts.

“Comot for road,” The driver of the danfo shouted. More horns blared, curses from different angles but the object of ridicule who was walking on the expressway unconciously was deaf and oblivious of all that was happening.

He was lost in his world, in his thoughts, there was only one question he wanted an answer to.

And the question was ‘where is Ada?’

Femi and Princess

The tomboy is gradually beginning to see Femi as a friend, Femi has requested that she however dress like a lady come Saturday, we recall that earlier Princess had asked him to be her pretend boyfriend come Saturday for the wedding as she believes it would go a long way to prove to her ex best friend Kenny and her ex boyfriend Princewill that was not broken.

Princess however considers wearing a dress and her subconscious accepts the fact that she wants to use it as an avenue to spend more time with Femi.

Femi’s work leave would soon be over and Princess would also have to return to school for the new academic session, what happens between the duo before then?


He was about to leave when she called him back, “Chuks, what’s going on? You’ve been wearing a straight face for some days now.”

He smiled, “I’m fine, Just some issues I need to sort out with myself. Thanks.”

She watched him leave before continuing with the grating of the vegetables, her mind had been preoccupied with what Femi said, she in a dress?

She laughed at the thought, as much as it sounded weird, the pressure to do it was really high. If she was to wear a dress, she knew it would be lovely on her, she was not the skinny girl that her friends knew years back. She had developed curves but had been hiding them in the tomboy clothings she was always wearing.

She had been thinking about it throughout the night, was wearing a dress to the wedding ideal? She really wished she was that bold not to give a darn, if only she was, she would wear a dress that would smite any man blind, wear heels that would make her intimidate any male folk that tried to stand in her path, she would wear make-up and style her hair in a way that would make men drool and she would go to the wedding alone.

But she was not that girl, she was not that bold and fierce lady she pictured herself to be, she was just a lady who wanted to feel good even though it would not get to last.

She knew she had been claiming the reason she wanted to do this was to revenge on Kenny and Princewill but deep within her heart, she knew there was more.

There was one reason, she had kept on fighting and protesting that it was not the truth, but she knew it was.

Why else would she have suggested the idea? Why else was she considering dressing up to look good? Why was she looking for excuses to spend more time with him?

As the questions kept piling up, she knew one truth was certain. And try as much as she did, she could not fight it.

Osagie and Omoye

We see Osagie in a mess all because of Omoye’s palava with his boss, Sandra’s text to him which sounds more like a threat does nothing to help the situation. He decides to see his boss and hear his own side of the story, Omoye initially narrating how she met Osagie’s boss and admiting she slept with him. Osagie has so many battles around him, he is on a quest to win back his love, Sandra’s forgiveness and his son’s admiration.


He stood and noticed Victor was asleep beside Omoye on the bed, he had not had the opportunity to play with his son due to the turn out of events the previous day.

He felt like fainting as Omoye’s words repeated in his head, “I slept with him.” how could she claim that such an event had happened? His boss had assured him that he never slept with Omoye, now he was seriously confused as to whom he had to believe.

He knew he was supposed to believe Omoye even if it was based on the excuse that he still loved her, but the thought that she was probably hiding some information from him made him doubt her story.

Another reason why he was hesitant about believing her story was because he did not want to cogitate on the fact that his Boss had actually slept with her, it was easier for him to hold on to his Boss’ story, that way it gave him that assurance that Omoye had not been accessed in private places by another man.

He came out of the room and unintentionally scared two hens that were outside his room, he got to the well and got some water, he had not even changed his clothes yesterday.

Why was his life in so much chaos? Why was he always getting into one dilemma after the other? Why did life have to be unfair? He could not help but ponder why he was always in a mess.

He remembered the sorry look he had seen on Omoye’s face when she opened up to him, how she had closed her eyes and shielded herself from him like she was scared he was going to hit her.

He felt like crying when he noticed it, she had hurt him but he would never lay a finger on her, he had noticed that and had momentarily forgotten about her confession, all he could think of was the fact that he needed a break.

Now that he thought of it, his break was equivalent to silliness, he had lay on the bed in an attempt to think things through and had eventually slept off only to wake this morning with a headache that was bent on reducing the number of human species on planet earth by one.

If he had been awake, how would he have addressed the situation? He had no idea what he would have done but he was confident that it would have gone a long way in unravelling this mystery.

Had his boss really slept with his woman? Who was deceiving who? And who was being deceived?

He equally had no answer to the questions he asked himself, one thing he knew was that the answers were in the hands of Omoye and his boss, all he wanted them to do was tell him what was really going on or rather what had happened.

He carried the bucket full of water and had a quick bath in the bathroom, whatever the case he had made up his mind he would have to see his boss and probe him further only after he had asked Omoye some vital questions.

He wore his trousers and hung his shirt on his shoulder, he had not bothered taking a towel along and had simply showered without soap.

He entered his room and picked his phone, it would be wise if he sent his boss a text or called him that he needed to see instead of paying a suprise visit.

He had learnt that not all suprise visits where necessary and they could pose more problems if possible, he unlocked his phone to find two text messages, one from his service provider which he hurriedly deleted.

The second message however was from someone he least expected, he had sent her messages a couple of times, he had tried calling her severally and now that life had saddled him with problems, she had decided to reply him finally.

He opened the text and it was as though his sub-conscious was reading the message out to tell him that he was really in deep shiit.

The contents of the text were:

*Fola, I really wish I could see you and give you a kick in your groins, but sadly I can’t. You not only hurt me, you did it on purpose. We need to talk, and you have to come to Lagos or I come to Benin, the choice is yours. Take your pick.

What? Sandra wanted to see him, there was no trace of love or care or even sadness in that text, all he could sense was anger, revenge, madness. What was Sandra upto? Not that he could blame her, he knew he deserved and had earned whatever she would do to him but the truth was he was not mentally ready for such, here he was still trying to settle the issue he had within his household only for nemesis to play a fast one on him.

He sent a text to his boss informing him of his intending visit, stealing a quick glance at Omoye and remembering Sandra’s text did nothing to help his headache. But try as much as he did, he could not stop thinking about it.

He felt someone pull his trousers, what? Victor was awake, when did the champ get up from the bed?

He lifted his son up and rubbed his hand against the boy’s head playfully only to get a frown in return.

“Daddy, why did you beat mummy?” his son asked.

A question that got him dumbfounded.

Sandra and Muyiwa

Sandra informs Muyiwa about the text she sent to Fola(we remember this is Osagie’s other name by which he is known by Sandra), she tells Muyiwa on how she plans to give Fola their wedding card personally and watch the feeling of defeat that would make her win. Muyiwa however doesn’t find the news appealing as he is irritated that she still has not let go of Fola and he shows his disapproval of Sandra’s revenge mission while urging her to forgive and let go.


“Not funny Muyiwa, ehen, did I tell about the text I sent to Fola?” she asked.

“No, you didn’t,”

“Well, I told him he has to see me. I want to punish him by personally handing him the invitation card for our wedding. That way he’ll see that his plans to frustrate me did not work.” she continued smiling, her eyes shone as she stared at her engagement ring beautifully balanced on her fingers.

“But Sandra is that necessary? Why don’t you just forgive him and forge ahead? Or are you unhappy with me?” Muyiwa asked.

She sensed the change in his voice, “I’m sorry babe, I’m happy of course, I love you. And I’ve forgi..given him.”

“No Sandra, I don’t think so, you have to let go. I’m at work now, I’ll call you soon.”

Why had she been playing revenge all this while? Was it worth it?

That’s it, the continuation coming right up. Enjoy. 🙂


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  1. Seriously Stefikal, I can’t remember d story very well again, is dere anyway I could get d story again? U knw nairaland lost sum data weeks ago. I’m interested in ur write up.


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