Meant To Be: Episode Fifty Two


He say by the corner and watched as different ladies came out of the hostel, he had worn sunglasses and had ear piece plugged in his ears to ensure that he was not easily recognised by some of his coursemates or people who might know him. However the earpiece was simply a charade as he was not listening to any music.

He was hoping Tiffany would probably come out or go in to the hostel so he could accost her and settle all that needed to be settled. But he was also worried that Dami would see him, she was equally in that hostel afterall.

He tapped his right foot unconsciously on the floor and kept on scanning the environment for any sign of Tiffany. He had spent about two hours and was beginning to reconsider his actions when he had a silent whisper behind him.

“Hey Babe,” he turned to see a girl on a cropped shirt on jean behind him, she was wearing a smirk that got him wondering, why was she smiling at him that way? Who was this one now? He wondered, the sunglasses she wore prevented him from getting a view of her eyes, he removed his sunglasses with hope that she would do same.

As if she read his mind, she removed the sunglasses still wearing that smug on her face.
“Hello Ore,” she greeted and extended her hand for a shake.

He accepted the shake and simply replied, “hi”

He was surprised at the way he was acting cool and all but he did not bother himself about that, he wanted to know who this lady was and what she wanted with him, the past few months had given him surprises starting from Evelyn and Tinu lesbianism saga to Tiffany and he hoped this was not another drama about to unfold.

He was about to ask if he could be of help to her when the lady spoke, “There’s someone that needs to see you asap. Follow me.”

What? Was it just him or did it seem like she ordered him? Who the heck did she think she was? He heaved and was about to ask her why he should follow her when he realised she was already walking away from him.

He hissed and made to stand in front of the hostel to continue with his mission when a thought struck him, what could the lady possibly want with him? Who was she working for? And how did they know he would be there? He saw the lady going farther without even turning back, he realised he would miss her if he made no attempt to run after her. Before he could stop himself, he realised he was following her already walking away from the hostel.

He followed her till they got to the amphitheatre, he saw the lady approach some other ladies seated by a corner, they were all wearing crooped shirts like the first lady, he cursed silently, who ever did this shit in the university?

Then the answer struck him, cultists? Were they a cult? The confidence he had the whole time vaporised instantly. He found it hard to move an inch further, what would he say if anything bad resulted from this meeting. The lady turned to him this time and smiled, “Don’t be scared, we don’t bite. We only kiss” she smiled and made gesticulations with her hands signalling him to come.

Ore be a man, he sighed and tried to encourage himself, he was here already so it would be better if he simply faced all that needed to be faced like a man should.

He approached the clique and he could swear that seated right in their midst was mystery girl, Tiffany who was his major headache at the moment.

“Welcome Ore,” Tiffany greeted calmly. “Girls, excuse us.” The other ladies left them and Ore could not help but shake his head at how beautiful ladies chose to join a cult.

“What made you think that I’d be in front of the hostel? I mean how did you find me?” He asked, he still found it strange that she had been able to locate him whereas he had been waiting for her to show up.

“I knew you would come looking for me,” she replied, “I want to inform you about somethings but I’d allow you do the talking first since you wanted to see me. So spill it,” she blurted and crossed her legs while drumming slightly with her fingers on her thighs.

“Of course you know why I want to see you, I understand you like me but the thing is my heart is with someone else and that’s Dami, so please leave her alone.” He uttered.

“Awww,” Tiffany made a gesture and placed her hands on her chest, “aren’t you both cute? See you going all lovey dovey. Well Ore, sorry to burst your bubble but you’re wrong about one thing and you’re equally right about one thing.” She concluded and stopped the movement of her fingers.

“What do you mean?” He questioned.

“Why don’t you say hello to your love first?” She interrupted while Ore turned to see Dami approaching them, she was walking with her face to the ground and had probably not noticed them yet but then she raised her head and there was a communication between the three pairs of eyes that made contact.

The look on Dami’s face was one that told Ore that he was in a bigger mess, how would he explain the purpose of his meeting with Tiffany when Dami was already mad at him but her next course of action surprised him the more.

He could have sworn she would not have done that but alas she did, she simply walked past them and ignored him and Tiffany like they had never met.

Now this was so not happening, he thought.


She sat cross legged while staring at the black dress, she was angry and mad, the radio station she had been listening to on her phone was playing one of Terry G’s songs, she turned down the volume and stared at the dress again.

Was she jinxed? Why did the lilac dress have to tear at such a critical point leaving her with just no option but the black dress. She had cried when it tore but now she was angry, and she was angrier because she really could not tell why she was angry.

She had returned the black shoes back to where it had been for years, while returning it she had stumbled on silver pumps which she had acquired years back too and she had not realised when she brought it out.

But the source of worry for her was the dress, initially it had been the shoes but with the latest development she was terrified at the thought of wearing the black dress to the wedding.

She lacked the courage to pull it off, it was almost seven in the evening. She knew she had to make a decision on what to wear else she would certainly disappoint Femi after she had imposed the whole thing on him, she would also disappoint her mum after raising the woman’s hope that her daughter was going to dress like a lady even if it was for one day.

“I can do this,” she muttered to herself, “I can pull through,” she continued to mumble to herself, after spending about six minutes soliloquizing, she wore the dress and the silver pumps.

She walked gently towards the mirror and was surprised by the image that greeted her, was this really her? She liked what she saw and for a moment she wished she was really what the image was but she knew otherwise, she was simply a timid lady who allowed herself to be treated like trash by people around her.

She sat on the bed and made to undress when she increased the volume of the radio, “No body can define you, you are you. You are what you see yourself as, what matters most is how you see yourself, it is how you see yourself that others will equally see you as. If you consider yourself a nobody, you send that image out and people take you as a nobody. You should not give people the power to hurt you by killing your self esteem because you’re worth more than that. The question I ask is what do you see yourself as?”

She paused and it was as if momentarily everything around her equally took a break, she could not even hear the speaker on the radio anymore. Femi had once mentioned something like this, had he not? She tried to remember, why was she living her life this way?

She stood and walked to he mirror this time while letting out a deep breath, she spoke and promised herself that no one would take her for a ride anymore, she would not give them that chance.


He was still in shock. Sandra, engaged? He was not displeased with the news but he found it hard to believe, he knew he was supposed to be happy and excited by that news but it did not sound plausible to him.

He had left her not too long, how did she meet the man during that period? Or was she playing games with him?

He laughed at the thought that she was probably trying to get him jealous, if only she knew he was not interested.

He recalled how the man who picked the call had confidently informed him that he was Sandra’s fiancé, and had told him not to bother about the refund, he had equally told him that they were getting married soon and that Sandra had forgiven him.

Osagie knew he could have believed everything even though it was hard to believe that Sandra met another man already and was even engaged but what made it harder was the fact that the acclaimed fiancé had claimed that Sandra had forgiven him.

He knew that was a big lie, judging from the text she had sent him. And that was the reason he had insisted to hear that from Sandra herself.

If she had forgiven him, then she could as well as just tell him personally rather than convey the message through a third party.

He knew she deserved to be happy and he wished she would find a good man but what he did not like was that she was playing games when he was willing to settle everything and earn her forgiveness.


Chuks shivered as he saw Ada, what? He tried to say but the words could not come. He looked at Ayo to confirm he was not dreaming. Ayo however simply bowed his head and heaved.

Earlier when Ayo had called him that they were going to see Ada, he had found it unbelievable at first, he had been imagining a lot of things but the sight that befell him was out of the picture.

Here he was staring at a different version of Ada, her cheekbones were distinct and it was as if the flesh had been evicted with cruelty. Her eyes were sunken and he could see the struggle with which she smiled at him.

How did she end up like this? He wanted to scream and tear at something, what was Ada doing in this state?

He walked up to her and held her hands, her smile again made him confused. How could she afford to smile in this state?

He needed no seer to tell him that she was critically ill, but how she could smile was what surprised him greatly.

Her next statement increased his shock, why would she be bothered about him when it was obvious that she was the one in need of help and not the other way round?

The question she asked was, “Chuks, how are you?”

A question that made him nearly lose a grip of his emotions.


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  1. Oh now, wat is happenin oh, plz update, I wanna no wat will happen nxt…….Anyway I love ur story!!!!!!!!! Plz update d nxt one soon *On my knees*


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