Principle For The Week: The Weak Carries The Strong, futile or not?

So I’ve had this running in my head but kept postponing it for reasons I should certainly not bore you with.

Principle For The Week has not come up in a while and I’m not proud of myself.

I’m sorry. Today’s topic was inspired by what I heard someone say sometime back.

Ever seen a paraplegic? This isn’t to ridicule people with such conditions but I’m simply trying to make illustrations to explain what I mean.

People who have paraplegia have their lower limbs(legs) to be weak, so weak that they are unable to support their upper body frame.

The situation painted above is synonymous to our lives, so many of us make weak preparations while we hope that the tiny efforts we make would support our great future.

Equally try picturing a house being built on a weak foundation, of cause I don’t need to explain the outcome of such.

The question is what have you been up to lately? What innovations are you working on? Is that the best you can do?

Or are you creating limitations for yourself when you know you can do better?

The hours you sacrifice to studying as a student, is that enough? Would that little time be able to support the great grades you hope to get?

In your career and work, the little you do lackadaisically and then while putting that little effort, you sit back hoping for a promotion or a big hit.

Sure right, miracles happen. But then you have to play your own quota.

I’ll take a pause here and leave you to reflect on this, tell me your thoughts. They go a long way.

PS: To all readers of Meant To Be, I know I know I ought to submit a very long apology backed up by the completed story. But sadly I can’t. I’m howbeit sorry, I truly am, a lot has stood in my way of writing recently. Personal issues actually, emotional stress and all. Kindly bear with this girl who has not been consistent lately.

Thanks, have a blessed week ahead.


3 thoughts on “Principle For The Week: The Weak Carries The Strong, futile or not?

  1. Hmm…Stefi..Stefi.. I for one understand, so take your precious time and give us a good comeback when you’re ready….pls don’t give in to emotional stress et all oo..
    The Lord is your strength..
    Regarding the principle for the week, I’ve always said if you fail to prepare WELL, then prepare to fail VERY WELL.
    A weakling trying to carry something heavy is most likely impossible except when there is a spiritual intervention which most likely won’t come from GOD – even Jesus’ way was prepared before He was born, as if that wasn’t enough, He himself prepared by fasting for a whole 40 days and nights before he started His ministry.
    It’s crystal clear, not just preparation, but an adequate one, prevents poor performance.
    Oh!Steph., I’ve missed you and these insights of yours, thank God I subscribed for notifications.


  2. Yea, I’ve been good jare. Thanks.

    Like I said, don’t give in to stress et all o, you hear?

    The Lord will always be your strength…


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