Best friend???

This is an urgent post…

Okay, I’d try to be as brief as much as possible. But I really need to know.

Who’s a best friend?

And I’m not talking about literal definitions.

Is it possible that best friendship isn’t mutual?

Over the years I’ve been faced with the dilemma of people addressing me as their best friends whereas I do not see them as such. Over the past five months or so, I’ve had more than four people who referred to me as their best friend and got hurt when I asked questions or gave replies like, “Really? We’re best friends?” Or “Since when?” Or “I don’t think you’re my best friend. Sorry.”

Now the thing is in most cases I take it as a joke only to discover the person was actually serious.

Now I want to know, from those of us who have best friends or who have had or hoping to have.

I need lectures on anything that has to do with being a best friend and I’m serious.

Let me know, kindly use the comment box.



2 thoughts on “Best friend???

  1. Who is a ‘best’ friend?

    One who sees your fault & loves you the same.
    One who can complete your ‘A’ even before u say it.
    One who first comes to mind for prayers or counselling when tinx r not going as dey r supposed.
    One you can be naked with & you feel no shame.
    One you trust with your life & believes in you against all odds.

    I don’t call everyone my FRIEND bcoz d word means a lot to me. And even when you are called my friend, I guess I’m ‘closer’ to some than to others. A lot of factors could be responsible for this.


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