Meant To Be: Episode Fifty Three


“Thank you,” she said to Muyiwa after he hung up the phone, the expression Muyiwa wore was however blank and it made it impossible for her to fathom what he had in mind. Was he still mad that she had been adamant about forgiving Fola all this while? She knew she should let go but then it was not as easy as her fiancé made it sound. Her sister Patricia had also made it seem like it was not a big deal. None of them understood that she felt like trash on the realisation that Fola had intentionally chosen to hurt her. Even if he claimed he was sorry it was not that easy and she had not totally healed.

She had been begging Muyiwa to call Fola for days now and do the talking on her behalf, as if luck had decided to smile on her, Fola had called.

She had however asked Muyiwa to pick Fola’s call and inform him that he could keep the money and that he had also earned her forgiveness. Something Muyiwa had refused to oblige but had eventually done.

“Say something now,” she pleaded. Muyiwa was still keeping mute, why was he hesitant on giving her details on how the conversation had gone?

“He did not accept the apology.” Muyiwa blurted, “Sandra, you should speak to him. How can you claim to have forgiven someone and you can’t say it to him over the phone? What happens if you had to discuss with him then?” Muyiwa continued while standing and handing Sandra her phone.

“Are you leaving?” She asked.

“Of course yes, I feel terrible that I picked that call because this…this isn’t you Sandra.”

Sandra stood to meet his gaze, “It’s not that easy baby.”

He closed his eyes and held her by the shoulder. “I know sweet but you know you’re yet to truly forgive him and you have to let go of the past before you can hold on to the future, except you don’t see me in your future.”

“What?” She screamed and looked up just at the instance he opened his eyes, “that’s an expensive statement Muyiwa and I don’t find it funny.” She concluded while withdrawing herself from the grip of his hands on her shoulder.

“I’m sorry babe,” Muyiwa apologized while hugging her from behind, “but I need you to be honest with me. Do you love me?”

She turned to face him, “Is that question for real? Are you for real?” she thundered.

“Just answer,” he pleaded.

“Of course yes.”

“I love you Sandra, now to my second question. Have you forgiven this Fola of a guy?” He asked.

Sandra who had folded her arms across her chest initially dropped her hands to her sides, she had wanted to answer yes to that second question but it was not with the same confidence as she had used in answering the first question.

There and then she realised that she was yet to truly forgive Fola, the truth was she wanted to avoid him, she did not want the money, neither did she want to hear his voice, she did not want to see him. She knew she almost gloated him, she realised Muyiwa had picked his car keys from the table and was wearing his suit, was he really leaving when he had only arrived at her apartment about fifteen minutes ago.

“No reply,” he asked more of a statement.

“I..I” she stuttered. She knew she had not truly forgiven Fola.

“Sandra I know you are hurt. But you are hurting me too, I love you so much that I don’t want this coming between us but have you even stopped to realise that I feel awful at the thought that this Fola dude made love to you a couple of times. Yes I have no right to complain but then bearing grudges and mentioning his name brings that idea to my head and it hurts, it really hurts. If not for anything forgive him so I can stop hurting. Please.” He pleaded and planted a kiss on her forehead before exiting the living room leaving a bewildered Sandra.


Ore dialed her number again and sighed as his ears were greeted by the computerized voice that he had gotten accustomed to over the past twenty minutes. He had been trying to call her but her phone had been switched off ever since, that had however not broken his resolve to keep trying.

The beep of his phone alerted him to the fact that his phone battery was almost drained. He hung up and placed the phone on the pillow on which he rested his head. He reminisced over what had happened earlier, he still found it weird that Dami had walked past him acting like she did not know him. He had felt like crying but he had held himself from doing so in public viewing.

What he did not quite understand was why Tiffany had refused to let him be, he recalled her last statement when he had asked her to stop whatever she was up to.

“The contract isn’t over Ore so I can’t stop and besides I kind of like you or perhaps I like taunting your girlfriend.”

He had no idea what she meant by contract and to worsen matters, Tiffany had refused to give him a clue. The door opened to reveal his roommate Uzor carrying a keg into the room.

“Hi Uzor,” he greeted.

“Hey, what’s up?” Uzor returned the greeting while carrying the keg to the adjacent end of the room.

Ore sat up, “I think I need your help man.”

Uzor gave him a look that asked if Ore was in his right frame of mind.

“For real man, I’m serious.” Ore tried to sound convincing.

Uzor however sat on the bunk across him while still wearing the same look, “This had better be serious Ore because you just said you think you need my help. In which case that means you’re not sure.” Uzor spoke.

“I’m sure, I’m sorry but I need your help.” Ore spoke and continued almost immediately interrupting the silent okay that Uzor spoke, “remember that strange girl that kissed me sometime ago?” Ore asked.

“I do,” Uzor replied.

“Well she’s bent on destroying what I have with Dami, she claims she’s on some sort of contract. I think she’s in a cult or something.”

Uzor stood, “Did you say contract? And cult? In the same sentence?” Uzor asked obviously excited but Ore found it hard to find why that was exciting.

“Yes.” Ore replied he was totally confused.

“Man you’re lucky. They are not exactly a cult per se,” Uzor explained while pacing the room. Ore could still sense the excitement laced in his tone, he just did not understand it.

“I’ve heard of these girls but I’ve always thought it was a rumour but apparently it isn’t.” Uzor explained while sitting down, “they are not exactly a cult but they call themselves a sorority and their purpose is to disvirgin any male virgin on campus but usually someone pays them to do it. From what you’re saying now, they know you’re a virgin and they won’t let you be until they sleep with you.”

“Wait! What do you mean by someone pays them? And they’ll sleep with you? How many of them?” Ore asked, the truth was he was scared by the information greeting his ears.

“Man! I’ve not experienced these girls before and I probably would not believe they exist if not because I know you’re a virgin and I know you’re not lying.” Uzor explained, “but I do know that rumour has it that most guys seal the contract themselves but usually whoever seals the contract determines the number of ladies that attend to him. The ladies take time to woo him in whatever way necessary before they eventually get to do it.”

Ore tried to speak but found it hard as it seemed as if he was going to choke. Contract? How on earth would he lose his virginity to some strange girls, and who had sealed this silly contract on his behalf anyways?

“Ore you’re so lucky.” Uzor spoke again but Ore did not consider that as luck, this was a misfortune and somewhere in his mind he wanted to dismiss all Uzor had said but then he had seen the girls himself, the only thing was that Tiffany had refused to explain what she meant by contract.

“I’m not lucky man, this is a disaster.” He replied.


Chuks felt the paper in his hand and held unto it tightly, he had not been able to discuss much with Ada because she had been so weak and the doctor had warned him not to stress her more, even without the doctor’s warning he had seen the situation of things with his eyes and he knew Ada was really in a critical state.

He had spent over an hour sitting with her in the hospital several times just staring at her face and other times whispering a prayer for her, he wondered why God left Ada to suffer? She had been a faithful christian as far back as he could remember, he could not understand everything, he had wanted to ask Ayo but Ayo had left the hospital to resume duty at work. Ada had however given him the paper and had asked him to read it only when he got home. She had made him promise and he had. He had left the hospial giving her a hug that had almost brought him to tears.

He recalled the way it had felt when she hugged him at the seminar and he needed no seer to tell him the difference in the hugs. It was the same Ada, the same sweet lady that had been his friend, that had once been the mother of his child that was never born, the same beautiful lady that had led him to Christ. However it was a different body, the Ada that had hugged him at the seminar had not been this skinny, she had been chubby but the Ada he had hugged at the hospital was way skinny that he had felt her bones, he had almost cried and had not been able to say anything before he finally left the clinic.

He was almost approaching home and he knew he would soon get to find out the contents of the note she had left him.

Fifteen minutes later, he was at home and did not even notice Princess who was sleeping on the cushion in the sitting room.

All he had his mind on was the note, he opened his door and hurriedly unfolded the paper.

The first words that greeted him were ‘Hi Chuks,’ he sat on the bed and noticed that the note was dated two years back. Ada had written this two years back? And had equally kept it all this time? He found that hard to swallow.

He focused on the other contents of the note which read:

‘I really have every reason to doubt you’ll ever read this, but then I have faith that you’ll someday read it. Just that I do not know when. How have you been Chuks? Remember I was pregnant with our baby? Well I hope you also remember that I lost it, mum gave me some pills. I hope you really get to finish this letter. I’ve forgiven mum and I want you to forgive her as well. After I lost the baby, I backslid from my christian faith and I became really bad, like really bad. I gained admission into the university and my wayward life got worse, but in 200level during our final exams I had an encounter with God and I rededicated my life to him. The year I graduated I met a man who I thought I was in love with, I just felt complete around him and I liked it.’

Chuks stopped, what was this all about? Why would Ada give him this lengthy note and then go on to describe her relationship, something sparked in him. He just could not tell if it was jealousy or if it was sadness. He suddenly did not feel like reading it again, he made to fold the note but then curiosity took the better part of him and the thought that he had actually promised Ada made him decide to finish the note.

‘Sylvester asked me out and when I prayed about it, the Holy spirit did not approve. I felt bad, really bad, I had grown in my Christian faith and I hardly did anything without my best friend the Holy spirit. I actually saw myself getting married to Sylvester but then on the instruction of the Holy spirit I didn’t date Sylvester.’

Chuks heaved a sigh of relief and he actually could not understand why he did so.

‘I started asking the Holy spirit questions on how my future marriage would be like, who I would get married to? How many kids I was going to have? And so many other questions like that but strangely I got no reply. A year later I fell ill and I had a dream where God revealed to me alot of things about my life. How my purpose on earth was not to get married or have kids, how I had been created to win souls to him and most importantly bring His son home. In that dream, I was told the year I was going to leave this world. A lot of things were revealed to me in that dream that I might not be able to quite explain. I woke from that dream and my illness worsened, I went to the hospital and I was diagnosed of leukaemia. My mum felt terrible, everyone around me felt bad but I was calm. I had a mission to do before leaving this world and that was all on my mind. I resumed work after spending sometime at the hospital, the doctors discharged me because strangely they said I was okay, something they could not explain medically.
God loves you so much Chuks, creating me just to bring you to him. Yes! You are that son God told me about. I didn’t know how to find you but the message was clear until I found you and led you to Christ, you were never going to lead a truly happy life.’

Chuks noticed that there was a new date after this paragraph, he was bewildered by the information that had greeted his eyes and found it almost unbelievable but continued with what he had been reading.

‘Seeing you today at the seminar was awesome and knowing that you’ve accepted Christ makes it even more pleasant, I’ve not touched this paper in a while but it seems necessary to update it. I’ve gotten your number from one of the forms you filled through the help of a friend. However I’m not going to call you, you probably already know since you’re reading this. Chuks please hold fast to the Faith you’ve found and walk in it. You might be wondering why I have to die but then I want you to know that some have to die so others do not die. God loves you dear, I pray that you’ll be sensitive to the ministry of the Holy spirit as he is the best teacher and friend you could ask for. Don’t grief when I’m gone, you’ll pass through this and you’ll meet a lovely woman who will give you adorable kids. The thoughts of little Chuks is exciting, God has plans for you and he has started with your salvation and your job, about your future wife. I’m not spilling the beans but you’d lead her to Christ yourself. I don’t want you to feel bad when I leave, it’s in God’s plan and unlike what it seems I’d die from leukaemia as the doctors will not be able to do anything again.
But just hold on to God, I love you. From what the Holy spirit is saying to me now, at the point when you get to this paragraph I’d be exiting this earth. Live for Christ Chuks and say me hi to your future wife and kids. I love you.


What? He dropped the paper under his pillow and ran out of the house. Ada could not leave, this had to be a prank. He got out of the street and stopped a bike. He signalled with his hands and asked the man to move, he would pay whatever the cost would amount to, all he wanted now was to speak to Ada.

He kept on directing the bike rider and as soon as he got to the hospital, Chuks alighted fast but the man had been quick to remind him that he was yet to pay his fare. Chuks had handed him a #500 note and had hurriedly rushed into the ward where Ada was admitted.

He let out a breath he did not know he had been holding when he saw her sleeping in a supine position with a smile plastered on her face.

“Thank God,” he muttered under his breath as he leaned on the door and smiled satisfactorily.

He walked towards her and crouched besides her while reaching for her hands, but instead he touched her face. It was when he did that that his brain cells momentarily froze.

He stood panicking and then felt her fingers, “No!” He screamed alerting a nurse who ran in, “No!” He kept on shouting while clinging to the lifeless sleeping beauty on the hospital bed.

“Don’t go,” he cried, “Please, don’t.”


“Sir,” the nurse called trying to get Chuks attention but had failed as Chuks was repeatedly wailing while clinging to Ada’s body.

What however fascinated the nurse was the smile that the dead lady wore, this was the first smiling corpse she had encountered in her life. She had every reason to believe that this woman must have been happy.


He heard the nurse call him but he didn’t care, he hugged Ada and kept on crying. He would never had read that letter if he knew this would happen. She did not have to die, he kept on crying and muttering to himself disregarding the nurse in the room.

But that means you’d never get saved. What? Who said that? Chuks wondered, he turned to see the nurse smiling. It was certainly not the nurse. But he found the fact that she was smiling annoying. How could she be smiling when he was in grief?

He gave the nurse a look that spoke volumes.

“I’m sorry sir,” the nurse apologized. “Truly sorry for your loss, she must have been dear to you but then sir she died happy. Take a look at her face. I’ve heard of smiling corpses but this is the first I’d ever see in my life.”

Chuks looked at Ada and the contents of the letter came knocking, she was truly happy even in death.


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  1. Stef darlyn, welcome back! Thz alot for bring dis awesome story back to life. Hope to read abt princess n femi soon. Rest on ada.


    1. Thanks toykathy, I’ll post the others soon. Had it typed on my phone but I don’t have them as my phone got damaged and it was formatted. Thanks and I’m sorry for the incessant delays


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