Bed Sheet Palava- A short story

Hi, how’s the weekend going?

Okay so after sleeping for barely two hours between yesterday night and this morning because of the test I had to prepare for in school this morning. My eyes are heavy, but then after a short nap (and yeah thanks, my test in school today was fine), I decided to try something new. I once told a friend I wanted to write morbid, you know something new. And I got to work, I don’t think it’s as perfect as I’d have loved but for a first time attempt at something new, I’d just chill with a bottle of cold malt and applaud myself. *winks*

Read, share and most importantly tell me what you think.



She almost stumbled as she ran, she heard laughter from the faceless bodies that chased her. She found it strange that the bodies had heads but no facial organ, no eyes, no ears, and here they were laughing and making silly sounds even when they had no mouth. She was panting heavily and she could feel fatigue tearing at her joints but there was no stopping.

The creatures chasing her looked like there were more than twenty of them and here she was the victim of the attack with no means of self-defense, she heard one of them give a shout more like an order and she was forced to stop when she realised that the creatures were no longer chasing her.

Stopping to catch her breath, she tried to decipher what the lead creature could be telling them, she knew she was supposed to find a place to hide but where she was a simply big field of which she had no idea where the start was neither did she know the end. The rustling sound she heard broke into her thoughts, she opened her mouth in dismay as the creatures jumped into the belly of the creature who had been ordering them intially. They kept jumping into the stomach while the creature who seemed to be swallowing the others contorted it’s face, she could not tell what expression it wore but it was a blend of pain and excitement. She was scared, the pain she assumed was because of the speed with which the others were rushing into it’s belly but the excitement she found disturbing.

She started to run, she had no idea what was going to happen but she knew it was certainly not going to be pleasant, she could feel a sharp pain in her chest, she wondered if she could run any longer. Just then she heard a loud explosion and turned to see the that the creature had finished swallowing the others and was beginning to grow in size, it seemed like it was swelling and the form was changing to what seemed like a zombie.

She watched as it grew to about thirty times her height, the facial features which were once absent were beginning to emerge even though the forms were uglier than what was seen in the average human.

She started running again this time with more confusion than ever, how was she supposed to escape this gigantic zombie in this field? Suddenly she heard a clap of thunder and the field got darker than it had been a couple of minutes, she looked up to see the dark clouds when it began to rain almost immediately.

Now she could hear the footsteps of the giant zombie as it approached, she was drenched from the rain, tired from the incessant running, hungry, disgusted by the gruesome sight she had seen of the faceless creatures some minutes ago and now she was afraid of what could happen if the zombie got a hold of her.

She was panting heavily as she ran now, there was no reason to turn back and see how close the zombie was to her. Just then she felt a thud and a strong grip on her shoulder, the change in the proximity of her legs to the floor made her realise she was toast. She closed her eyes and tried closing her nose from the stench that oozed out of the zombie’s body, she opened her eyes when she heard some weird sounds. She nearly fainted as she had a closer look at the zombie’s face, it was uglier than what she had seen when she had been farther from it and she wanted to puke as the zombie reeked of something she could not explain.

And that was when it happened, the zombie opened it’s mouth and began to move her frame into it’s huge mouth, from her head region down to her torso, it guided her body into it’s mouth like a child would place a lollipop into his mouth. She was panicking, shouting, kicking and screaming but that did not change the zombie’s hand from tucking her left leg which hung at it’s lip into it’s mouth.

She woke to the screeching sound she had heard and that was when she realised her mouth was the source of the scream. Her palms were wet but it did not just stop with her hands, she could feel liquid droplets cascading every part of her skin, she had even tasted some of the fluid as it greeted her lips and that was when her brain cells froze.

She ran to the section of her room that housed the standing mirror, she wondered why she was scared to view her reflection in the mirror, why was it proving difficult to open her eyes? It seemed her eyelids had decided to merge and she shivered as she made mental pictures of what she looked like at that moment.

The only thing she was sure of was the fact that she was wearing her blue colored pyjamas, every other detail was no where to be found as she racked her brain. She started to move her lips in a bid to count like she did whenever she was tense. Although the effort to count down to ten was tedious as well, each mutter of the next number from her lips came with the fierce sharp sound of her heartbeat and that terrified her even more.

She got to seven when the eyelids chose to get divorced, and there she sighed as her reflection greeted her. As much as she did not like the sight that greeted her, she felt some looseness from the tight hold she had felt in her chest over the past few minutes.

Here she was drenched in God knows what this liquid was, she touched her face and her hands came in contact with a nonuniform blend of her sweat and the red coloured liquid.
The relief she felt was indescribable, certainly if anyone had been in her shoes; they would feel the same way she felt right now. She wondered what would happen if it had not been a dream.

But then she was confused as to why she would wake up in the middle of the night looking this way, she retraced her steps back to her bed and nearly fainted at the mess her favourite bed sheet had become. She hardly used this bed sheet, it had been the last gift her best friend Lisa had given to her before she died from an ailment eighteen months ago.

This was the last that reminded her of her friend and here it was stained with the same fluid that she had all over her skin. She held her heads and screamed as it dawned on her who the architect of all that befell her was.

She needed no seer to tell her this was her twin brother’s doing, Henry had finally followed through with the threat he made after she mistakenly broke the screen of his android phone. She was sad that he chose a moment like this to get back to her, she would have laughed over this had she not had such a terrifying dream and right now all Henrietta wished for was to smash his laptop’s screen but she knew it would not still amount to the emotional torture she had just gone through.

She took the mess her bedsheet had become and proceeded to the bathroom where she dipped the bed sheet in a bucket of water with some detergent, before undressing for a bath to get rid of the fluid all over her body. As the water hit her skin, memories of the rain and the zombie in the dream running after her came back. She felt that shiver and fear again and she knew that one thing was sure, she would never see any movie that had horrifying details especially if her twin brother recommended the movie.

As she came out of the bathroom clad in her bathrobe, she shrieked in fear as she bumped into a creature clad in overflowing black garments. She was still screaming when she heard laughter and felt hands touching her shoulder, here was her brother parading as a monster in the dawn of the day.
What sort of madness was this? She thought, he must have figured she was angry because his laughter suddenly died out.

She ignored him and walked towards her room when he asked a question that fueled her anger.
“Are you kidding me?” She shouted, how could he ask if she had any reason to be angry? “You think I have no right to be mad, first you cajole me to watch that horror movie and while I’m having a very bad dream you pull a fast one on me, rendering my favourite bed sheet almost useless. And you think I have no right to be angry?” She screamed this time with her face contorted into a grimace.

“You broke my phone.” Henry replied calmly while folding his arms together with the black garment roughly tucked in his arms.

“A mistake it was, people make mistakes and besides I apologised. You did not have to go this far, I actually considered smashing your laptop after what you just did to me but I change my mind.” Henrietta replied while unlocking the door to her room, she was about to go in when she continued, “we are going to be nineteen in a few months, I think maturity is what I should aim for now and not anymore of this childish pranks.” She concluded before entering the room.

Henry followed suit, he had only meant this as a prank although it had been slightly laced with revenge, the screen of his phone was badly broken and he felt she had done it on purpose but now he saw his mistake.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “I’m truly sorry, and I’m sorry about your bed sheet too.” He knew that bed sheet meant a whole lot to his sister, he had not even considered that the red watercolour liquid was also going to assault the sheet. “Please, forgive me.”

“I want to sleep Henry, please excuse me.” She demanded.

“Henrietta I’m truly sorry, oya I’ll wash the bed sheet. I promise to get you coldstone and pizza.” Henry apologised, darn the bed sheet! The only reason he was uttering all these was because he felt bad about the bed sheet.
Henrietta could not help but smile, as much as she wanted to stay angry she found it hilarious that her brother had offered to wash especially when she knew he detested washing, and the coldstone and pizza was a shock too. They were yet to get their allowance from their father who was out of the country and here he was making promises.

She raised a brow, “I forgive you not because of what you just said but because I can sense that you are truly sorry. But you are not touching that bed sheet, I’ll do the washing myself.”

Henry smiled but he was hoping she would cancel either the icecream or the pizza and he extended his hands for a hug. A gesture she returned before speaking to his ears, “If you think I’m going to cancel the pizza and coldstone, then you are definitely dreaming. When do I get it?” She asked with a mischievous glint as she was still locked in an embrace with her crazy twin brother.

No matter how crazy he was, she would forever cherish moments like this were they got to argue and make up but she wanted no crazy episode like what he had just put her through. She hugged him tightly and smiled, at least something good had come out of the whole drama.

Coldstone and pizza!


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