My Egusi love

I don’t even know what to say, just stumbled on some of my old articles and I’m wondering what went wrong. Why did I stop writing? I’d have to figure that out myself. Anyways just thought to share this.

Enjoy or not!

Panting in bed with beads of sweat flowing all over my skin this early was the last thing I had anticipated before going to bed the night before. It was four am and the movements of the hands of the clock shook me to my bones all over again as I recalled the dream I had just woken from, the chattering of my teeth did nothing to salvage the situation. The rumbling in my stomach was no exception and the excruciating pain that threatened to split my head into two was all it took for me to run to my locker.

Going to bed hungry had been a bad idea but I had been so pissed at Feyi my bunkmate who had spilled ogbono soup on my pillow that I had forgotten to eat. What angered me as I brought out the pack of cornflakes from my locker was the dream that had gotten me out of bed. I could not tell if I was angry at Feyi or if my anger was directed at myself for missing dinner, or perhaps at the ridiculous dream I just had.

I poured a moderate amount of the cornflakes into my green bowl, I smiled silently. Why was I using this bowl when I was still angry with Feyi? She had gotten me the bowl few months ago when she returned from Yaba market one evening and here I was using the bowl that she gave me while still bearing a grudge.

I had no idea what had been the trigger to my dream, I had dreamt of being in a very big kitchen with a metal spoon and a fork in my hands, all over the kitchen table were delicacies. Fufu and hot egusi soup with snails all over the soup smiled at me, my joy knew no bounds, right here in front of me was my favourite meal. The roasted chicken that was by my right got my eyes popping out of their sockets, they were few dishes that looked unfamiliar but were nonetheless appealing to look upon. I was about to take one of the snails that seemed to be dancing in the egusi soup when a swarm of insects flew to my direction and disrupted my mission.

I had no idea the number or the type of insects that attacked me but I knew I found it impossible to see what was going all around me. The beautiful and appealing delicacies were now out of sight and all I could think of was getting out of the insect attack, I had woken up to discover three ants on my face, one of them closer to my ear lobe. The pain I got from the sting on my face could make my albino skin go pink, the fact that there was no power supply made me wake up in a pool of my own sweat. Equally worsened by the rumbling in my stomach but all that did not matter now I thought as I scooped the remaining cornflakes into my mouth.

An hour later as I lay in my bed with the rumbling of my stomach gone, the splitting headache also gone with my hunger. Not only did I feel better, but with my hunger gone also was the grudge against Feyi.

One thing was however certain, I would be visiting the market in some hours time, fufu and egusi garnished with snails would be greeting my stomach before nightfall.


7 thoughts on “My Egusi love

  1. Wow!!! Now this is funny Stef…It sounded so real..
    But why does Mr. dream present dreamers with eye-catching, delicious, irresistible delicacies now?…properly garnished fried rice, local foods with the yummy yummies in the right proportion… Ah…the list is endless.. Daris God oo…

    Well Steph..itz been quite an age *wink*and I’m surprised you didn’t *face palms* at the beginning of your post….
    I’m sure you’re doing very well, yes?


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