Christmas gift for Tobi!

So 2015 gradually gets ready to close curtain and I look back and it’s mostly been a year that had variety. I’ve had periods of laughter, tears, pain, contentment, frustration, love, loneliness, all you can think of… But at the end of it all, I’ve come out stronger and fulfilled. Thank God for 2015 and I praise Him for though 2016 is still a puzzle, we’d come out victorious and fulfilled too.

Compliments and happy new year in advance. Enjoy this story as my Christmas gift to you my friends… Lol.



The beeps from his phone had done nothing to call his attention, he had his mind occupied with thoughts that were set to consume him.

Who would believe it was December already? The year had started just like yesterday. He walked into the shower and had a quick bath, he needed to cool his head at least, he could however hear his phone ring. It was not the bbm and whatsapp beeps he had been getting all day, he liked this season, it just had a way of reconnecting him to friends he had forgotten about or who had forgotten him.

He wondered who was calling, it was a difficult guess since it was Christmas day and anyone could be calling him.

Twenty minutes later, he wore his shoes and a quick look at the mirror told him he was good to go. He picked his phone from his bed, he had not bothered to call his mother back, for some reasons he knew he ought to but he also dreaded the manner in which their conversation would end.

Ever since he broke up with Onyinye in February, his mother had not hesitated to try matchmaking him with a Yoruba lady. The calls would usually dive into, “Tobi, Iya Ronke’s daughter has grown so big, she even schooled abroad and yet speaks Yoruba like she lives in Lagos, and she can cook our native dishes too.”

There had been so many women that he had lost count, he had however not acknowledged or bothered to meet any of them except Tolu. Tolu had come out of a compulsion to please his mother on her birthday in September, they had gone for a dinner at a fancy restaurant in Lekki and that had been it. He still found it amusing as to what had inspired his mother linking him up with Tolu, she had the Lagos wild girl aura and did not seem like she was willing to settle down either. He had not bothered to ask her why to avoid more meetings in the future and she had not asked him questions either. He laughed as he remembered how much of a silent dinner that had been.

But Onyinye, she had been his one true love, his new year resolution for 2015 had her featured in it, he would visit her family and by mid year he would have proposed. They would get on with the traditional rites before the end of November and before Christmas, he would have legally made her his wife.

But all that had failed when Onyinye’s parents had refused to allow a Yoruba man marry their daughter, his mother had been elated too, and that had displeased him.

Now 2016 was approaching and he was still a bachelor at the age of thirty eight. He was almost approaching his car when his phone began to ring again.

“Hello mami, ekaaro, merry Christmas” he spoke first.

“Oseun omo mi, same to you,” he cringed, he could sense the excitement in her tone and he knew very much that this was not the excitement of his mother calling her only child at Christmas but this was the excitement when she thought she had a good wife catch for him.

“Mami, how are you?” He asked, perhaps changing the subject would help.

“Don’t worry about me, I am very fine, are you at home?”

“What?” He almost shouted, “sorry mami, but why are you asking? Are you not in Sango?” He asked with caution.

“Ehn! I’m on my way to your house and I have a gift for you, my own Christmas present.” She replied, he could sense the excitement in her tone.

He was doomed, he had planned to go visit some friends but this call was set to change all that for him. What a way to spend his Christmas? He thought about having to stay home with his mother and whoever the girl was that was his Christmas gift.

“Mami, you should have called me now,” he complained, “what if I had work today? You know how Lagos is, anything could have come up, o ye ke ti pe mi.”

“Don’t worry, I should be in your place in about one hour, odabo” She replied and hung up.

He sighed, he was in for this Christmas, he headed back to his apartment and sat on the sofa while replying the messages that had piled on his phone. But as much as he tried, he could not get his mind off what his present was.

And it irked him because the present was coming to his apartment, there was no way he would be able to escape this time. He mentally applauded his mother, she had calculated this one really well.

“Tobi mi oooo, omo mi” he hugged his mother and took a glance at the ebony skinned lady that stood beside her.

“Welcome mami,” he replied.

“This is your Christmas gift, her name is Bunmi, her father is Otunba Bamgbose, she will stay with you for sometime until we finalise everything with her parents.” His mother continued, “Bunmi jo ko, sit well, this is your husband’s house.” She directed the timid lady who looked terrified but innocently pretty at the same time.

Tobi watched as his mother fondled with Bunmi’s cheeks and for the first time he saw the smile break from his gift’s face.

“Mami, this arrangement will not work, she looks scared and you want to impose a wife on me, I understand that you want grandchildren but this is not the way.” He was beginning to raise his voice and he did not like that he was, “when you are going back to Sango? You’ll take her with you.”

The banging on his door and the sound of his ringtone was what woke him from his dream, his mother was calling and there was a knock on the door, that only meant one thing, his mother had arrived with the gift.

He opened the door and saw his mother’s grin almost greeting her ears and for that moment he forgot about the gift and enveloped his mother in a hug. It had been months since he last saw her.

“Welcome mami, e wo le.” He helped her carry her bag and as he was about to take it to the guest room, he remembered the gift.

“Erm, mami, where is the gift?” He asked his mother who was about to sit on the couch.

“Ah! You’re even eager, they are outside, keep the bag and…”

“They?” He interrupted her, “mami, why they now? One is enough trouble, why they?” He asked with fear.

“Hanhan! Am I complaining? Is it not my Christmas gift to you? Go and make them comfortable before discomfort sets in jooor.” She replied and sat down while humming to herself.

“Oh yes! Discomfort has definitely set in already.” He said and opened the door expecting to see two village girls standing with their bags clutched to their chest but was shocked at the sight that greeted him.

“Mami, are those the gifts?” He asked from the door.

“Yes now, take care of them.”

And all Tobi could do was sit on the floor and burst into laughter, his mother wondered what was funny, perhaps her son liked the gifts.

He laughed so much till his stomach hurt, this Christmas would not be so bad after all.

He had gotten a fowl and a goat as his Christmas gift, if anything was certain, it was that he would have a lot of tasty meat to munch on for Christmas.



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