Scribbled Thoughts – About my ‘mumu’ button. 

Remember I said to watch this space, I’d be adding novel sections, several new segments. And one of it is ‘Scribbled Thoughts’, just my numerous ramblings and musings and talkative self in your view and at your glance . I used to do this mostly on whatsapp and sometime ago on Nairaland. Here’s the first on my blog. Welcome to Stefikal’s world! 

So I’ve been less of a writer for too long,  I never stopped writing though,  how could I?  Thank God for all the plenty side gigs that came along. But if you are driven by passion for something say music,  drawing,  drumming, anything; you’d probably understand the urge I have to write and transform the feelings engulfed within me into words. 
This is one of my scribbled thoughts,  read it or ignore if you choose. But I hope you don’t.
I had a depressing experience at work today,  some guy played a fast one on me and stole from the money at work. It was sad cause I always believed I was a sharp Lagos girl but the guy tried, he was quick. 
I can’t go into details but I was weak,  I have been stressed lately and it seemed as though that incident aggravated everything because I became weak, literally speaking. 
While heading to my abode,  I had already informed my friend D, and she had asked for more gist like I would have while sympathising with me. But here I was, wishing I was not single. Lol! As I strolled to the junction where I’d board a keke, I silently wished I could rant to ‘the boo’.  
And that’s when it happened,  if you’re not a believer, you might not relate with the next lines but I hope you read on. It is the crux of my discuss. The Holy Spirit convicted me, why was I wishing there was someone when He was always there? 
I apologised and acknowledged Him for being there ‘for now’.  Hmm… Imagine that? Of course, I got another conviction,  FOR NOW???  I had to repent and apologise. 

And it made me wonder,  why do we go into relationships? Why do we fall in love and let go of our first Love?
Today I take a stand, I pray for Grace to love God more than any man.  Future hubby, I’d love you definitely. To pieces even, but I won’t love you more than I love God. You’d have my mumu button but it’d be Jesus first,  then you before other men. 😍
I hope you don’t love me more than you love God too.  I know many will hiss at these words and call me ‘Spiri-koko’ and what not, but I’d rather have a man who loves God and can only then love me by virtue of having met and loved LOVE Himself. 
*closes wordpad,  plugs earphones,  radio time 99.3, Nigerian info*




7 thoughts on “Scribbled Thoughts – About my ‘mumu’ button. 

  1. I definitely agree.. When I feel lonely sometimes, especially when I listen to songs that make me feel like I’m in a music video, I notice couples then. This makes me wish I had someone. But I’ve got Jesus and that’s all that matters. That was a nice one dear

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  2. Nice twist to the story, Steph.
    I agree with you, we should be more conscious of loving God and God’s love for us.
    By the way, ‘Spiri-koko’ eez nor a bad sontin.
    It should be everytime God, not everytime ‘bae’.

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